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Varsity Baseball wins first playoff game

Varsity Baseball defeated Pallotti yesterday 11 - 1 to move on in the MIAA tournament play.  BL will face Severn today at home, game time 4:15 pm.


Boys' Latin Varsity Golf #1 Seed in MIAA B Conference Red Division

Congratulations to Coach Wilson and the Laker golf team for earning a #1 seed in red division.
With the #1 seed BL earned a bye in Monday, May 16th quarter finals.  BL will host the winner of the John Carroll/St Mary's match on Wednesday, May 18  in Semifinals at Suburban Country Club, time TBD.
Saturday, May 21 - "B" Championships at Caves Valley, TBD

MIAA Lacrosse Championship Semi Final tickets available in Boys' Latin School Store

Tickets are on sale now in the school store for the MIAA Championship Semi Finals, Monday May 16, BL game time 7:30 pm ~ Tickets are $10

Varsity Lacrosse MIAA Championship Semi Finals, Monday May 16

Our Lakers have advanced as the #2 seed to the MIAA A Conference Lacrosse semi-finals on Monday, May 16th at Johns Hopkins University's Homewood Field. The start time is 7:30pm. We will play the winner of tomorrow's quarterfinal game between St. Paul's and Severn. Tickets are $10 from the School Store, online or at the gate. Note it's cash only at the gate. For additional information on parking and more, click here.

BL's Varsity Tennis Team Continues on to MIAA Championship Semi Finals

Varsity Tennis Team MIAA Championship Semi Finals ~

Our BL Varsity team will travel to Loyola today for the MIAA Team Semi Final round  ~  Match time 3:45 pm.


BL Alum Pat Spencer '15 makes history as he is named ~ Patriot League Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year AND Rookie of the Year !

BL Alum Pat Spencer attending Loyola University and playing for Coach Toomey's Greyhounds has been named Patroit League Offensive Player of the year and Rookie of the year.  This is the first time in Patriot League Conference history a player has recieved these two awards in the same season.  Please read more at:

Junior Drew Nicholas moves to the Final Round of the MIAA Individuals Golf Championship

Junior Drew Nicholas has qualified for Day #2 of the MIAA Individuals in Golf.  Monday, April 25, Day #1, he shot a 73 at Eagles Nest CC.  Tomorrow Drew will tee off 1 pm at Woodholme Country Club in the final day of play.
Go Lakers


Max Keefe named Student Athlete of the Week

Max Keefe was honored with "Student Athlete of the Week".  His hard work on and off the field is highlighted in the video below.  
Congradulation Max !


Sam Bowen's grand slam in the bottom of the second inning helped Boys' Latin beat Pallotti, 14-4, in a battle between two of the top teams in the MIAA B Conference. Max Keefe drove in three runs and Matt Luterman and Jackson Gazin each chipped in with a couple of base hits for the Lakers, who got back into the win column after suffering their only conference loss on Wednesday against Severn.


Varsity Tennis Playing Strong

Coach Magee and his boys are off to a strong start.  Two early wins, 4-1 versus SP and 3-2 versus Calvert Hall have proved noteworthy.  With the meat of a brutal A conference schedule still ahead, we look forward to hosting powerful Mt. St. Joe's tomorrow @ 415.  
Joey Mallon, playing #1, and Jimmy Magee @ #2 are formidable. 
Weather should be beautiful.Please come out to support the boys. 

Five BL Players in President’s Cup Baseball -- April 16

Five students from Boys' Latin will join baseball players from public and private schools throughout Baltimore City for a high school showcase game at Camden Yards as part of the 2016 President’s Cup. We congratulate our players: Sam Bowen, Justin Ward, Justin Smith, Max Keefe and Josh Lisberger.

All in the community are invited to watch the President's Cup game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Saturday, April 16th at 1:00pm.  The event, created by Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young, allows students from diverse backgrounds greater opportunity to interact with each other and form lasting and meaningful relationships. The President’s Cup is an initiative under the City Council's ongoing P.L.A.Y. (Productive Lives, Active Youth) campaign, which provides Baltimore’s youth with a wide range of opportunities to strengthen their self-confidence, develop leadership skills, learn from positive role models, and be rewarded athletically for their academic achievements. P.L.A.Y. encourages Baltimore youth to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. 

The game is free and open to the public, and free parking is available in Lot A. Fans should enter the ballpark through the Home Plate Plaza entrance. Fans can bring food into the ballpark, but hard-sided coolers, thermoses, glass bottles, cans, or alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles will be permitted into the park. All items will be checked at the gate, and any beverage which has been opened or partially consumed prior to entry is subject to confiscation if it is thought to contain alcohol. In addition, no plastic or paper cups containing beverages will be permitted into the park. Concession stands and restrooms will be open in the concourse behind home plate only. Participating Teams include:

East Side Team: 
Archbishop Curley High School, Baltimore City College (City), Carver Vocational-Technical High School, Digital Harbor High School, Friends School of Baltimore, Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology, Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, National Academy Foundation School, and Reginald F. Lewis High School

West Side Team:
Academy for College and Career Exploration, Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy, Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, Frederick Douglass, The Gilman School, Knowledge & Success Academy, Mount Saint Joseph High School, and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly)

One Love Day ~ April 15th

As part of our Boys' Latin One Laker / One Love Day ( Friday , 15 April , 2p-3p), Coach Ehrmann will be speaking to both internal and external coaches.  Many of you may have heard him prior, seen his you tube clips, or read his books.  His message about redefining masculinity, gender violence,  and transforming the lives of young people through transformative coaching is very well known. Obviously, there are many avenues to get his information in this digital age.  I have attached his most recent 2013 tedtalk and a letter I received many years ago.

by Joe Erhmann

I went to Yeardley Love's funeral with my twenty two year old son.  The University of Virginia lacrosse player was apparently murdered at the hands of a former boyfriend. My son, a college lacrosse player, was friends with Yeardley, her accused murderer, and many of the men and women on the UVA lacrosse teams.   Sitting next to him, I could feel and see him trying to process the conflicted emotions surrounding the enormity of this tragedy, compounded by knowing both the victim and the victimizer.  The young men sitting around me sobbed and sniffled. At one point in the ceremony I turned to an emotionally distraught young man and asked him if I could give him a hug. I was surprised at the strength and endurance of his hug as he held onto me seeking comfort and, I suspect, affirmation of his emotions and manhood. As he let go he said "thank you" without ever looking at me. Here lies part of the problem and a solution to the epidemic of violence women experience every day in Maryland and America.At an early age, boys are fitted with emotional straightjackets tailored by a restricted code of behavior that falsely defines masculinity. In the context of "stop crying," "stop those emotions," and "don't be a sissy," we define what it means to "Be a Man!" Adherence to this "boy code" leaves many men dissociated from their feelings and incapable of accessing, naming, sharing, or accepting many of their emotions. When men don't understand their own emotions it becomes impossible to understand the feelings of another.This creates an "empathy-deficit disorder" that is foundational to America's epidemic of bullying, dating abuse and gender violence.  Boys are taught to be tough, independent, distrusting of other males, and at all cost to avoid anything considered feminine for fear of being associated with women. This leads many men to renounce their common humanity with women so as to experience an emotional disconnect from them. Women often become objects, used to either validate masculine insecurity or satisfy physical needs. When the validation and satisfaction ends, or is infused with anger, control or alcohol, gender violence is often the result.  Violence against women is often thought of as a women's issue; but it is a mistake to call men's violence a women's issue. Since men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of this violence, this men's issue calls to question the cultural values that produce men who hurt women. Sadly, Yeardley Love was only one of four women murdered by intimate partners that day. Who knows how many others were raped, battered, sexually abused, harassed or exploited by men that day and every day in America?Since Yeardley's funeral was packed with athletes, coaches, parents of athletes and sports fans, we need to look at the role sports could play in preventing future tragedies. Athletic Directors, coaches and educators have an almost unparalleled platform to bring together youth, families, and community partners to break the silence of gender violence and then design, implement and create preventive programs and activities. Educating boys and men in prevention programs is critical to reducing all forms of violence.  Coaches can and should teach their players to challenge the attitudes and assumptions that dehumanize women. Players need to be taught how to confront abusive peers and how stand up and speak out on behalf of their mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and female friends. Since so many boys no longer have a mentoring network of fathers, uncles, elders, and other males to initiate, train and guide them into manhood, coaches should and must assume part of this responsibility.I'd like to think Athletic Directors and coaches all over  America brought their male and female teams together to help process Yeardley's death and to implement prevention strategies within their schools and communities. Yet as someone involved nationally in the sports world, I know that did not happen. A teachable moment was overlooked in the name of business, schedules, tournaments and the reality that men often choose apathy and indifference when confronting the conditions that foster abusive male behavior. Two weeks after Yeardley's death I watched the UVA male and female teams take field under the banner of ONE TEAM-ONE HEART-ONE LOVE.  In the name of the world I want my sons and daughters to live in; I can only hope Yeardley Love's murder sparks ONE MOVEMENT to eradicate gender violence.  Robert Kennedy said, "Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, against misery and ignorance, injustice and violence....Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of our generation."  Each man and every coach must start challenging the social norms that define manhood and hold other men and players accountable for their behavior toward women.

Humility - "The Wright Time"

Coach Locey sent the following link to me yesterday. He and Coach Wright are friends from their college years at Bucknell. 
I enjoyed the nexus between humility and success.
(from the pre season meeting with parents and the boys in March)
Our mission statement offers to us the core values of courage, integrity, and compassion.  An enormous part of the compassion virtue is humility.  We, Lakers, have had a history of humility, and we value that as an enduring characteristic.  There seems to be a connotation of weakness associated with humility:  Its misunderstood….Low self esteem….insecurity  Humility is a powerful tool. It provides a clear opinion of yourself.   The product of humility is patience and growth.  Humility is NOT about thinking less of yourself.  It is about thinking of yourself LESS.  Don’t we all want to teach and inspire that in our children.
Thank you again Coah Locey for sending this.

Pat Spencer leading Loyola lacrosse in points

Congradulations to BL alum Pat Spencer '15 who has become a leader for Loyola's Greyhound Lacrosse Team.  Read more

Play 4 The Cure

On Saturday, 6 February, Boys’ Latin is hosting St. Paul’s School for Boys  in Freshmen / Sophomore, JV, and Varsity basketball.  The games are 3:15p, 5p, and 7p respectively.
During the course of the evening, we will be supporting the Play 4 The Cure Foundation.  It is a cancer research based foundation.  100% of the donations will go directly to Play 4 The Cure.  
There will be a $3 admission charge for all fans and attendees.
The below portals can aid in your donations.
Boys Latin:
St Paul's
We hope for an enjoyable night of basketball and giving.


Thank you
Michael Thomas
Paul Bernstorf

Spring Sports News and Dates 2016

Varsity, JV and FS Lacrosse
Practice will begin Wednesday, 10 February, 3:30p-5p (lower field)Thursday, 11 February, 3:30p- 5p (lower field) These two mini-camp practice sessions are for all seniors and juniors who have not been on the varsity and those sophomores and freshmen who feel, realistically, they can make the varsity team.  
Friday, 12 February- No practice
Tuesday, 15 February, 3:30p -5:30p  All returning varsity players and those players that have received permission from Coach Farrell are expected on first official day of spring practice.  
Monday, 22 February, 3:30p -5:30p (top field)All players who want to try out for JV lacrosse are expected to attend.
Thursday, 25 February, 3:30p – 5:30p  All players who want to try out for Fresh/ Soph lacrosse are expected to attend.
Any questions related to lacrosse, please contact Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Brian Farrell @
Varsity and JV baseball will begin practices on Tuesday, 15 February, 3:30p -5:30p.  Any questions related to baseball, please contact Head Varsity baseball Coach Bill Greenwell @
Varsity and JV Tennis will begin practices on Tuesday, 15 February, 3:30p -5:30p.  Any questions related to tennis, please contact Head Varsity Tennis Coach Jim Magee @
Varsity Golf will begin practice on Tuesday, 15 February, 3:30p -5:30p.  Any questions related to golf, please contact Head Varsity Golf Coach Evan Wilson @
Again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  You may contact me via or 410.377.5192 x 1132

For all players who earn a roster on a spring team (and the parent/s), please mark your calendars for Wednesday, 2 March date.  We will have a preseason mandatory meeting for players and parent/s.  I will present on communication and expectation, and your respective   Head Coach will also present important preseason information.  The meeting will be in the Gelston Athletic Center @ 615p.

Thank you,
Michael Thomas

Boys Latin Varsity Wrestlers Off to a Strong Start

Congratulations to our varsity wrestling team for a great showing this past weekend at the Parkville, Knightmare tournament.  The boys wrestled with grit under new Head Coach John Sergeant.
The veterans Malinowski brothers and Kahlan were stellar once again.  Their years of wrestling in distant cold gyms in strange towns and putting the hours needed into their craft, continues to pay off for them.
Nick won the 126 lb. class with a 5-2 finals decision.  He also earned most outstanding lightweight wrestler honors.
Kaylan won his 100th match as a BL wrestler while defeating his Edgewood opponent 10-8 in the finals at 145.
Nate won his finals with a major decision 17-9 over Langley's Nico Waltman.
Ely Shilling, Blake Hall, Carrington Scott, and Ryan Trupia made their varsity debut this past weekend also. While Ely and Blake lost their two matches, they looked very promising. Carrington and Noah Michael both missed placing by one match, while Ryan placed 6th at 182 alongside Jamie Rice at 132.  
Walker Santos had an amazing first day wrestling, upsetting the #2 seed to advance to the semi-finals, and eventually placing 4th.  
Mac Alban wrestled up 17 pounds to compete at 195 and surprised several wrestlers with his tenacity taking 4th.
The Lakers finished in 3rd place (150 pts.) behind 2nd place Loyola (171.5 pts.) and 1st place champion Springbrook (214 pts.)
Great start to winter campaign

Varsity Athletic Awards Fall 2015 -16

On Monday, November 23, Boys Latin had the Fall Athletic Assembly to recongize players for their acheivements. 

MVP:  Logan Wisnauskas
Spirit:  Alex Franks
Most Improved: Shaumar Wilson
Captians:  Davy Lizana, MJ Black, Dom Maggio, Sam Bowen, Logan Wisnauskas
Ray Carpenter Award: Davy Lizanna
All MIAA:  Logan Wisnauskas, Davy Lizanna, Braden Atkinson, Dom Maggio, Sam  Bowen, Victor Dimukeje and Andrew Murrow
Scholar Athlete:  Max Keefe
McCormick UHA:  MJ Black

MVP: Michael Morseberger
Most Improved:  Ryan McNulty
Spriit:  Noah Snyder
Captains:  Michael Morseberger and Jake Alokones
All MIAA:  Michael Morseberger and Jake Alokones

Cross Country
All MIAA:  Garrett Voigt, Ben Witham and Matt Lugatt

MVP: Brendan Mullally
Most Improved:  Luke Shilling and Dylan Kowalewski
Spirit Award: Zach Grace
Coaches Award:  Jordan Douglas
Captians:  Brendan Mullally, Josh Lurie and Andrew Brennan
All MIAA:  Brendan Mullallly, Dylan Kowalewski, Andrew Brennan and Jordan Douglas


Upper School Athletics Fall 2015 Wrap Up

Varsity Cross Country
Coach Scharff and his boys were repeat champions in B Conference Varsity Cross Country.  The 2015 team was 7-0 in B conference dual meet competitions, 14-0 overall.  This marks the second consecutive undefeated season.  Our CC boys have compiled a 3 year record of 34 - 1.  Matt Lugat, Garrett Voigt, and Ben Witham were All MIAA runners.  Several runners to include Mikey Petillo, Michael Ubriaco, Kahlan Lee-Lermer and many others were critical to the team’s training and success.  Congratulations to all the coaches and runners.

JV Cross Country
The JV team had a great season ending with a 3rd place finish in the championship race.  St. Mary’s HS and John Carroll edged the Lakers for the top spot.  They were 6-1 during the regular season against B conference opponents.

Varsity Football 
Head Varsity Football Coach Ritchie Schell’s team had a tremendous year.  A regular season 31-28 win at Archbishop Curley set the tone for the season.  With a late season 38-14 win versus St. Paul’s, we secured a #2 seed and home playoff game versus Curley.  MVP and senior quarterback Logan Wisnauskus was the offensive catalyst.  He finished the season with 2,741 yards passing with 24 touchdowns. Senior wide receiver Davy Lizana caught 60 passes for 901 yards.  He had 8 touchdowns.  Junior tight end Braden Atkinson had 5 TDs with 58 catches.  Senior kicker/punter Dom Maggio was a weapon.  His kickoffs were never returned and his majestic punts often pinned opponents deep.  Dom was named an Under Armour All American.  This is an honor no football player in our history has ever been bestowed. 
Defensively, junior Victor Dimukeje (42 tackles, 7 sacks, 8 tackles for loss), senior linebacker Andrew Murrow (67 tackles), and senior safety Sam Bowen (60 tackles) were stellar.  Varsity football completed their season with a 7-3 record as a B conference semifinalist.

JV Football  
JV Football Head Coach Alan Locey and the JV boys played very hard and disciplined football. They completed the season with a 9-1 record.  Down 17-0 at one point in the championship game versus Curley, the JV boys completed a thrilling comeback to beat the Friars bring home the championship 20-19.  Thank you coaches and boys for providing all of us with great moments and memories.

Varsity Volleyball
New Head Varsity Volleyball Coach Lon Engel and our boys had an outstanding season. They earned a #4 seed in the playoffs and ending as an 11-5 quarterfinalist.   Senior All MIAA /MVP Michael Morseberger led this talented group.  Michael and Jake Alokones were all conference.  Senior Ryan McNulty was the most improved player.

JV Volleyball
Our JV team struggled with a 5-11 record.  They did show great improvement. Many of the JV players will transition to the varsity next fall.

Varsity Soccer

This senior led group was terrific all year minus the championship game.  Goalkeeper Jordan Douglas, senior backs Brendan Mullally and Dylan Kowalewski were formidable and tough.  All 3 made All MIAA.  Additionally, Nick Malinowski and Regan Chasney were outstanding in the back to complete this defensive group. 
Leading scorer Andrew Brennan was also named All MIAA.  Josh Lurie was a huge presence offensively while scoring several goals off headers.   Cameron Miller was brilliant late in the season while providing an offensive surge.
The varsity finished their year as B conference runners-up with 13-3-2 conference record. Coaches and players should be very proud of their accomplishments.

JV Soccer

The JV squad has played very hard and were undefeated entering a home championship game versus the Severn School.  Head Coach Joe Bailey’s group never found their rhythm as they finished as the runner up.   Many of the defenders on this wonderful team will see substantial action as varsity players next fall

Varsity Club Membership 2015-16

The Boys’ Latin athletic department encourages multi-sport participation, while recognizing that our competitive success is directly dependent on our boys playing many sports.  In an era when kids are often characterized as “specialized athletes” participating in only one sport, it is refreshing to see so many student athletes playing a variety of sports. We pride ourselves on that fact. Congratulations!  We also proud of our full time managers that assist and work with our teams and coaches.  
Yesterday, many of the members received their “VC” jackets

Grant Adams, Desmond Banks, Sam Bowen, Andrew Brennan, Mitch Casper, Greg Ey, Jeremy Greenberg, Max Keefe, Hayden Kovinsky, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Matt Lugat, Jimmy Magee, Nate Malinowski, Joey Mallon, Ryan McNulty, Michael Morseberger, Brendan Mullally, Drew Nicholas, Jack Pezzulla, Spencer Rees, Will Reid, Ryan Shaw, Logan Wisnaukas(Not pictured: Will Reid, Brendan Mullally, and Grant Adams)

Whatta Day

As Admiral McRaven stated in his now famous 2014 commencement address at The University of Texas at Austin, "make your bed every day, and you will have accomplished something."  At #8 is "Be your best in the darkest moment" and at #10... "Don't ever ring the bell."

Whatta day for JV football.   As the #2 seed, we headed to Sinclair Lane to face an undefeated Curley squad, and we got down early with a half time score of 10-0.

Curley receives 2nd half kick and takes it 80 yards.

Down 17-0.

Don't ring the bell boys.


Another stop.  Don't ring it.

Score, now down 17-14 with 5 left.

Goal line stop.

We get called for intentional grounding from our end zone... 19-14.

Kickoff and two plays later we strip the ball from Curley's tailback.  We eventually face 4th down from the Curley 20 with no timeouts.

Be the aggressor and call "trips."

Don't concede or ring the bell...

Brewer touchdown... JV Football Championship win, 20-19.

To have 15 year boys believe in something bigger then themselves.  To have them look beyond the circumstance. To be prepared like a champion.  Culture wins football games, not individuals.

Thank you Head Coach Alan Locey, and assistants Andrew Robinson, Nick Jones, Earl Smith, and Randy Johnson.  12 August 12th was along time ago.

"Don't ever ring the bell".

...............and now, let's move to the Charles street brawl.

Varsity soccer was on the brink of being dismissed by the stubborn Quakers when Josh Lurie scored with 42 second left in regulation.  OT and golden goals sessions await.

Mr. Andrew Brennan delivers a dagger and ignites a small Laker medley.

The Lake never rang the bell.

The soccer boys will play on Sunday, November 8 at 3:15pm at CCBC-Essex for the MIAA B Conference Championship.

Whatta day!

Boys' Latin Snapper Brock Sassler & Kicker Dom Maggio Raise Money to Fight Childhood Cancer

Enjoy a wonderful article about Boys' Latin Lakers Brock Sassler and Dom Maggio helping the fight against cancer.  Go Lakers!

Boys' Latin Lakers MIAA B Conference Cross Country Champions 2015

Congratulations to the Varsity Cross Country team and coaches for repeating as the MIAA B Conference Cross Country Champions 2015. Yesterday, the varsity race proved difficult with a strong charge from the John Carroll Patriots.  The Lakers won 45-50. The following boys paced the way:

#5  Garrett Voigt 18.00.8
#6  Ben Witham 18.03.5
#7  Matt Lugat 18.98.2
#13 Kahlan Lee Lermer 18.41.1
#14 Michael Ubriaco 18.42.7
#32 Mikey Petillo 19.37.6
#53 Walker Santos (Top 5 runner comprise team score)

This senior class is very special.  They have accumulated a record of 30-3 in conference races in a 4 year span.  Overall, they have amassed 46 wins to only 4 losses.  In the fall of 2103, the varsity went undefeated in the conference, yet lost the team championship race by 1 point.  Since that loss, these seniors have led the program to 2 consecutive team championships and a 20-0 dual meet conference record.  Matt Lugat, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Ryan Shaw, Tommy Esposito, Colin Amy, Will Page, Aaron Mendelson and Spencer Rees have represented BL, their families, their coaches and themselves with great character.  Moreover, their collective attitude and influence has filtered to the underclassmen. Again, thank you and congratulations to all the boys, Head Coach Lewis Scharff and the assistants --Andy Shilling and Jeffrey Hindes.

The JV team finished 3rd overall behind St. Mary's HS and John Carroll.  Congratulations to them for a great effort.

MANDATORY - Winter Athletes and Parent Meeting - Gelston Athletic Center 6:00 pm

There will be a mandatory Winer athlete and parent meeting, Tuesday November 10.  All athletes and parents are required to attend this meeting located in the Gelston Athletic Center.  6:00 pm

Varsity Soccer moves on to MIAA Semi-Final Championship

Our #3 seeded Lakers rolled the #6 seeded Sabres of Sts. Peter and Paul yesterday afternoon. The 4-0 victory vaults us down Charles street to face the #2 seeded Quakers of Friends School. That semi final is Thursday at 3:00pm.

Yesterday, Andrew Brennan led all scorers with 2 goals. Ethan McCann had a header goal off an assist from Regan Chasney.  Cameron Miller had a sectional goal splitting two Sabre defenders and sticking it low side panel.

The Lakers face a talented and physically tough Friends squad that has been scoring goals easily. Backs Brendan Mullally, Dylan Kovo, Regan Chasney and Nick Malinowski plus junior keeper Jordan Douglas are charged with limiting the Quakers.

This will be an exciting semifinal.... 3 versus 2.  Please make your way down the road.

Looks to be a great week.... GO LAKERS

Looks to be a great week....

#3 seeded varsity soccer hosts #6 seeded Sts. Peter and Paul today at 3:00pm on top turf. This is a quarterfinal playoff game.  If we advance, we would face #2 seeded Friends away on Thursday, November 5, time TBD.  If we advanced to the B Conference final, we would be played on Sunday, November 8 at CCBC-Essex at 3:15pm against opponent TBD.

Tomorrow, JV soccer hosts Severn (#1 versus #2 match up). That championship game begins at 3:15pm on our top turf.

Wednesday, November 4 is the cross country championship held at Stevenson University (Greenspring).  The races start at:  JV 3:15pm, varsity 3:45pm and open race 4:15pm.

Thursday, November 5 is the JV Football Championship.  The #2 seeded Lakers will venture to Archbishop Curley to face the #1 seeded Friars. Game time 2:30pm. 

Our talented varsity football team (5-1 conference , 7-2 overall) has earned a #2 seed and will host the #3 seeded Friars of Archbishop Curley is a semifinal playoff game on Friday, November 6. Kick off is 2:00pm.  If we advance, we will play on Saturday, November 14 at Archbishop Spalding at 7:00pm against an opponent yet determined.

As a recap, the varsity volleyball team finished with season with an 11-5 record after a loss to Calvert Hall in the quarter finals last week. Hats off to the team and coaches for an outstanding season.

Go Lakers..

MS and US Ice Hockey Program 2015-16

27 October 2015
Dear Parents,

The Middle School and Upper School Ice Hockey programs are offered in conjunction with outside facilities and involve additional payment to participate.  Boys’ Latin shares the cost to use the Patterson Ice Rink, Mt. Pleasant Ice Rink, and Ice World in Bel Air.  The cost per IH athlete for winter 2015-16 is as follows: MS - $275 and US - $640.  When final rosters are established, the finance department will charge your school accounts.

Varsity Ice Hockey:Head Coach Chris Maisel will lead the varsity.  
Varsity practice starts on 5 November @ Ice World.  
Varsity ice time schedule:Mondays @ Patterson 530-7p
Tuesdays @ Ice World 4:15p- 5:45p
Thursdays @ Mt. Pleasant 3:15p-4:45p
Wednesdays-  fitness component/ workouts @ BL, TBD by Head Coach

JV and MS Ice Hockey:Head Coach Stephanie Fenstermaker and assistants will lead the JV /MS teams.
JV practice starts on 9 November @ Patterson Park  
MS practice starts on  12 November @ Ice World 

JV/MS ice time schedule:
Mondays @ Ice World 315 -430
Thursdays@ Ice World 3:15p-4:30p
Fridays @ Ice World 4p-5:30p

TransportationAll MS /JV /V boys will be transported by yellow Woodlawn or RPBC buses, with exception of the Varsity on Thursdays @ Mt Pleasant.  They will drive themselves or bus will be provided as needed.
Thank you,
Michael Thomas

MS and US Squash Program 2015-16

To:MS and US Squash Parents 28 October 2015

Dear Parents,

The Middle School and Upper School squash programs are offered in conjunction with outside facilities and involve additional payment to participate.  Boys’ Latin shares the cost to use the Meadow Mill Athletic Club’s (MMAC) courts.  The cost per squash athlete for winter 2015-16 is as follows: MS - $280 and US - $470.

When final rosters are established, the finance department will charge your school accounts.

Varsity Squash:Head Coach Jim Magee  Varsity practice starts on Monday, 2 November @ MMAC.  The varsity will have court time from 4:15 – 5:10p.  The fitness portion will begin each day @ 3:40 on Monday /Wednesday /Friday. 

JV Squash:Head Coach Andrew RobinsonJV practice starts on Monday, 2 November @ MMAC.  JV will practice 3:30 -4:15 Monday – Friday.  The fitness component will take place after their court time.

MS SquashHead Coach Andrew GillardMS practice starts on 10 November.They will practice Monday –Thursday 2:30-3:30 

MS athletes will be transported via BL mini bus.  MS faculty members will share the transportation duties.  We will depart from the top  gazebo @ 2:10.  It is drop off only.  Parents must pick up their MS boys @ 3:30 @ MMAC.  

US athletes will be transported via a BL white mini bus departing @ 3:05 from top gazebo.  The US mini bus will only be one way bus also. US faculty member Lisa Reid will transport the US boys to MMAC departing top gazebo @ 3:10 every day.  Boys will need to be picked up down at MMAC @ 5p.

Thank you
Michael Thomas


Fall Sports Recap

Varsity Volleyball lost yesterday to the Cardinals from Calvert Hall, 3-1. The Lakers finished the year at 11-5 earning a #4 seed in the MIAA playoffs.   Michael Morseberger, Ryan McNulty, Will Reed, and Jimmy Magee ignited this team and led them to the playoffs.   Both Head Coach Lon Engel and Assistant Kellie Smersky enjoyed this bunch a wonderful boys.  This year's varsity volleyball was comprised of boys who very worked hard yet had fun.  We thank all the boys for making Coach Engel's inaugural  season so memorable and enjoyable.

The JV volleyball team fought hard in earn a record of 5-11.  Coach Alex Thierer and coach Kelsey Wolinski thoroughly enjoyed this group and appreciated their efforts.

The 11-2-2 varsity soccer team remains one of the best in the B conference even after suffering a tough double overtime lost in Easton to Sts. Peter and Paul yesterday.  We have one away game remaining in the regular season tomorrow as we travel to AACS.  Coach Rickels' group will either have a #1 / #2 seed with a quarterfinal bye, or be positioned with a  #3 / #4 seed,  If we earn a #3 /#4 seed, the Lakers would host a quarterfinal game here on Monday, 2 November. Update will be on Thursday morning.

Our #1 seeded JV soccer squad has positioned itself to host the JV B conference championship game here on Tuesday, 3 November @ 3:15 versus Severn.  We are currently 10-0-2.

The Varsity team is set for our rivalry game Friday @ SP @ 230p.  Beat SP....I will update post game regarding playoffs.

Coach Locey's JV squad is set for their home game this Thursday versus the Crusaders of Brooklandville.  Kick off is 3:00.  We will update after that contest regarding a possible championship game appearance.  

Cross Country
As mentioned previously, these gifted runners head to Stevenson University (Greenspring campus) nest Wednesday, 4 November.  
The JV race begins at 315 (top 7 runners), varsity race @ 3:45 (top 7 runners) and the open race (unlimited) stating at 4:15.  
Admission is free.

MIAA Volleyball Quarter Finals Today, Oct 26th BL vs Calvert Hall

Come out and cheer our team on to victory as they face Calvert Hall 4:30 pm today in the GAC!


Volleyball & Cross-Country Updates

The season has progressed quickly for the varsity volleyball boys.  As they face a tough battle today at Gilman at 5:45pm, the Lakers are currently 9-3  and second in the A Conference behind perennial volleyball power Loyola.  We head to "Roll Dons Roll" country this Friday for a 5:30pm match.  The boys are in action for two matches next week: October 19 at 5:45pm versus Spalding home and October 21 versus Mt. St. Joe at home, 5:45pm.

Playoffs begin on October 26 with the finals set for Friday, October 30 at Mt. St Joe.  New Head Coach Lon Engel has developed this team. The squad is very sound technically.  They are led by Michael Morseberger and Jimmy Magee.  Please come out and support the volleyball boys.   I'll inform everyone with playoff scenarios later in the month.

In Cross Country, Coach Lewis Scharff and his army of 40 runners have continued their success from last season's championship Cross Country run.  At 5-0 in conference, they are poised and confident as they push to the finish.  We host a conference meet today at 4:15pm versus AASC and Glenelg Country School.  We have two subsequent out of conference away meets to prepare for the Championships on Wednesday, November 4 at Stevenson University.

Matt Lugat, Garrett Voigt, Ben Witham, Michael Ubriaco, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Mikey Petillo and Walker Santos are outstanding runners and wonderful representatives for BL.  This entire squad is simply fun to watch and coach.

BL Varsity Football and Varsity Soccer Remain Undefeated in Conference Play

On Friday, October 9, the 3:45 varsity football game with John Carroll is a pivotal game pitting 2 undefeated teams ( in conference play) against each other.  JC has some offensive strength and talent at several positions.  Both teams like to throw the ball and rely on their stout defenses.  Special team play and valuing possession of the football will be critical.  This should be a great high school football game with many offensively gifted athletes on both sides. Go luck to Coach Schell and the boys.

Varsity soccer plays the defending B conference champion Severn Admirals at 4:15 on the top turf. The Lakers are currently 7-0 in conference play while the Admirals are 8-2.  Both teams are very good and solid at all positions.  A win tomorrow would certainly catapult the varsity soccer boys to the top and cement their position in league play.  This game definitely feels like a pivotal rivalry game. will be physical contest.

Come out to watch the boys.  ..Go Lakers....

Boys' Latin volleyball improves to 4-0 in MIAA A Conference play

Boys' Latin Volleyball continues it's winning streak !  With last Tuesdays win over John Carroll BL moved it's record to 4 - 0 !

Batimore Sun Athlete of the Week (Sept. 15): Logan Wisnauskas, Boys' Latin football

Congradulations to Logan Wisnaukas voted Athlete of the week by the Baltimore Sun ! 

See more below: 


Upper School Fall Sports 2015

Upper School Fall Sports 2015

Varsity and JV Football practice starts at 8:30am in The Gelston Athletic Center on Wednesday, August 12.
Varsity and JV Cross Country starts at 8:00am on top turf field on Monday, August 10.
Varsity Soccer starts at 8:45am on top turf field on Tuesday, August 11.  JV Soccer starts at time TBD on top turf field on Monday, August 17. Location TBD
Varsity and JV Volleyball non- mandatory practices begin on Monday, August 10 in the Gelston Athletic Center. Time is TBD. Mandatory practices begin on Monday, August 17 at 3:30pm in the Gelston Athletic Center.  The 17th serves as the official beginning of try-outs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the Head coach or Associate Head Coach.
Michael Thomas Director of Athletics:, 443.845.6396
V FB Head Coach Ritchie Schell:, 443.691.1384
JV FB Head Coach Alan Locey:, 410.456.3878
V Soccer Head Coach Don Rickles: 410.790.2583
JV Head Coach: TBD (contact Michael Thomas)
V and JV Cross Country Head Coach Lewis Scharff:, 410.365.4778
V and JV Volleyball: The Associate Head Coach for our Varsity is Lon Engel.  Please contact Coach Engel for questions regarding V and JV Volleyball., 443.690.9900

Middle School Fall Sports 2015
MS athletics start on Wednesday, 9 September.  Practices will take place between 215- and 330p.  Details TBD.

MIAA Lacrosse Playoff Information

Tuesday, May 12 A Conference Semifinals
Homewood Field at JHU
Boys' Latin vs No. 1 seed McDonogh,   5 pm
St Mary's vs No. 2 seed St Paul's,  7:30 pm

Friday, May 15 - "Championship Friday"
Homewood Field at JHU
C Conference Finals,  3 pm.
B Conference Finals,  5:30 pm.
A Conference Finals,  8 pm.

For Tickets:Inside Lacrosse has created a site for your fans that includes information on parking and tickets, as well as a portal to buy advance tickets online. Please direct your fans to

Boys' Latin JV Baseball 2015

Congratulations to the JV baseball team and coaches for a great season.  They ended their season yesterday with a home victory over SP.  The BL 14-4 win denied SP a place in the championship game.  Bennett Gaines pitched a complete game. We finished the year at 10-6 with splits versus CHC, Mt. St. Joe, McDonogh, and SP.  
Our baseball program has gained momentum over the last few years.  We once had 1 large MS team and 1 large US team.  Now , we have 4 teams with about 85 boys playing. The Lakers also have struggled mightily with the JV component.  Many of those games were very lopsided with 10 run losses. Our younger boys have turned a corner .
Thank you Jimmie Currie in Admissions, and MS coaches Demond Baine, Ryan Hopkins, Alan Locey, and Chris Maisel.  Thank you to the JV coaches: Head Coach Phil Sheehey, Asst, Jimmy Morrissey, and Asst Don Newman.  They have done a remarkable job.
If you see these boys around campus, please extend congratulations!

JV boys:
Bennett Gaines
Matt Luterman
Jackson Gazin
Max Frankli
Dez Banks
Justus Brown
Max Mygatt
Travis Smith
Mitch Larrabee
Hunter Isaac
Ned Ruffin
Jalen Milton
David Robinson
Mark Newman
Ben Barton
JP Woodward

FREE Baseball & Lacrosse Clinics - May 20, 2015

On Wednesday, May 20th from 5:30-8:00pm, the Boys' Latin lacrosse and baseball programs will be offering free clinics to local boys currently in 4th-7th grades. The clinics will be run by Head Varsity Coaches Bob Shriver and Bill Greenwell and their coaching staffs. Many of the varsity players will be on hand to work with clinic participants. The clinics are open to both BL and non-BL students. We encourage you to invite a friend or teammate in your community. Click here for a flyer and registration form.


Boys' Latin Spring Sports Update

Varsity Baseball:
Coach Greenwell and his boys have secured the #1 seed in the MIAA B conference race. They stand at 16 -1 in the league.  We will complete a suspended game (darkness) tomorrow afternoon at Medfield versus a tough Friends team.  The score is 8-8 in the in top of 7th inning.  Playoffs start on Friday, but we have secured a bye.  We will host team TBD at home Monday, 11 May @ 4p. 

Varsity Lacrosse:
Coach Shriver and his kids have secured the 4 seed in a parity filled league.  
Seeds are as follows:
1 McD  
2 SP
4 BL
5 Loyola
On Friday, we host #5 Loyola @ 4p. CHC travels to STM.  
The championships have returned to JHU's Homewood Field.  On 12 May, the semi finals are @ 5p and 730p.

Varsity Golf:
Coach Wilson and his kids finish their regular season today at the Naval Academy versus Spalding @ 315.  Team quarterfinals are set for Monday, 11 May.

Varsity Tennis:
Coach Magee's group has completed their regular season with a record of 4-4 for 5th place out of 9 teams. 3 of the 4 losses were 3-2 with junior Joey Mallon and sophomore Jimmy Magee posting strong 5-3 records overall.We lost in the quarterfinal team tournament to Mt.St. Joe 3-2 .  The MIAA individual tournament starts next week, 11 May - 14 May @ McD.Take care.
Go Lakers

Varsity Sports Spring Update - "Down to the Wire"

From Athletic Director Michael Thomas --

Varsity Golf
The Boys’ Latin Varsity Golf Team has struggled a bit this spring. Competing in a tough A conference has challenged this young group. The MIAA individual stroke play championships are Monday at Eagle Nest. We wish Seth Miller, Shane Kilberg, Drew Nicholas and the others the best of luck.

Varsity Tennis
Varsity Tennis has had a tremendous season thus far. They have beaten rival SP, Park, Friends, and Calvert Hall. They are coming off a tough 3-2 lost @ Loyola last week. Logan King, Jimmie Magee, and Joey Mallon are playing great tennis. We host two huge matches this week: Tuesday versus Gilman and Wednesday versus McD at 345p. Please come out to see these boys. They are a special group. Coach Magee is thrilled to have these boys and looks forward to great finish.

Varsity Baseball
The varsity boys are having a memorable season. Thus far, they are undefeated in MIAA B conference play at 12-0. The Laker baseball boys are approaching the start of playoffs on 8 May. There is a lot of baseball left. We host Park on Monday, and, on homecoming Friday, 1 May, we host a double header versus Pallotti @ 2p and 4p. Varsity baseball is led by Josh Smith, Dom Maggio, Skyler Morris, and Mark Lopez. This team has all the components. They are deep on the mound, great defensively, and have balanced hitting from 1-9. Please come out a support Coach Greenwell and his boys.

Varsity Lacrosse
As we continue to travel through the brutal A conference schedule, we stand in 3rd place with a record of 4-2. We host Spalding on Tuesday and the Dons of Blakefield on Homecoming Friday @ 4p. With Jack Pezzula in goal, Myles Cohen, Matt Sacks, Dylan Gaines, and Andrew Murrow defending, we have shown the ability to be stingy. Devin Shewell, Logan Wisnauskas, Matt Branau, Luke Shilling and Brendan Mullaly are potent. All everything attackman Patrick Spencer is remarkably special. If we get solid contributions from the midfield, good goaltending, and possessions from the X men Charlie Hughes and Jake Glatz, Coach Shriver’s boys have a shot to go deep. Enjoy the ride for the final push to May.

"Assists Come Naturally for Johns Hopkins' Wells Stanwick" from Pressbox

Wells Stanwick, BL class of 2011, is now a senior at Johns Hopkins University.  He is featured as a key layer of the JHU lacrosse team in an article by Steve Jones in Pressbox magazine .  Click the following link to read the article:

Varsity Baseball Saturday April 11th have big wins over Friends and AACS


Boys' Latin got the best of Friends at Iglehart Field on Saturday, April 11th, by a score of 6-0.   Josh Smith, Bo Harchick, and Sam Bowen each drove in two runs, while Mark Lopez and Zach Grace combined for a three hit shutout.

Boys' Latin got thirteen hits in downing AACS. The Lakers got thirteen hits. Cole Jarrett and Skyler Morris each drove in three runs. Justin Ward was credited with the win.


Boys' Latin Varsity Lacrosse Defeats Top Ranked McDonogh BL 11 - McD 8

Boys' Latin Lakers defeated No. 1 ranked McDonogh on Friday, April 10th with an 11 - 8 win.  BL will travel to Gilman on Tuesday, April 14th.
Go Lakers

Boys' Latin Baseball hands St. Mary's its first loss since 2013 ~ BL 4 SM 2

After a 4 - 1 victory over Glenelg Country School on Monday, BL's varsity baseball team handed St Mary's it's first loss since 2013 on Tuesday, April 7! 
Our varsity team travels to Pallotti on Thursday, April 9.

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2015 Recognition of Senior Athletes

Twenty-five senior student athletes, who plan to continue their athletic careers in college or prep school next fall, were recognized by Boys' Latin on Monday afternoon. Congratulations to these the senior student athletes highlighted below and to several other senior student athletes who are still considering options.  Their effort and dedication to academic and athletic success here at Boys' Latin will now take them to the next level. Many of these boys are multi-sport athletes who have been instrumental to the success of BL teams.  We are proud of these young men for their accomplishments and wish them well as they head off in the fall.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.


Seated (left to right):

Jerel Archer - Stonehill College (football)
Blair Brooks - * (basketball)
Luke Brown - Widener University (lacrosse)
Rocco Bruno - Stevenson U. (lacrosse)
Gavin Callahan - Wagner College (lacrosse)
Myles Cohen - Furman University (lacrosse)
Avery Engel - Stevenson U. (volleyball)
Liam Frerichs - West Point Prep (lacrosse)
Dylan Gaines - Denver University (lacrosse)
Colton Haugh - Stevenson U. (ice hockey)
Chas Collison - Stevenson U. (lacrosse)


Not Pictured:
Drew Gray - Ohio Wesleyan University (*)
Dimitri Lezcano - * (football)
Nick Morton - * (football)
Cole Whitehurst - Trinity College (soccer)
Anthony Wyler - Air Force Academy (lacrosse)

Back Row Standing (left to right):

Stephon Hill - Assumption College (football)
Gavin Howell - Milford Academy Prep School (football)
Elliott King - Rhodes College (soccer)
Charles Hughes - Merchant Marine Academy (lacrosse)
Skyler Morris - Towson University (baseball)
Luke Murray - Dickinson College (lacrosse)
Matt Sacks - Furman University (lacrosse)

Patrick Spencer - Loyola University (lacrosse)
Devin Shewell - Syracuse University (lacrosse)
Jared Snyder - Colby College (lacrosse)
Tyler Steinberg - Stevenson University (lacrosse)
Conner Ward - * (squash)
Kyle Weatherford - Furman University (lacrosse)
Billy Wingo - Stonehill College (football)
Preston Waters - * (football)

* These students are still choosing among options.

"All-Metro Boys Basketball First Team"

In an article by Glenn Graham, The Baltimore Sun announced their All-Metro Boys Basketball First Team, which includes BL junior Kodye Pugh. Below is an excerpt from the article. For the full article, click here

Kodye Pugh
Boys' Latin, forward, junior

• Highly recruited underclassman averaged 20.2 points and 10.1 rebounds per game to lead the No. 11 Lakers (24-6) to the MIAA B Conference championship
• Finished with 14 double doubles and reached double figures in scoring in 29 of 30 games, including career-high 37 against Chapelgate
• Scored a game-high 24 points and had nine rebounds in the Lakers' 67-62 win over Annapolis Area Christian in the conference title game
• Has offers from Georgetown, Georgia Tech and Northwestern, among others, with Maryland, Stanford, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech and others showing interest

Also, BL senior Patrick Spencer was named to the All-Metro Boys Basketball Second Team.  Congratulations Kodye and Patrick!

Winter Varsity Sports Awards 2014-15

Captains:  Rocco Bruno, Anthony Wyler
Spirit Award:  Kahlan Lee-Lermer
Most Improved Award:  Joe Santangelo
George Dickey/Jarrett Dixon 2nd Effort Award:  Nate Malinowski
MVP:  Rocco Bruno
Gamper Award:  Jesse Carr
Featherstone Award:  Shane Marquess
Adam, M.D. Award:  Scott Wyler, Rock Bruno and Angie Bruno
Rookie of the Year:  Jamie Rice

Ice Hockey
Captains:  Liam Madden, Colton Haugh, and Chris Walker
Defensive MVP:  Joey Celentano
Offensive MVP:  Chris Walker and Colton Haugh
Butch Maisel Award:  Liam Madden
Spirit Award:  Bo Harchick

Captains:  Patrick Spencer, Kodye Pugh
Most Improved:  Brandon Bradsher
MVPs:  Kodye Pugh and Patrick Spencer 
Rookie of the Year:  Jaylin Andrews
Come Back Player of the Year:  Blair Brooks
Spirit:  Jerel Archer

Captain:  Conner Ward
MVP:  Conner Ward
Spirit Award:  Austin Campodonico
Most Improved Player:  Bennett Gaines

Congratulations to our BL Athletes

The MIAA released its All-Conference teams this weekend: 
Basketball - Pat Spencer  '15 and Kodye Pugh ' 16
Ice Hockey - Joey Celentano '15 and Chris Walker '15
Squash - Grant Adams '16 and Conner Ward '15
Five Boys' Latin wrestlers competed in the National Prep wrestling tournament at Lehigh University this past weekend. Jamie Rice '18 and Nick Malinowski '16, Kahlan Laee Lermer '16, Nate Malinowski '16 and Rocco Bruno '15 all wrestled well. Nick finished 2-2 for the day, while Nate went 1-2. Kahlan and Rocco advanced to the round of 12 and needed to win one more match Friday night to move into the medal round. Both came up short, but finished the tournament winning 3 matches and losing 2. It was a great season for these student-athletes, as well as the rest of the wrestling Lakers.

Boys' Latin Varsity Basketball defeats St Pauls in the MIAA Semi Final Championship BL 69 SP 65

Boys's Latin Varsity Basketball moves to the MIAA Championship game on Sunday, February  15th at UMBC.  Game time  3:15.  BL will play the winner of the Pallotti/Annapolis Area game.


Please come out and suppport our team on Sunday !



Jimmy Magee proceeds to Individual Squash Championship

Boys' Latin junior Jimmy Magee defeated Gildea in 3 straight matches yesterday moving into the Individual Squash Championship today at Meadow Mill at 4:15.  

MIAA Semi-final Basketball Championship Boys' Latin vs St. Paul's Thursday Feb. 12 5:30

Please come out and support our Varsity Basketball team as they take on St Paul's in the MIAA Semi Final Championship round.  Tonight, February 12th - 5:30 pm in the BL  Gelston Center. SP is the Red Division #2 seed, and BL is the Black Division #1 seed.


Varsity Ice Hockey to play Gilman in MIAA B Conference Play off
Tomorrow @ Mt. Pleasant Ice Rink, the #3 seeded Lakers play #2 seeded Gilman in the MIAA B conference semifinal playoff match. Puck drops at 5p.
Come out and support our Lakers !


Boys' Latin Varsity Basketball defeats Curley BL 108 C 59

Boys' Latin 108
Archbishop Curley 59

Boys' Latin had an explosive night offensively with several players shooting the ball exceptionally well in a 108-59 win against Archbishop Spalding.  After the 1st quarter it was just a 7 point game after both teams started the game off hot.  Boys' Latin had a 7 point advantage after the 1st quarter.  BL opened up the lead more in the second quarter outscoring Curely 31-20, taking a 53-35 lead into the locker room at halftime.  The third quarter was back and forth without either team really gaining any ground though BL did manage to up their advantage slightly to 22 points with a 75-53 lead at then end of three.  But that is when the skies opened up for Boys' Latin and it seemed like everything they through at the basket was going in.  Curley did apply some full court pressure in the fourth quarter that BL handled without too many problems and they were able to blow the game wide open scoring 33 points in the quarter while holding Curley to just 6, giving BL the 108-59 victory.  Senior Blair Brooks was on fire all night connecting on 8 of his 12 three point attempts and finishing with a game high and personal career high of 35 points.  Junior Kodye Pugh had another outstanding night despite getting plenty of scoring help and finished with 24 points.  Senior Patrick Spencer had an all around great night notching a triple double with 15 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds.  Sophomore Brandon Brasher, while not scoring tonight at the clip he normally does did an outstanding job defensively on multi-sport star Costes holding him scoreless in the first half and to just 7 for the game.  The stat of the night for BL though that made the coaching staff very happy was the 42 field goals for the team 32 assists.  It was the the all around team play that contributed so greatly to the scoring outburst.  Snowden led Curely with 18 points while Wilson added 14

Varsity Hockey BL 6-4 Over Loyola to Secure a Spot in the Playoffs

Congratulations to Varsity Ice Hockey on their 6-4 win yesterday.  With 3 regular season games remaining, the Lakers have secured a spot in the playoffs.

Loyola jumped out to quick 1-0 lead and added another goal early in the second to make it a 2-0 lead.  Corey Sekulow scored our first goal, then it became the Colton Haugh show.  Colton reeled off 5 straight to include the game tying, go head, and empty net insurance goals.  Chris Walker had 2 assists.  Joey Celentano was remarkable particularly in the final period.  Joey finished with 43 saves.

Congratulations again to coaches Maisel, Maisel and Ubriaco for finding the right formulae.  Next up, SP on Monday @ Patterson Park  @ 5:30p.

Athletics Spring 2015 - Upper & Middle Schools

Upper School AthleticsUpper School spring sports start date is Tuesday, 17 February 
Varsity, JV, and F/S Lacrosse
Varsity and JV Tennis
Varsity and JV Baseball
Varsity and JV Golf (a third developmental team will also practice occasionally)

Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Robert Shriver (
Wednesday, 11 February, 3:30p-5p (lower field)
Thursday, 12 February, 3:30p- 5p (lower field)
These two mini camps practice sessions are for all seniors and juniors who have not been on the 
varsity. Sophomores and freshmen, who have spoken to Coach Shriver and received direct 
permission/invitation from him, are expected to participate in these sessions.

Tuesday, 17 February, 3:30p -5:30p (lower field)
All returning varsity players and those players that have received permission from Coach Shriver 
are expected on first official day of spring practice.

Head JV Lacrosse Coach Andrew Robinson (
Monday, 23 February, 3:30p -5:30p (top turf field)
All players who want to try out for JV lacrosse are expected to attend.

Head FS Lacrosse Coach Matt Lafreniere (
Monday, 2 March, 3:30p – 5:30p (top field)
All players who want to try out for Fresh/ Soph lacrosse are expected to attend.

Head Varsity Baseball Coach Bill Greenwell (
Head JV Baseball Coach Phil Sheehey (
Wednesday, 11 February, 3:30p-5p (top turf field)
Thursday, 12 February, 3:30p- 5p (top turf field)
These two mini camps practice sessions are for all interested baseball players in grades 9-12.

Tuesday, 17 February, 3:30p -5:30p (upper turf field /baseball field)
All returning varsity players and those players that have received permission from Coach 
Greenwell are expected on first official day of spring practice.

Head Varsity Tennis Coach Jim Magee (
Head JV Baseball Coach George Salmeron 
Tuesday, 17 February, 3:30p -5:30p (tennis courts or inside the Gelston Athletic Center)

Please contact Head Varsity Golf Coach Evan Wilson (

Middle School AthleticsMiddle School spring sports start date is Monday, 23 February.
Middle School Athletic Director Ryan Hopkins (

MS A Tennis
Head Coach Jim Magee (

MS B Tennis
Head Coach Rich (

8th Grade Lacrosse (lower turf field 2:00-3:00pm)
Head Coach Matt Stone (

7th Grade Lacrosse (upper turf field 2:00-3:00pm )
Head Coach Carl Voigt (

6th Grade Lacrosse (upper turf field 2:00-3:00pm )
Head Coach Don Rickels ( or 410.790.2583

MS A Baseball
Ryan Hopkins (

MS B Baseball
Head Coach Demond Baine

Developmental Golf
Please contact Head Varsity Coach Evan Wilson (

Varsity Wrestling Recap

The Boys' Latin wrestling team took on the Calvert Hall Cardinals this past Tuesday, which proved to be a real "gut check" for the Lakers. With 5 starters missing from the lineup due to injury and illness, the Lakers were forced to employ an old, time- tested, athletic ploy. Simply put...the "Next Man Up" tactic was put to test. And what a job the "next man up" wrestlers did. None more, well executed, than Freshman Mac Alban's varsity debut. Mac was asked to forfeit his junior league eligibility to "take one for the team" and in the 2nd bout of the night, Mac ignited the Laker faithful with a monster first period pin, and set the stage by giving the rest of the Lakers plenty of momentum to help clip the Cardinal's wings, as the BL wrestlers won the dual meet by a score of 48-26.
On Saturday, the Lakers took their wrestling show to the Nation's Capitol to compete in a ten team duals at St. John's high school. The Lakers maintained their next man up mentality, throwing in a hockey player or two, and gritted their teeth while blazing through their pool, defeating their namesake Washington Latin, 75-3. In the most exciting dual of the day, with the meet still very much undecided, Boys' Latin's rookie wrestler, Brandon "Teddy Graham" Kagen made an amazing come from behind third period pin, while trailing by a bunch of points. Not surprising that Teddy Graham is now being called Grizzly Bear Kagen. Brandon's pin sealed the victory for the Lakers, helping them defeat St. Vincent Pallotti, 44-25. The Lakers then made quick work of St. Anselm's Abbey, winning 76-6, then were able to finish first in their respective pool by beating Bullis Prep by a score of 51-29. The win over Bullis set the stage for the Capital Duals championship match against home standing St. John's, who won their pool by defeating Randolph Macon Academy, The Potomac School, Mercersburg Academy, and Calvert Hall. In a not so see-saw battle, the Cadets of St. John's put an abrupt end to the Lakers hope of winning the team title, beating the Lakers, 60-18. Although the Lakers took home the runner up trophy, they hold their heads high, still believing in the "Next Man Up" philosophy!
Next team up for the Lakers will be a home match against Archbishop Spalding on Wednesday, Jan. 21.

Boys' Latin Varsity Basketball, Friday January 16 Game time 6 pm

Come out and support our Varsity Basketball team as they face  Annapolis Area Christian School at 6 pm in the Gelston Athletic Center.


Loch Raven Duals Jan 9 & 10

The Boys' Latin wrestling team spent the weekend at the Loch Raven Duals, wrestling 7 duals meets throughout Friday and Saturday. Overcoming numerous injuries and having to forfeit a couple of weight classes, the Lakers did their best Raven's imitation and overcame much adversity by winning their first 3 matches Friday night, defeating host school Loch Raven, North Harford, and Pikesville. On Saturday, the still, Raven like Lakers, came out strong, upsetting Manchester Valley in their first dual of the morning, extending their season long dual meet record to 10-1. Unfortunately, the toll of injuries and forfeits caught up to the grapplers, as they took one on the "chin strap", losing to eventual champion, Marriotts Ridge. Dulaney was up next, and in a classic thriller, the Lakers came from behind with two late pins to take a 42-36 lead with one match to go. Unfortunately, the Lakers could not fill the weight class and had to forfeit, allowing the Dulaney Lions to tie the match at 42. At the scorers table the tie breaker system did not fare well for the good guys. After assessing that both teams had each won 7 bouts and each had 7 pins, the criteria was finally resolved by which team had scored the most first period points throughout the contest. Criteria "H" had Dulaney with 12 first period points and the Lakers with 8. Tough way to decide the match, but somebody had to win. The Lakers bounced back in their next match, taking out Towson High Generals, and finishing with a 5-2 record, pushing the wrestling Lakers to an impressive,11-3 overall dual meet season with the Calvert Hall Cardinals coming to Lakerland on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 4:00 P.M.


Kneeling(L-R): Walker Santos, Nick Malinowski, Joe Santangelo, Rocco Bruno, Jamie Rice
Standing(L-R): Coach Haugh, Coach Marquess, Brian North, Jack Morton, McKenney Box, Brandon Kagen, Colton Haugh, Coach Barron, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Charles Stokes, Coach Carr, Evan Gaines, Nate Malinowski, Coach Sargeant, Noah Michael, Anthony Wyler

Note: Nick Malinowski, Joe Santangelo, Rocco Bruno, and Kahlan Lee-Lermer went 7-0 for the Loch Raven Duals bringing home the Gold. Jamie Rice won a Silver medal with a 6-1 record. Brandon Kagen and Brian North, both, brought home a Bronze.
Coach Haugh reported it was a great performance by the whole team. Amazing what these kids do when the going goes against them! Coach Haugh, also, noted what a pleasant surprise it was to see his former classmate and BL's greatest fan, Lou fritz show up to lend his support on Saturday.

V Basketball BL 93 Chapelgate 67

Junior Kodye Pugh had a huge night going for 37 points and 16 rebounds in a home conference win over Chapelgate Christian Academy.  Pugh missed his first two shots of the game but caught fire after that and stayed hot all night.  Senior Patrick Spencer had a phenomenal game handling the Chapelgate pressure defense, distributing the ball and adding 22 points of his own.  Freshman Jaylin Andrews chipped in another 15 to help keep the Lakers rolling.  But the big time performances tonight came from Sophomore Brandon Bradsher and Senior Jerel Archer who had the arduous task of defending CCA senior sharpshooter, Matt Frierson and senior guard Malik Grandy.  Frierson and Grandy scored 23 and 17 respectively but the really had to earn each of those points as Bradsher and Archer worked all night to lock down the two dynamic scorers.

Interested in Playing Sports in College?

Saturday, January 10, Garrison Forest will be hosting a program on College Recruiting and the process.  Please click on the link below for the flier and complete information.

Program flyer


V Basketball BL 78 Gilman 63

Boys' Latin wrapped up their holidays getting their 10th straight win of the season and defeating local rival Gilman 78-63.  After a back and forth first quarter that ended with a 19-17 Boys' Latin lead, BL tightened the screws defensively and help Gilman to 12 points in the first quarter which gave them a 40-29 halftime advantage.  Gilman made a run in the 4th quarter to cut the lead to 8 late in the game but BL made free throws and converted two late transition baskets to secure the 15 point win.  BL got excellent offensive performances from from several players but Junior Kodye Pugh once again demonstrated his dominance scoring 24 points and grabbing double digit rebounds.  Senior playmaker Patrick Spencer dropped 17 points.  Sophomore Brandon Bradsher added 11 points and Senior Blair Brooks and Freshman Jaylin Andrews had 9 a piece.  Gilman was led by Sophomores Foster and Butler with 22 and 15 respectively.

Liberty Holiday Tournament (Liberty Division Championship Game) BL 72 Liberty 48

Boys' Latin capped off a great holiday season by winning the Liberty Holiday Tournament Championship (Liberty Division) giving them a second tournament championship in two weeks.  BL beat Arundel HS in the opening round and Liberty HS defeated Rockville HS to set up the match up in the championship game.  Liberty came out hot and took an early lead on Boys' Latin going up 7-2.  But BL eventually got into a groove and their pressure proved to be too much for the Carroll County team who played hard all night.  Junior Kodye Pugh and Senior Blair Brooks combined for 38 points and Senior Patrick Spencer once again provided the court leadership dishing out 10 assists in the championship after dropping 12 assists in the opening round game and nabbing 24 rebounds combined in the two games.  Pugh was dominant throughout the tournament as he has been the entire month of December.  Pugh had a total of 42 points, 18 rebounds and 7 blocked shots in both games of the Liberty tourney and was once again named tournament MVP as he was two weeks earlier in the Laker Invitational Tournament.  Joining Pugh on the all tournament team was Blair Brooks who is playing outstanding basketball since returning from ACL surgery in June.  Brooks combined for 26 points and 6 steals in the two games.  BL now gets a couple days to relax as they prepare to play local rival Gilman on Saturday at BL.

BL:  31-20-19-2 -- 72LHS: 15-14-13-5 -- 48

BL: Bradsher 7, Brooks 19, Andrews 7, Pugh 19, Spencer 12, Archer 2, Stepney 6.  31 7-10 72LHS: Sweeney 11, Downs 10, Tilson 2, Foxwell 2, Bode 7, Brookhart 3, Dobrzykowski 13. 17 9-13 48

2014 Laker Invitational Championship - Boys' Latin 70 McDonogh 65

In a tightly contested championship game of the 2014 Laker Invitational at Boys' Latin, and a game that went back and forth all afternoon, Boys' Latin made a fourth quarter comeback from down 7 to win the championship, 70-65.  BL used a balanced attack with 5 players in double figures and a sixth with 8 points to lock in the win in the fourth quarter.  Junior Kodye Pugh led BL with 16 points while Freshman Jaylin Andrews added 14.  Seniors Blair Brooks and Shawn Stepney had 11 a piece while sophomore Brandon Bradsher finished with 10.  Evan Fisher led the way for McDonogh again with a dominant game scoring 24 points.  B Moore was a force all night adding 18 points and D. Chong-Qui chipped in 14.

In the consolation game, Bullis defeated Avalon school.

2014 All Tournament Team:
Jr guard from The Avalon School  - Brendan Sloan
So forward from The Bullis School - Chyree Walker  
Sr center from McDonogh - Evan Fisher
Sr guard from Boys' Latin  - Blair Brooks
Sr forward from Boys' Latin - Patrick Spencer

2014 Tournament MVP:
Jr forward from Boys' Latin - Kodye Pugh

Boys' Latin Varsity Wrestling Travels to Hanover Pa.

The Boys' Latin wrestling team traveled to Hanover, Pa. on Saturday to compete in the Hanover Snacktown Duals.
The Lakers jumped out to a fast start doubling up the score on Harrisburg High School of Pa., 48-24. Next up, the Lakers dueled with Washington High School from Charles County, winning 45-21. The host school, Hanover High School was next on the grapplers' menu, and the dual meet was one for the record books. Both teams had their plates full, as they battled to a 36-36 tie. However, by virtue of the rule book's criteria "d", the visiting Lakers were awarded the dual meet victory for having won more matches during the meet. Boys' Latin won 8 matches to Hanover's 6 matches, which sealed the victory for BL and advanced them to the championship round to square off against the Westminster Owls of Westminster, Maryland. In a see-saw battle between the two teams, the Lakers faded down the stretch and, eventually, succumbed to the Owl's hoot, losing 49-30, taking home the runner-up trophy. All in all, it was a great start to the Holiday Season for the wrestling Lakers.

Boys' Latin wrestling shows its depth from top to bottom - Defeats Gilman 60 - 18

Please see entire article at:


Laker Invitational Basketball Tournament 2014

The Boys' Latin School is honored to host the 40th LIT this weekend on Friday, December 19 and 20th.  Participating teams are:  Boys' Latin, McDonogh, Bullis High School and The Avalon School.

Games begin on Friday at 3 pm with Boys' Latin vs Avalon.  McDonogh vs Bullis will follow at 5 pm.  Saturday games will begin at 11 am.

Go Lakers !

LAKER Wrestlers Win against Gilman

Yesterday, Coach Haugh and his young grapplers were victorious over the visiting Greyhounds, 60-18.This momentum building win comes very early in the dual meet, MIAA A Conference season.  We look forward to watching these wonderful boys as they progress this winter.Congratulations to Jamie Rice (120lbs) for winning (and pinning his opponent) on our new wrestling mat.  Again, that starting the momentum for the entire team.Kolby Russell pinned his opponent at .40 in the 132 lb class, as did Kahlan Lee-Lerrner in 36 seconds @ 138 lbs.Evan Gaines scrapped to a big pin at 152 lbs. Nate Malinowski (160 lbs), Anthony Wyler (170 lbs.), and  Rocco Bruno (183lbs.) used workmanlike performances to pin their respective opponents.Joey Santangelo wrestling in 195lbs class, pinned his larger opponent in brilliant fashion while weighing only 172 lbs.Jack Morton won at 220 by forfeit.The most memorable match was freshman Brandon Kagen's 106 lb match.  A newbie to the mat, Brandon fought and pinned his Gilman counterpart to the roar of all in attendance.
Go Lakers....



V Basketball BL 78 Catonsville 61

Boys' Latin got a spark in the second half with some sharp shooting and rolled to a 78-61 over Catonsville to bring their record to 4-4 on the year.  It was a tightly contested game throughout the first half with BL gaining only a two point lead at the intermission.  But once the shots started falling, BL never looked back.  Junior Kodye Pugh had a dominating performance with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 5 blocked shots.  Do it all Senior Patrick Spencer added 14 points, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds.  Freshman Jaylin Andrews had another outstanding night from the floor, scoring 17 points.  Catonsville was lead by Shepard with 13 points and Parrish and Pearson chipping in 10 each.
See Baltimore Sun article:


Greg Pyke '12 Boys' Latin Alum named All SEC Football Second Team Offense Lineman for University of Georgia

Boys' Latin 2012 Graduate Greg Pyke, attending the University of Georgia, was named to the All SEC Football Team as an offensive lineman.  Greg, a red shirt sophomore, began starting for the Bulldogs this fall and became a big part of the offensive line. 


Varsity Fall Sports Athletic Awards 2014-15

Defensive MVP: William Wingo
Offensive MVP: Jerel Archer and Dylan Gaines
Spirit: Charles Stokes
Most Improved: Tyler Jarman and Gavin Callahan
Captains: Dimitri Lezcano, Preston Waters, Nick Morton, Stephon Hill
All MIAA Dom Maggio, Dimitri Lezcano, Stephon Hill, Jerel Archer, Billy Wingo
Scholar Athlete Nick Morton
McCormick UHA Michael Shortt
MVP: Avery Engel
Most Improved: Colton Haugh
Spirit: Charley Hughes
Man Child award: Joe Santangelo
Captains: Avery Engel and Colton Haugh
I must be in the Back Row Award: Luke Murray
All MIAA Avery Engel and Colton Haugh
Cross Country
No awards
All MIAA: Matt Lugat, Kahlan Lee Lerner, Garrett Voigt
Championships plaques were presented to each varsity runner.
MVP: Elliot King
Most Improved: Andrew Brennan 
Coaches’ Award: Drew Gray
Captains: Brendan Mullally, Elliot King
All MIAA Elliot King, Drew Gary, and Andrew Brennan

BL Athletics News

Head Coach Cliff Rees and his varsity basketball team started the week ranked number 13 in the initial Baltimore Sun Top 15 Poll. The Sun also named Kodye Pugh ’16 as one of the ten “players to watch” in the area.
Over the weekend the Lakers played in the Sleepy Thompson Tournament at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes in Northern Virginia. In the first game on Thursday night Boys’ Latin lost to Forsyth Country Day of North Carolina 54-54. On Friday night the Lakers rebounded and defeated Bishop Sullivan Catholic of Norfolk 65-53. In its final game of the tournament BL lost to Norfolk Collegiate 78-57. 
The Lakers will host Gerstell Academy today at 5:30.
The Boys' Latin Wrestling team opened their season this past Wednesday night by defeating Friends School 55-15 and Mt. Carmel 48-30 in a tri-meet.
On Friday and Saturday the wrestling Lakers traveled to Parkville High School to compete in the Parkville Knightmare Invitational wrestling tournament. The Lakers finished third among the twenty teams competing and brought a team trophy back to Lakerland for their efforts.
Four BL wrestlers advanced to the final round where Nick Malinowski ’16 (120), Kahlan Lee-Lermer ’16 (126), Anthony Wyler ’15 (160), and Rocco Bruno ’15 (182) all finished as runner-ups in their respective weight classes. Nate Malinowski ’16 (152) and Jamie Rice ’18 (113) took third place honors. Evan Gaines ’17 secured a 6th place finish. Congratulations to all these wrestlers and the rest of this weekend's competitors.
The BL wrestling team will be at home this Wednesday, December 10 at 4:00 to grapple the Gilman Greyhounds.

40th Annual Laker Invitational Basketball Tournament

The 40th annual Laker Invitational Tournament will be played Friday, December 19 and Saturday, December 20 in the Gelston Athletic Center. Teams scheduled to participate this year are:
Boys' Latin School, Baltimore, MD
McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD
The Avalon School, Gaithersbug, MD
The Bullis School, Potomac, MD

Friday, 19 December
Game 1 - 3:00 pm   BL vs. Avalon
Game 2 - 5:00 pm   McDonogh vs. Bullis 

Saturday, 20 December
Consolation Game- 11:00 am  loser of game 1 vs. loser of game 2
Championship Game - 3:00 pm  winner of game 1 vs. winner of game 2

Announcement -- New Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Named

Coach Brian Farrell Will Lead Boys’ Latin Varsity Lacrosse Team Commencing in Fall 2015

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland (Boys’ Latin) announced today that Brian Farrell, Class of 2006, will take over as Head Coach of its varsity lacrosse team at the commencement of the Lakers’ 2015-2016 lacrosse season.

Upon the retirement announcement of fabled Boys’ Latin Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Bob Shriver earlier this year (June 2014), Boys’ Latin conducted an exhaustive, national recruiting search.  From a candidate pool that included dozens of exemplary candidates including high school, collegiate and professional coaches, Brian Farrell quickly emerged as the unanimous choice to lead the lacrosse program upon Coach Shriver’s retirement.

“Brian Farrell has the experience both of lacrosse and as a person to be tremendously successful in leading our program,” states Christopher Post, Headmaster of Boys’ Latin. “Brian is an incredibly humble and hard-working person, who values athletics as a classroom for the life lessons that it teaches.  In Brian, we have found someone who has not just performed at the highest levels, who is a teacher of the game and who has the potential to grow with our School, our students and the program.  We couldn’t be more excited.”

"As a graduate of Boys’ Latin (2006) and the University of Maryland (2011), Farrell’s list of accomplishments in the lacrosse arena, as well as football and basketball, are unparalleled,” stated current Coach Bob Shriver.  “Additionally, Brian has an uncanny ability to display the most creative approach to playing and winning the game.  Brian has been a terrific lacrosse, football, and basketball player his entire life, having come from a family of accomplished sportsmen.”

Farrell’s father, Mike Farrell, a National Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductee and University of Maryland Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductee, has served as Farrell’s role model, as evidenced by Brian Farrell’s accomplishments as a player during his Boys’ Latin tenure, including:  United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association All-American Lacrosse player; Team Captain in football, basketball and lacrosse; and Towson Athlete of the Year.

Farrell’s University of Maryland Men’s Lacrosse tenure showcased him as a member of the All-Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Team, two-time member of Student Athletic Advisory Council, two-time Team Captain, two-time United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Scholar All-American, three-time United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association All-American, Atlantic Coastal Conference tournament Champion and Charles P. McCormick Award for the Baltimore area athlete who contributed the most to athletics at the University of Maryland.

“Following a legendary four  years as a top defenseman for the University of Maryland’s lacrosse team, Farrell played for some of lacrosse’s greatest coaching minds in Dave Cottle and John Tillman.  Brian then returned to coach for the University of Maryland and Tillman,” states Coach Shriver.  “Currently, Farrell serves as Salisbury School’s (Salisbury, CT) Assistant Lacrosse Coach and Defensive Coordinator under the tutelage of nationally renown Bobby Wynne, one of the best coaches in the history of U.S. lacrosse.”

“The retirement of Coach Shriver, Boys’ Latin’s Head Varsity Lacrosse  Coach for over 36 years is bittersweet,“ states Christopher Post.   “We are forever grateful for the contributions that he’s made to the Boys’ Latin community, including his invaluable assistance in the search for our next Head Coach.  In bringing Brian Farrell into the Boys’ Latin community, we are confident that we have the absolute best coach to continue the legacy of Coach Shriver.”

“It‘s a great honor to have been chosen as the next Head Coach of the Boys’ Latin lacrosse program,” states Brian Farrell. “To coach the sport I love at my alma mater is a dream come true. Boys’ Latin is a top tier school with a fine history of success in lacrosse and especially in building outstanding young men of character. I am committed to continuing the proud traditions that Boys’ Latin has established over many years.  I am humbled by the trust placed in me, and I’d like to thank the Headmaster and the rest of the search committee for giving me this opportunity.”

UPDATE:  Click here for coverage in The Baltimore Sun.

Boys' Latin Athletes Named All MIAA

Congradulations to our fall athletes who were named All MIAA ~

Varsity Volleyball

Colton Haugh and Avery Engel

Varsity Football

Stephon Hill, Dom Maggio, Dimitri Lezcano, Billy Wingo, and Jerel Archer

Varsity Cross Country

Matt Lugat, Kahlan Lee Lermer, and Garrett Voigt

Varsity Soccer

Andrew Brennan, Elliot King and Drew Gray   


Varsity Cross Country Wins MIAA B Conference Championship with three named ALL MIAA

Congratulations to our Laker cross country team, Head Coach Lewis Scharff and Asst. Andy Shilling on winning the B Conference Championship.  The Lakers finished with 40 points.  Matt Lugat was 4th (17.31 min); Garrett Voigt was 5th (17.37.1min); Kahlan Lee- Lermer was 8th (17.52.7 min).  Matt, Garrett and Kahlan, by virtue of finishing in the top ten,  were named All-MIAA.  Matt Sacks finished 11th, and Michael Ubriaco finished 14th.

Our CC team finished with a 26-1 record in the 2 years under Coach Scharrf's direction.  Again, congratulations to all the boys, their parents, and coaches for all their hard work and accomplishments.  The last time Boys' Latin won a cross country championship was 1994.
Click here to read the Baltimore Sun article.

Varsity Soccer wins in MIAA quarterfinals

Yesterday. Varsity Soccer defeated Park 1-0 in quarterfinal action.  Hayden Kovinski scored off a great thru ball assist from Andrew Brennan. The Lakers are enjoying a 5 game late season win streak as they head to the Severn School on Thursday November 6 ,for a semifinal tilt.  The little admirals are undefeated and the #1 seed.  Game time is 3p.

Varsity Volleyball moves into the MIAA Championship

Well done Varsity Volleyball! They won last night, 25-11, 25-21, 25-21 versus Spalding in the semi-finals and now move on to the MIAA Championships.

The matchup is #2 BL and #1 Gilman at 6pm on Saturday, November 1 at St. Paul's School. Admission is $7 for adults or students.

Varsity Volleyball Tonight ~ MIAA Championship Semi Finals

Please come out and support our Varsity Volleyball team.  They will be playing Spalding in the MIAA Semi Finals held at Gilman.  Game time is 7 pm.



Varsity Soccer defeat Friends BL 1 Friends 0


The Laker soccer team stretched it winning streak to three and clinched a spot in the B conference playoffs with a victory against Friends School on Monday the 27th.  Both teams tried to control possession with sharp passing and good off ball movement.  The Lakers broke through when Alex Moore beat his man to the bye line then delivered a quick pass to Josh Lurie who put the ball in the old onion bag for a 1 - 0 lead.  With a strong effort from the defensive back four of Nick Malinowski, Dylan Kowalewski, Brendan Mullally, and Regan Chasney, the Lakers were able to neutralize the Friends attack so that Drew Gray earned his third straight clean sheet.  Boys Latin concludes its season Wednesday the 29th against Annapolis Area Christian School.


Varsity Soccer moves toward the end of the season

On October 22nd, the varsity soccer team traveled in a downpour to meet St. Mary’s in a rematch of one of Boys Latin's best games. The Lakers got out to a good start with an own goal by St Mary’s when the St Mary’s goalie choose to focus on Alex Moore and allowed a ball to float over his head. After taking a 2 – 0 halftime lead, Ethan McCann added a third goal with a nice finish.   Drew Gray and Jordan Douglas finished with a clean sheet to insure the victory. Please come out and support our Lakers as they play Annapolis Area Christian School, Wednesday, October 29th.  

Varsity Volleyball moves into the MIAA Championship Playoffs

The Boys' Latin Volleyball Lakers completed their MIAA "A" conference regular season with a resounding sweep of the Calvert Hall Cardinals, 25-18, 25-17, 25-23. The win secured a 2nd place finish and a first round bye in next week's MIAA "A" conference playoffs. The BL Spikers will play the winner of #6 seed St. Paul's and #3 seed Archbishop Spalding on Wednesday, October 29th at 5 pm.  The semi-final game will take place at Gilman School.

In the other semi-final game,  #1 seed Gilman will play the winner of #5 seed Mt. St. Joe and #4 seed Loyola at pm.   The winners of each semi-final game will meet for the MIAA "A" conference championship on Saturday, Novemer 1st. 

The championship game will be played at St. Paul's School with a start time of 6 pm.


JV Volleyball in MIAA Championship

Boys' Latin JV Volleyball team will play Gilman tomorrow in the MIAA Championship game.  The game time is scheduled for 5 pm at Gilman.
Please come out and support out boys as they battle for the title!


Important Dates and Information for Upper School Athletics October 9, 2014

As we approach the conclusion of fall sports and the start of winter athletics, I offer this brief summary of the athletic campaign thus far.

Varsity Cross Country

Coach Scharff and his boys are a determined bunch. As of this writing, they are undefeated in B conference @ 13-0. Cole Coffay, Matt Lugat, Garret Voigt, Mikey Petillo, Ben Witham, Michael Ubriaco, and Kahlan Lee Lermer have shown great effort. All the boys have been terrific teammates and competitors.
On Tuesday, 14 October we host Key School, Oldfields, and St. Mary’s @ 4p. STM is also the only other undefeated team in our conference. Please come out to support our wonderful runners. They are a special group. This meet will prove crucial. 

Varsity and JV Football
Varsity Head Coach Ritchie Schell’s team has shown great toughness and fire. They enter the weekend @ 4-1. Junior quarterback Logan Wisnauskus, a receiving corps of Gavin Callahan, Dylan Gaines, Davy Lizana, Ryan Shaw, and Braden Atkinson, and senior halfback Jerel Archer have been offensive stalwarts. We have averaged 34.6 points per game. Defensively, Preston Waters, Luke Brown, Rocco Bruno, Stephon Hill, Devin Shewell, Anthony Wyler, Billy Wingo, Michael Shortt, and linebacker Gavin Howell have proved stout. They are a tough, disciplined defensive group that can lead us to a B conference championship. The boys are away until 24 October when the highly ranked Friars of Curley infiltrate J. Duncan Smith field. The following Friday, 31 October, is our rivalry game home versus SP @ 230p.
The JV football team has played very hard under the direction of Head Coach Alan Locey. They suffered a close conference loss versus St. Mary’s last week as they move towards the heart of their B schedule. Good luck to the JV boys.

Varsity and JV Volleyball

Coach Haugh’s team is primed for a late season run. They are currently is second place behind an undefeated Gilman. The volleyballers are led by Avery Engel, Colton Haugh, Joe Santangelo, and Casey McNulty. With Coach Haugh providing the inspiration and Coach Engel supplying the tactical knowledge, we look forward to their continued success. This group is fun, entertaining and highly skilled.
The JV team is also doing very well. With a 9-2 record, they also trail a talented undefeated Gilman squad. Noah Snyder, Jimmy Magee, and Bryce Gothier lead this wonderful group of Lakers.

Varsity and JV Soccer

Our young and inexperienced varsity team has struggled at times, yet they continue to improve.  Goalkeeper Drew Gray has been the foundation of the defense and the team’s inspiration. Nick Malinowski, Dylan Kowalewski, and Brendan Mullally infuse the back line. Alex Moore, Hayden Kovinsky, Josh Lurie, Elliot King, and Garrett Glaeser serve in the middle of the field. We have had a difficult time scoring the soccer ball during the first half of the season. We currently are locked in 6th place @ 3-5 in conference and look to secure a top six playoffs position.  The coaches and boys are continually looking to find the right mix of defensive strength and offensive punch. They will indeed find the best formula.
The JV squad has played very hard. Coach Celenza’s team sits in second in the JV B conference behind a tough Park squad. Their second half of the season gets underway next week.
Important Dates:
Friday 24 Oct. - JV VB Championship game – TBD
Wed. 29 Oct. - V VB semifinals @ #1 seed - TBD
Friday, 31 Oct. - Home V FB vs. SP @ 230p
Sat. 1 Nov. - V VB championships @ host SP @ 6p
Mon. 3 Nov. – MIAA Winter sport start date
Mon. 3 Nov. - B conf. V soccer quarterfinals – TBD
Wed. 5 Nov. – V CC championships @ Oregon Ridge @ 245p
Thur. 6 Nov. – V soccer semifinals – TBD
Sat. 8 Nov. – V FB championship game @ Spalding vs. TBD @ 7p
Sun. 9 Nov. – V soccer championship game @ Stevenson University @ TBD

Winter upper school sports start dates:
Varsity Wrestling starts Wednesday 5 Nov, @ 330p (Contact Coach Haugh @
Varsity, JV and F/S Basketball starts Monday 3 Nov, @ 330p in Gelston Athletic Center(Contact Head V Coach Cliff Rees @ or JV Head Coach Phil Sheehey @, or Head F/S Coach Joe Bailey @
Varsity and JV Squash starts Monday 3 Nov. at MMAC @ 3p (Contact Varsity Head Coach Jim Magee @, or
Varsity and JV Ice Hockey starts Monday 3 Nov @ Patterson Park Ice Rink @ 530p (Contact Head V Coach Chris Maisel @



Varsity Soccer Gains Another Win

The Lakers soccer team added to their plus column with a win against Annapolis Area Christian School on Friday the 3rd of October.  Boys Latin used dominating possession in the first half to control the game but were unable to dent the old onion bag.  In the final third of the second half, Elliott King drove around the corner of the AACS defense and slid the ball to Hayden Kovinsky, who carried the ball into the net.  On the other side Drew Grey had a clean sheet for the 1 - 0 victory. The Lakers take on Gerstell for the rematch on Wednesday at 4 PM in Eldersburg.

Varsity Soccer Edged out by St Peter and Paul


On the 1st of October, the Laker varsity soccer team trekked across the Bay Bridge to Easton for their encounter with St. Peter and Paul.  The Lakers controlled the first half with some crisp passing but were unable to dent the St. Peter and Paul goal.  Ethan McCann let loose a cracker that found both the crossbar and sidebar but did not go in.  St. Peter and Paul created problems with their free kicks finding unmarked runners.  Unfortunately, a St. Peter and Paul free kick was able to create a goal in the second half.  Despite immense pressure, the Lakers were not able to get the equalizer and returned with a 1 - 0 loss. On Friday, the Lakers will be in action against Annapolis Area Christian School.


Boys' Latin Cross Country Remains Undefeated

On Tuesday, September 23, our Varsity Cross Country team dominated both Park and Severn schools to remain undefeated.  
With scores of BL 20 Park 41 and BL 15  Severn 50, our boys showed strength and endurance. With Park taking first place BL covered the top ten as follows:  

1.  Park, 2.  Matt Lugat, 3.  Garrett Voigt, 4.  Cole Coffay, 5.  Ben Witham, 6.  Kahlan Lee-Lermer, 7.  Michael Ubriaco, 8.  Severn, 9.  Severn, 10. Tommy Esposito
They will travel to Pallotti next Tuesday, September 30 for their next meet. 

Varsity Soccer BL 1 Kiski 3

The varsity soccer team traveled to Pittsburgh for a game against the undefeated soccer team of The Kiski School Cougars on Saturday.  The Lakers lone score was on a free kick delivered Josh Lurie.  Unfortunately, the Cougars remained unbeaten with a 3 to 1 victory. On Wednesday, the soccer team travels to Severn to take on the league leading Admirals.

Varsity Soccer defeats Friends BL 2 - Fr 1

On Monday, the Lakers hosted the Quakers from Friends in a varsity soccer match.  Friends returned most of their players from last year and were one of the clear favorites for the league title this year.  The match started out with the Quakers controlling play while the Lakers worked on maintaining their defensive shape.  As the Lakers gained confidence, they started creating chances.  The Lakers took the lead when Elliott King fooled the Quakers with  a quick throw-in to  Brendan Mullally.  Brendan crossed the ball to a streaking Josh Lurie for the first goal of the game.  After the goal, the defense midfield of Josh and Hayden Kovinsky obstructed the Quaker offense by strong marking of the Quaker midfield. In the second half, the Lakers continued to  disrupt the Quaker offense so they turned to long passes to breaking strikers.  The Lakers back line of Dylan Kowalewski , Brendan, Alex Moore, Regan Chasney and Nick Malinowski stayed very strong and denied the Quakers any easy scoring opportunities.  Drew Gray posted his first clean sheet with a dozen saves.  As the clock wound down, Josh Lurie settled the contest by dribbling by their goalie and finishing a 45 yard shot.The Lakers are back in action against Park on Wednesday at 4PM.

Varsity Soccer - BL 2 Gerstell 3

On Friday, the Lakers hosted the defending league champions, Gerstell, in the opening league game for both teams.  Gerstell had a new goaltender who efficiently patrolled the goal line and came off his line to cut off any straight through passes.  Gerstell opened the scoring with some miscommunication in the back line of the Lakers then they broke through again 3 minutes later.  Down 2 to nothing, the Lakers worked the ball to the corner where Elliott King slipped by one of the Gerstell players and delivered the ball to Brandon Mullaley on the six, where he finished to bring the Lakers within one at the break. Six minutes into the second half, the Lakers tied the game on a flick by Cole Whitehurst.  The second half continued the same pattern of the first half - Boys Latin controlling the ball and moving it upfield while Gerstell relied on counter attacks off long passes.  The decisive play game with about five minutes to go as Gerstell's top striker found himself with the ball and then chipped the ball into the back of the net to win the game.  Monday, the Lakers meet Friends who were the favorites to win the league this year.

Varsity Volleyball BL 3 Loyola 0, JV Volleyball BL 2 Loyola 0
Boys’ Latin names Evan Wilson as Head Varsity Golf Coach

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland announced today that Evan Wilson is the new Head Varsity Golf Coach at Boys’ Latin.  Coach Wilson has been a fixture in our upper school as an adviser and teacher of honors geometry, pre-calculus and applied calculus.  Additionally, Evan has been our Assistant Varsity Golf Coach for six seasons.
As we continue to embrace the traditional model of teacher/coach, Coach Wilson’s selection was easy.  Having Evan teach and interact with the boys during the academic day and then coach them in the afternoon serves as a winning equation.  Evan will continue the wonderful work that was established by his predecessor Mason Champion.
For more information please contact:
Michael Thomas
Athletic Director
The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland
822 West Lake Avenue
Baltimore, MD  21210
410-377-5192 x1132

BL Varsity Soccer Dulaney 4 BL 1

On Monday, the Lakers Varsity soccer team hosted the Dulaney Lions soccer team which is one of the stronger teams in Baltimore County. Both teams came out trying to control possession of the ball, when five minutes into the game Andrew Brennan flew by the Dulaney back line who tripped him in the penalty box. Elliott King converted the penalty kick to give the Lakers a quick 1 – 0 lead. The goal energized the Lions and they equalized five minutes later. As the Lakers extended their offense to create a scoring chance, the Lions regained possession and counter attacked leading to their second goal.
The game produced numerous chances for both teams but no additional scoring till 12 minutes remaining when a Dulaney striker aggressively went for a ball and pushed it through the back line . The striker then finished with an excellent strike to the far corner of the net for a 3 to 1 lead. Dulaney completed the scoring with two minutes to go with their fourth goal.
The first league game is on Friday at 4PM against Gerstell, the reigning champions of the league last year.

Volleyball: Varsity BL 3 JC 0, JV VB BL 2 JC 1
Boys' Latin Varsity Soccer Vs St Paul's 9/2/14 BL 0 SP 8

On Tuesday, the Lakers Varsity soccer team hosted the St Paul's team, comprised of many of the players who led St Paul's to the finals of the A Conference last year. The game started in a high spirited manner but then the quick play and movement of the St Paul's players created some good opportunities. They took advantage of some unexpected bounces and deflections to forge a half time lead.In the second half, the Lakers created some offensive thrusts but were unable to score. The Lakers reserves got the opportunity to join the fray in the later part of the half. This experience should prove invaluable as they had the challenge of competing against two of the stars of the A conference – Nate Hall and Juwan Kearson. Our reserves held them in check but learned in the late stages of the half how dangerous the two could be as both Hall and Kearson contributed to the last three goals of the 8 – 0 defeat.The next game is a home game versus Dulaney on Monday the 8th of September at 4 PM.

Boys' Latin Varsity Soccer vs Gilman

Thursday afternoon, the Lakers Varsity Soccer team ventured over to Gilman to take on the A conference Greyhounds.   With the loss of eighteen seniors and top players from last years team, the first half was looked at as a learning experience but it turned out to be a significant confidence builder as the game went back and forth for the first 35 minutes.  Some communication breakdown allowed the Greyhounds to pounce and provide Gilman with a 1 – 0 lead at the half.  The Lakers charged back in the opening minutes of the second half and put good pressure on the Greyhounds which resulted with Josh Laurie being pulled down in the box.  Elliott King finished the resulting penalty kick to bring the game to a draw.
With the goal, the games competitive spirit picked up significantly.  Both teams had numerous chances that could have led to a breakthrough.  The most effective play from the Lakers was a cross from Regan Chasney that Andrew Brennan almost finished with a diving header.  Unfortunately, Gilman was able to convert a free kick with about four minutes before the end and followed two minutes later with another successful free kick.
The performance of Drew Grey probably exemplified the whole team.  Drew had not played goalie in over three years but with the graduation of both keepers from last year, Drew stepped up and committed to developing his skills.  His play during the game was excellent especially his ability to anticipate long through balls and neutralize the Gilman attack.
The next game for The Varsity soccer team will be on Tuesday at home versus St. Pauls.

JV Soccer Practice Monday August 18

JV Soccer practice will be held at 3:30 pm today, Monday Aug. 18th - JV will practice tomorrow morning - Tuesday, Aug 19th at 9 am due to a Varsity Game at 4 pm.


Upper School Fall Sports 2014

MIAA start date is Tuesday, 5 August 2014.  We will not be starting any preseason activities on that date.

Varsity Football starts Monday, 11 August @ 9a in the Gelston Athletic Center.  

JV Football starts on Friday, 15 August @ 9a in the Gelston Athletic Center.

Varsity Soccer starts Monday, 11 August on top turf field.  Freshmen and sophomores who think they can legitimately play at the varsity level are encouraged to try out on the 11th. Preseason practices will be from 9a-12:30p. Be on the field @ 8:45.

JV Soccer starts on Monday, 18 August @ 9a on grass soccer field behind the MS.  Preseason practice will be from 9a-11:30a.

Varsity Cross Country starts on Monday, 11 August on top turf field’s promenade @ 8:30a

Varsity and JV Volleyball start officially on Wednesday, 20 August @ 3:30p in the Gelston Athletic Center. The 20st is mandatory and serves as the beginning of try-outs.  Coach Haugh has open and voluntary practices for all players on Monday - Wednesday, 11-13 August in Ocean City.  This is NOT mandatory.  JV Head Coach Lon Engel, @, will have open gym for all players starting Wednesday, 13 August (times TBD by Coach Engel)

Please do not hesitate to contact the respective Head Coaches:
V FB Ritchie Schell:
JV FB Head Coach Alan Locey:
Varsity Soccer Head Coach Don Rickels @ cell 410-790-2583 (do not use his email address)
JV Soccer Head Coach TBD: 
Varsity Cross Country Head Coach Lewis Scharff @ or 410/365.4778 
Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Drew Haugh:

Middle School Fall Sports 2014
MS athletics start Tuesday, 2 September.  Practices will take place between 2:15p- 3:30p.  Details are TBD.

Boys' Latin 2014 Graduate Bennett Wisner Continues Golf Career

Over the past couple of weeks, recent graduate Bennett Wisner has put an exclamation point on what has been an already spectacular junior golf career.
Just a couple of days before graduation, Bennett competed in the Maryland State Golf Association's 93rd Men's Amateur Championship, held on the historic East Course of Baltimore Country Club.  He became eligible for the event by placing 5th out of over 90 golfers at a qualifier in early May.  Thursday's portion of the tournament saw 133 of the top amateur golfers in the state competing in stroke play, with the low 31 scores advancing to the match play competition.   Bennett and his caddie, Coach Evan Wilson, drew up and executed a conservative game plan, knowing that the tournament could not be won on Thursday, but certainly could be lost.  After 18 holes of focused and precise play, Wisner found himself with a score card totaling 71 strokes, good enough for a tie for 9th place and a ticket to Friday's morning round.  It should be noted that just 2 other junior golfers made it this far.
In the opening round of the match play, Bennett would be pitted against his friend and future teammate, Brian McCormick, a rising senior at Loyola University.  Brian's excellent short game, combined with a series of no less than 5 cruel lip-outs found Bennett down early, with the deficit growing to 4 holes by the time they reached the 13th tee.  All this time, the young Laker never got down on himself and never gave up.  Bennett would manage to rally, winning 3 of the next 5 holes, taking the match to the 18th until a bad bounce found him unable to extend the match any further.  The loss was bittersweet, as it alleviated the Wisners from having to decide whether Bennett would attend graduation or try to notch what would be the most prestigious victory of his career.
Three days later, perhaps still feeling a bit unsatisfied after Friday's close loss, Bennett set foot on the US Naval Academy Golf Course.  Now a Laker Alum, and with fellow classmate Randy Wells on the bag, Wisner teed it up in an attempt to qualify for the US Junior Amateur.  This event is no doubt the most prestigious junior golf event in the world, with past champions such as , Jordan Spieth ('09, '11), David Duval ('89), Johnny Miller ('64) and Tiger Woods ('91, '92, '93).  Rounds of 71 and 70 were good enough to lock up one of the two qualifying spots and start the Wisners packing their bags for a trip to Texas.
Bennett wanted express his "gratitude and appreciation to everyone in the Boys' Latin community and more importantly to God, for giving him the opportunity to play golf at this level."
Next on the tournament schedule is The Maryland Open Championship, July 14-16th at Lakewood Country Club, followed by the US Junior Amateur Championship hosted by The Club at Carlton Woods (Nicklaus Course), Woodlands Texas, July 21-26th.

More information on these events, as well as live scoring can be found at:



Boys' Latin Sophomore Dom Maggio ranked 3rd in Football Kickers Class of 2016

Dom was recently ranked 3rd of 177 kickers in class of 2016 by kicking /punter guru Chris Sailer.

Shack Stanwick honored as 2014 Baltimore Sun HS Male Athlete of the Year

Shackset the school’s single season points record with 46 goals and 72 assists.  

He shattered the storied program’s career points record with 334.  Although BL has had numerous nominees throughout its rich athletic history, we have never had winner.  
Shack stated, “Our team went out strong with a win and then to get an award like this is amazing…It’s hard to describe because there were so many unreal athletes here…This is just awesome.” 
We are so very proud of Shack.  Watching #9 Shack Stanwick handle all that comes with poise, humility, humor, and excellence...  Grit wins…

Congratulations Shack!

Read more:,0,5027604.story




Metzger & Grauel Advance to MIAA "A" Individual Semi-Finals

Join us today to cheer on BL's #2 doubles team of Jack Metzger and Andrew Grauel who advance to the semi-finals of the MIAA"A" Individuals Tennis Tournament.  Their match is 3:00pm at Greenspring.

Varsity Spring Sports Recap – Baseball

BL finished the regular season in a three way tie for the top spot and a 10-3 record in the red division along with Severn and Glenelg Country School. Before the playoffs with just bad luck, BL lost both coin flips thus relinquishing a bye or home game.

The playoffs started well with the Lakers 13-1 smoker of Annapolis Area Christian School (AASC) at Joe Cannon Stadium on Friday May 9th. The Lakers went 2-2 in the playoffs, falling to AACS 7 to 8 in BL's last game.  That gave the Lakers an overall record for the season of 16-8. Congratulations to the entire team on a great season:

Bo Harchick
Phil Springer
#1 Sam Bowen
#3 Stephon Hill
#3 Zach Grace
#7 Blake Venick
#8 Skyler Morris
#11 Dom Maggio
#12 Liam Madden
#13 Josh Smith
#14 Michael Whitehurst
#16 Parker Yablon
#18 Max Keefe
#20 Fred Bopst
#27 JT Lauman
#30 Mark Lopez
#35 Corey Gaines
#43 Drew Gray

Head Coach:  Bill Greenwell

Varsity Tennis - MIAA Individual Tournament

Today, Jack Metzger, Jimmy Magee and Andrew Grauel are playing in the MIAA Individual Tournament at McDonogh at 2:45pm.  Let’s cheer them on!

Boys' Latin Varsity Lacrosse wins MIAA Championship 2014

National No. 1 Boys' Latin headed to finals in high school lacrosse

See full article from Baltimore Sun :,0,5675174.story

Boys' Latin Lacrosse One Win Away from a Perfect Season

See full Baltimore Sun Article at:,0,3780903.story

Varsity Baseball continues in Playoffs today at Joe Cannon Stadium playing AACS @ 4 pm. GO LAKERS
MIAA Lacrosse Championship, Friday May 16, Towson University, 8 pm Boys' Latin vs St Paul's
Playoff Results and Schedules

Our varsity baseball team smoked AACS 13-1 behind Freddie Bopst's 3 hitter.  He drove in 5 runs also.  Mark Lopez went 3 for 3 with four runs scored. Catcher Parker Yablon had an inside the park home run. They now travel to Kinder Park to face the little Admirals of the Severn School @ 3:45pm on Monday.

In the varisty lacrosse quarterfinals, McDonogh advanced over St. Mary's.  Our well rested and top seeded Lakers will play McDonogh on Tuesday @ 5:00pm at Towson University. Discount ticket are on sale in the BL Campus Store.  Parking is free - please use lots 13 & 14.  


Varsity Baseball set to face AACS as playoffs begin tonight

Boys' Latin Varsity Baseball will play Annapolis Area Christian School tonight 7 pm at Joe Cannon Stadium.

Final Push Update 2 - Varsity Spring Sports

Varsity Tennis

Coach Magee and his team have their quarterfinal playoff on Monday, 12 May  in the "A" Conference Quarterfinals versus the MSJ’s Gaels.  This match will be at Andover Recreational Center, 819 Main Avenue, in Linthicum Heights (home site for MSJ Tennis) @ 4p.
#1 Gilman & #2 Loyola - Byes
#6 Boys' Latin @ #3 Mt. St. Joe
#5 St. Paul's @ #4 Friends
Tuesday, May 13 - "A, B & C" Conference Semifinals "A" - Winner of Boys' Latin/Mt. St. Joe @ Loyola         Winner of St. Paul's/Friends @ Gilman

Varsity Baseball  (Playoffs)

The Varsity Baseball team completed their regular season with two shutouts versus Lutheran yesterday.  Both games were 10-0.  Sophomore pitcher Dom Maggio pitched a perfect game in the first game (no hits, no base runners, and no walks).  A perfect game is an extraordinary feat in baseball no matter what the circumstance or competition level.  Freshmen Mark Lopez was the winning pitcher is the nightcap.
Our boys finished the season with a 10-3 record in the red division.  Severn and Glenelg CS also finished with same records/ a three way tie.  Unfortunately, BL lost both coin flips thus relinquishing a bye /or home game.  The Lakers play Annapolis Area Christian School (AASC) at Joe Cannon Stadium @ 7p this evening.
If we win tonight, we will then travel to #1 seeded Severn on Monday, 12 May, @ Kinder Park.  Time is TBD.
If we lose this evening, we will travel on Tuesday, 13 May and play loser of St. Mary’s / GCS game. This tournament is obviously double elimination.
Let our road warriors push forward.
Nobody wants to play this group.

Varsity Golf

With a 10.5 -10.5 tie versus MSJ’s Gaels on Wednesday, our boys were knocked from playoff contention.  The following is from Coach Champion:

Boys' Latin vs Mt. St. Joseph - May 7, 2014

Bennett Wisner took a deep breath as he stood over his birdie putt on the final green at the Suburban Club.  A gentle breeze blew as the clouds overhead parted enough to reveal a golden skyline.  The Laker Senior and Co-Captain had won the front side of his match and now stood all square on the back half and one up for the total contest.  His putt was of considerable distance - measuring roughly twenty-five feet in total length; and of significant complexity - including left to right movement of four feet.  His journey to this point had been a remarkable one - and had started seven years earlier as a dream of a wide-eyed eleven year old.  Since then, Wisner's passion, integrity and determination had fueled a magnificent rise to the top of his sport - one that included numerous championship victories and an overly-impressive competitive resume.  Awaiting him for his next stage of life is Loyola University, where he will play Divison I Golf for the Greyhounds. Most assuredly, this young man's ascent and associated accomplishments have been truly remarkable; and he stands to depart from Boys' Latin having won the respect, admiration and trust of his fellow teammates, students, and coaches.  All that being said, he still had one last putt.  His stroke was steady and well-paced.  The ball rolled forward on its intended line.  Wisner lifted his gaze as the putt reached its point of break.  On-lookers raised their eyebrows and leaned forward.  The break took the ball left to right - and the pace began to slow as it reached its destination.  Gasps were heard and tension was heightened.  Wisner stood tall from his previously bent posture - and watched, along with all others, the ball disappear into the cup with its final rotation.  Cheers.  Hugs.  Tears... Victory.

Boys' Latin hosted Mt. St. Joseph at the Suburban Club in the final match of the 2014 Season.  Fresh off their strong showing and halved-match against Calvert Hall the day prior, the Lakers were overly-enthused about the prospects of facing-off against the Gaels.  Rain had blanketed the course earlier in the day, but had given way to a cloudy and calm afternoon that enabled the contest to be played on schedule.  Parents of outgoing Seniors were honored ahead of the competition in an annual tradition that never fails to warm the heart and inspire.  And special recognition was offered to Coach Champion's father - who was in attendance for the match, and who has served his son as a role model throughout his life.  Team photos were taken for the yearbook; and plenty of affirmation and kind words were exchanged amongst the broader Laker Golf family.

The first four tee shots struck by Boys' Latin were from Seniors.  Following Wisner was Randy Wells, fellow Co-Captain Dylan Watts, and Drew Miller.  It's worthy of note that Wells' offering was a monstrous blast - and sailed through the fairway's bottleneck with remarkable power and strength.  Wells collected valuable points through play that was punctuated with poise and grace - and continued to represent an on-course presence that is reflective of consummate professionalism.

Dylan Watts grinded through a hard-fought afternoon and refused to give-in when the chips were down.  The ever-affable team leader, produced a fine showing on the day, and dug deep within himself to stand tough against a formidable St. Joseph opponent.

After winning the front side, Drew Miller fell victim early in the second half to a Gael who had caught fire.  Interacting with his coach with four holes remaining, Miller quipped "I'm one down and I've kind of lost the momentum," to which his coach responded simply "Well, get it back.  These are the last four holes of this match.  Make 'em count."  Miller smiled, nodded, and obliged.  By the conclusion of that remaining stretch of holes, he had overcome the deficit, taken a lead and closed out the match - winning the second half and total match in the process.  A scrapper 'til the end, Drew Miller truly knows how to get the job done.

Seth Miller competed in the number five slot - and collected a valuable point early in the match for winning the front side. Working alongside friend and fellow Junior, Shane Kilberg, Miller combined effective course management with considerable quality of ball-striking in order to negotiate his way around the Suburban linksland.  Miller earned an additional half point for splitting the total match.
For his efforts in partnering with Miller, six-man Shane Kilberg helped the Lakers earn a valuable team point victory.  Kilberg was consistently presented with lies and angles that carried their share of challenges - and yet he continually produced efforts that were inspirational for their execution and commitment.  Kilberg works with diligence and discipline - and carries himself with integrity and intention.  His gritty work ethic and his commitment to excellence are both appreciated and highly-valued by his fellow teammates.
At day's end, the Lakers produced a fine showing against a highly-talented St. Joseph squad - and for having done so, they earned a halve against the Gaels.

Following the conclusion of play, teams shook hands and broke bread.  Smiles and laughter filled the evening air.  Photos were taken, stories recounted, and hugs exchanged.  And as the sun finally set at Suburban, it took with it the conclusion of the 2014 season.  It was one that found a group of boys living life, learning lessons, growing in friendship, and bonding in spirit.  Golf had been a vehicle of impact for their journey; and lives had been served through its truth.  And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Proverbs 22:6
Final Score:  Boys' Latin 10.5 / Mt. St. Joseph 10.5

Varsity Lacrosse

The Lakers will play in the first semi-final @ 5:00 on Tuesday, 13 May @ Towson University’s Unitas Stadium.  We will play the winner of #4 seed McD vs. #5 seed St. Mary’s HS.
Consignment tickets available in our student store for $8.  Tickets at TU are $10.
Go Lakers….


Varsity Lacrosse Semi Finals - Tuesday May 13th - 5 pm @ Towson University Tickets on sale in the School Store

$8 in advance versus $10 at the door.  Limited quantity available.

"Final Push" - Varsity Spring Sports

Varsity Tennis
The varsity tennis team qualified for the MIAA "A" Conference Team Championship Tournament for the first time since 2003! The tournament is set for May 12-14 @ 3:30pm at McDonogh School. The varsity individual’s tournament will be May 19-21 at McDonogh. See full article from May 5th (below) for more.

Varsity Baseball
The varsity baseball team is looking to secure a #1 seed. Today, they travel to Medfield to complete a suspended game versus a tough Friends squad. Tomorrow, we host a double header versus Lutheran at 2:00-4:30pm. If we win this week and finish with a conference Red divisional record of 10-3, then we will have a bye on Friday. If not, we will host a game on Friday, May 9 – time TBD.

Good luck to Coach Greenwell and the boys in their final push forward to a potential championship game at Ripken Stadium on Sunday, May 18. Attached is the complete B conference bracket and will post the details as we get closer to Friday.

Varsity Golf
Today’s home match at Suburban Country Club versus Mt. St. Joe is Coach Champion’s last regular season match as our head coach. First tee is 3:15pm. If we win today’s match, we will likely play St. Paul’s in the playoff match on Monday, May 12 at Baltimore Country Club - time TBD.

Yesterday, our boys tied for first place with Calvert Hall with both teams scoring 10.5. We brought an army to the Country Club of MD to subdue the Cardinals. Great job Lakers.  Please see Coach Mason's game summary at

We look forward the celebrated the 4 seniors Randy Wells, Dylan Watts, Bennett Wisner, and Drew Miller along with Coach next week. Congratulations to this wonderful group of dedicated boys and parents.

Varsity Lacrosse
On senior day yesterday, the varsity defeated rival SP 18-12. The following is from Varsity Sports Network:

In the end, it was too much Shack Stanwick for No. 2 St. Paul's School to handle when the Boys' Latin School lacrosse star scored three goals and added six assists in the No. 1 Lakers' 18-12 triumph Tuesday afternoon at Duncan Smith Field in Roland Park.

The senior headed to Johns Hopkins University had plenty of help, mind you, including a big boost from face-off specialist Hunter Moreland in helping BL finish its second consecutive unbeaten regular season and earn its 35th victory in its last 36 games.

The Lakers (16-0, 9-0 MIAA A) are the again the odds-on favorite to claim their first MIAA A crown since 2006. Boys' Latin missed a chance at a crown and the mythical national title last year, losing to Loyola Blakefield in the title match at Unitas Stadium.

Tuesday, the top-seeded Lakers return to the U where they will play McDonogh School-St. Mary's winner in a semifinal contest. The Eagles and Saints meet in the opening round Friday afternoon in Owings Mills.

St. Paul's (11-6, 7-2 MIAA A) will enjoy a bye as the No. 2 seed. The Crusaders will meet the Calvert Hall College-Gilman School survivor from Friday's other quarterfinal match.

The Lakers were sizzling early Tuesday in beating St. Paul's for the fourth year in a row, jumping out to a 12-3 halftime advantage fueled by Moreland's domination at the face-off X and Stanwick's eagle-eye feeds.

Having jumped ahead, 7-2, after the opening period, BL scored five of the game's next six goals with Moreland winning six consecutive draws — and even scoring once just seconds after winning a face-off — while Stanwick notched a goal and an assist.

"Just like the game against Gilman (a 15-9 victory last Friday), everyone was ready to play," said Stanwick, the consensus No. 1 recruit in the nation. "We got off to a good start early, but credit St. Paul's for making it a close game in the fourth quarter."

The second half was more to the Crusaders' liking, considering they outscored the Lakers 9-6 during that span. "I think they scored seven or eight goals just in the fourth quarter (actually six, to the Lakers' three)," Stanwick added. "I think we might end up seeing them again, and hopefully, we can stop that from happening again."

As is usually the case with St. Paul's, senior attackman Mikey Wynne was its most dangerous weapon. The Notre Dame recruit scored the first two goals of the final period to finish with a team-high five (and one assist) as the visitors cut a nine-goal deficit to five with five minutes remaining.

The bottom line, though, was Moreland's success, especially before halftime. The Hopkins-bound star did not take as many draws in the second half because Lakers coach Bob Shriver chose to rest the senior's gimpy knee.

"Fifteen of 17 (faceoffs) Hunter won in the second half," St. Paul's coach Rick Brocato said. "When you give a team like that that many possessions, they're going to score. But he's been doing that all year. We didn't have an answer for him."

Stanwick's fellow attackmen Patrick Spencer, Colin Chell and Devin Shewell combined for four goals and three assists while seniors Keegan O'Connor (3 goals) and Tally Bruno (2) led the charge from the midfield.

The Lakers will play on Tuesday, May 13 at 5:30pm in Towson University’s Unitas Stadium. We will play the winner of #4 seed McDonogh vs. #5 seed St. Mary’s HS.
#1 Lakers
#2 St. Paul’s
#3 Gilman
#4 McDonogh
#5 St. Mary’s
#6 Calvert Hall
Athletics will post all the varsity sports playoff information and lacrosse ticket/ parking information to you as soon as possible.

Varsity Tennis Qualifies for MIAA "A" Conference Championship

Head Coach Jim Magee ’74 has lots of good news to report:
"The varsity tennis team qualified for the MIAA "A" Conference Team Championship Tournament for the 1st time since 2003! The tournament is set for May 12-14 @ 3:30p at McDonogh School. The varsity individual’s tournament will be May 19-21 at McDonogh.  The varsity team has an overall record of 6-4 (.600) - the 3rd best record of BL's 6 "A" Conference Varsity teams for 2013-2014.

“The Varsity Tennis' success deserves recognition for being among the top performers of many excellent BL teams and for representing Boys' Latin School so well in the Baltimore Tennis community. I can't say enough about how supportive Michael Thomas ’87 is of BL's Tennis Program! BL's Tennis Families, players, and coaches are grateful and fortunate in receiving exceptional resources, guidance, and encouragement from Michael.

"Varsity Tennis is led this year by three outstanding senior captains: Will Parriott ’14, Daniel Baker ’14 and Jack Metzger’14. The team will graduate six seniors this year. This year’s team has three singles spots filled by 10th grader Joey Mallon ’16 in the #1 spot, 9th grader Jimmy Magee ’17 at #2 and 10th grader Brett Blum ’16 at #3. The doubles teams were Will Parriott and Daniel Baker at #1, Jack Metzger and Robert Rice’15/Andrew Grauel '14 at #2. Parriott and Baker in the #1 Doubles position have a league season record of 7-1!!

"The starters were strongly supported by Dylan Hazlett ’14, Griffin McShane ’17, and Logan King ’15 whose roles as practice partners, match videographers, charters and analysts was invaluable!”

Bennett Wisner finishes T-7 in the 2014 MIAA Stroke Play Championship!

Congratulations to Bennett Wisner for finishing tied for seventh in the 2014 MIAA Stroke Play Championship!  Round 1 was cold and rainy.  Round 2 was ultra windy.  And Round 3 was rainy once again.  Bennett fought hard throughout the Championship – and climbed four slots on the leaderboard in the final round with a tough mentality and excellent all-around play.  Way to go, Bennett!

Varsity Baseball Wins McDonogh Tournament

Boys' Latin Varsity Baseball wins the McDonogh Baseball Tournament, Saturday, defeating McDonogh in the first game, 16-7 and going on to defeat Century in the championship game, 15-13.  For more, click this link for the 4/21/14 story "BL swings big bats in winning McDonogh Tournament, Lakers Collect 35 hits and 31 runs in two games"  in Varsity Sports Network:


Boys' Latin Baseball 2014

Varsity Baseball (Head Coach Bill Greenwell)

The 2014 Lakers baseball team returns six starters that helped the 2013 team make it to the MIAA championship game. That experience, plus some talented newcomers should help the team have another successful season in 2014.

Two All Conference players return, Fred Bopst and Skyler Morris. Fred will pitch and play first base and Skyler will play shortstop and pitch. Fred and Skyler should be two of the best

pitchers in the league. Dom Maggio, at second base, and freshman third baseman Mark Lopez, round out the starting infield. Infield depth is provided by Blake Venick, Phillip Springer, and Bo Harchick. Harchick will also serve as a designated hitter.

Starters on the outfield are expected to be Michael Whitehurst, Sam Bowen, and Josh Smith, with Stephon Hill and Max Keefe backing up.

We have depth at the catcher position, with Parker Yablon starting, backed up by Whitehurst and Drew Gray.

The pitching staff, led by Bopst and Morris, will also feature Maggio, Lopez, and Liam Madden.

We have depth at every position, especially since we have several players that can play multiple positions. This year we also have more team speed than in recent years.

This year's team captains are Fred Bopst and Parker Yablon. Both are four year starters.

The team will go as far as our senior leadership takes us.

JV Baseball (Head Coach Phil Sheehey)

The JV Baseball Team enters its second season with expectations to compete for the JV championship and develop a large group of underclassmen baseball players. This year's team includes a number of returning starters and deep freshman talent. The team had an outstanding week in Florida with a 3-1 record which included wins of 20-0, 18-0, and 9-1. Sophomores Will Reid and Mark Gray will Captain the team and play a significant role in the infield. Sophomores Justin Ward, Tommy Esposito, Noah Labonte-Clark, Justin Smith, and Mitch Casper all return, bringing with them extensive experience from last year's JV Team. In addition to sophomore experience, the JV Lakers have some exceptional freshman talent, including pitcher/ infielder Zach Grace, catcher Matt Purnell, first baseman Michael Turton, and outfielders Desmond Banks and Marquise Washington. Infielder/ pitcher Bennett Gaines, pitcher JP Woodward and outfielder Ben Barton will also vie for time in Laker lineup. Rounding out the Lakers are DH/ infielder John Kunish, first baseman Jack Williams, utility infielder Luke Edwards, and outfielders Trey Burrell and Matt Singleton - Lunn.

MS A Baseball (Head Coach Ryan Hopkins)

This year’s team returns a solid group from last season’s successful campaign. Ned Ruffin, Seamus Cook, Travis Smith, Mitch Larrabee, and Jackson Gazin return from 2013 and will be looked on to lead our current squad. Max Mygatt will see significant time on the mound and Jackson’s younger brother Eric will be a key component of our up-the-middle defense.

Max Franklin and Max Gitlin will also see significant time this season. George Shriver, Mark Newman, and Joe Caiola will provide important depth to a roster without a superstar but loaded with solid baseball talent. Though playing an extremely difficult schedule against mainly “A” conference competition, this year’s squad is poised to build on the past success of our middle school program.

MS B Baseball (Head Coach Demond Baine)

The middle school B baseball team is led by two 8th graders, Luke Levendusky and Hunter Isaac. The thirteen member team maintains a competitive edge as a small ball team with aggressive base running.


President’s Cup 2014 -- Congratulations to Varsity Baseball Head Coach Bill Greenwell, and varsity players Freddie Bopst, Josh Smith, and Skyler Morris

See Below!

Baltimore Sun Boys Athlete of the Week : Shack Stanwick, Boys' Latin, lacrosse

Read More:,0,4590069.photogallery#ixzz2xkEs57nT

Boys' Latin Alum One of Georgia's rising offensive linemen comes from lacrosse and football background


Boys' Latin Varsity Baseball Ready for Season

Boys Latin Varsity Baseball featured in a wonderful Baltimore Sun article.  For complete story please see:,0,3398550.story

Fall / Winter Athletic Awards Assembly

This week, after delays due to snow, we celebrated our fall and winter athletic awards in an upper school assembly.


Captains:  Brian Becker, Liam Burman, Hunter Moreland
Most Improved Player:  Brendan Mullally
Coaches Award:  David Pisanic
Most Valuable Player:  Brian Becker



Captains:  Austin Brown, Avery Engel, Luke Klutz, Jack Metzger and Jimmy Parker
Spirit Award:  Luke Klutz
Most Improved Player:  Jack Metzger
Most Valuable Player:  Avery Engel

Cross Country

Four All MIAA Runners:
Top Ten finisher in B Conference Race:  
Travis White, George Green, Cole Coffay, Garrett Voight



Captains: Dimitri Lezcano, Freddy Bopst, Nick Gesualdi, Pat McManus
>Spirit Award: Pat McManus
Most Valuable Player: Nick Gesualdi
Most Improved Player: Mike Long


Captains: Evan Dohler, Hunter Cotsoradis
Spirit Award: Nathan Malinowski
Most Improved Award: Kahlan Lee-Lermer, George Dickey, Jarrett Dixon
2nd Effort Award: Rocco Bruno
MVPS: Evan Dohler, Hunter Cotsoradis
Gamper Award: Pierce Haugh
Featherstone Award: Chris Floccare
MDA Award: Rocco Brono
Rookie of the year: Evan Gaines

Ice Hockey
Defensive MVP: Teddy Padussis
Offensive MVP: Chris Walker
Most Improved: Danny Robinson
Spirit: Liam Madden
Butch Maisel Award: Joey Celentano
ALL MIAA:  Joey Celentano, Teddy Pedussis


Captains.: Jordan Brooks, Freddy Bopst
Most Improved Player: Jerel Archer
Best Shooter: Jordan Brooks
Mr Everything Award: Patrick Spencer
Defensive POY:  Blair Brooks
Most Valuable Player: Kodye Pugh
Spirit Award: Freddy Bopst
All MIAA  Jordan Brooks, Koyde Pugh

Captain: Will Parriott
Most Valuable Player: Drew Miller
Spirit Award: Conner Ward
Most Improved Player:Grant Adams
All MIAA :  Conner Ward,  Will Parriott

Fall and Winter Sports Wrap Ups


Varsity FB

Led by All MIAA performers defensive end Preston Waters, all everything Nick Gesualdi, Stephon Hill, and punter /kicker Dom Maggio, the Lakers finished with a 6-3 record.  Dom was selected as a first team All Metro punter.

Varsity Cross Country

Freshmen Garrett Voigt, senior Travis White, George Green, and Cole Coffay led this group to the regular season championship.  All four were selected All MIAA, while finishing in the top ten during the B Conference championship run.  Although the team fell 1 point shy of the team championship @ Oregon Ridge, Coach Scarff's' boys showed great metal and determination. Their final record was 9-1.

Varsity Volleyball

Coach Haugh and his boys had a very successful campaign.  Senior Jack Metzger and junior MVP Avery Engel led this squad to the A conference playoffs.

Varsity Soccer

An annual contender for the B conference championship, the Lakers were upset in the final game by upstart Gerstell.  This team was led by All MIAA performers seniors Hunter Moreland, Brian Becker, Danny Shaifer, and junior Drew Shaifer.  They finished with a record of 10-3-1 in conference and 12-6-1 overall.



Varsity Basketball

Coach Rees and his boys had an incredible season while they earned the won sedd in the black division and advanced to the champioship game.  The runner up Lakers were led by MVP Koyde Pugh, and seniors Freddie Bopst and Salisbury bound shooter Jordan Brooks.  This team has unfinished business as we look forward to next winter.

Varsity Wrestling

Seniors Hunter Cotsoradis, Rocco Bruno, and Evan Dohler, and stalwart Kahlan Lee- Lermer led this feisty and determined group.  They competed hard in a very tough A conference league.

Varsity Squash

Although expectations were great for this senior laden team, they did indeed reach the semifinals in a competitive A league. Seniors Will Parriott and Conner Ward were All MIAA performers.  Drew Miller and Grant Adams had tremendous seasons also.

Varsity Ice Hockey

New Varsity Head Coach Chris Maisel led this very young and inexperienced group to a #4 seed in the playoffs.  Goaltender Joey Celentano was selected All MIAA.  The team was also led by Liam madden, Danny Robinson, Teddy Padussis, Colton Haughand Chris Walker who was the Offensive MVP.   We look forward to great things in the short term.


BL Varsity and JV Baseball Taking it up a Notch with GameChanger App

Boys’ Latin Baseball Coach Don Newman, together with varsity baseball managers Logan Atkinson, Josh Lisberger and Jalen Milton are truly changing the way BL plays baseball.  Coach Newman has introduced the team to a newly available mobile app called GameChanger.  This mobile app and accompanying website have many features including scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream updates and game recap stories for amateur baseball teams. Josh, Jalen and Logan will use iPhones and an iPads to run this app.

The ability to record and analyze individual player performance during a game truly changes the game.  Imagine being able to adjust your fielders’ positions based on prior inning and prior game data showing where a batter tends to hit the ball.  Imagine BL coaches having instant access to player statistics.  Imagine parents, BL alumni and other BL baseball fans being able to follow games live via GameStream from their workstation or mobile device.  All of this and more is possible with GameChanger.  Additionally, BL student athletes have the opportunity to experience the use of real time data driven decision making, a hallmark of 21st century sports and business management.BL baseball fans can begin following games in real time by downloading the GameChanger app from iTunes.  At the present time, the app is only available for iPad and iPhone.To follow the teams via the web, please visit the following web addresses:


Boys' Latin wrestler Hunter Cotsoradis Heading to All Star Senior Classic

Sr. Hunter Cotsoradis will be competeing in the Senior All Star Classis to be held at McDaniel College on March 11th.  Best of Luck !

Boys' Latin Congratulates our MIAA Winter Athletes

ALL MIAA Squash 2014

Conner Ward - Boys’ Latin
Will Parriott - Boys’ Latin

ALL MIAA B Conference Ice Hockey 2014

Joey Celentano
Teddy Padussis

ALL MIAA B Conference Basketball 2014

Jordan Brooks
Koyde Pugh

PressBox Weekly

PressBox a Weekly Email Newsletter focusing solely on Baltimore and D.C. high school lacrosse.  This free email will feature weekly game match-ups, player interviews, links to Kudda videos, a tracker showing how last years high school player's are doing in college, recent commitments and a locally produced Top 20.

The signup link available to the Boys' Latin community will be a weekly piece which will primarily be written by Tom Peace who will feature Boys' Latin players and information throughout the season.


A wonderful story about Boys' Latin Alum - The Stanwick Family

Pressbox recently posted this story which is just as much about family and character as it is about lacrosse.  "The eight Stanwick siblings share a strong work ethic and have been standouts on Baltimore lacrosse fields for more than two decades. ... When it comes to their mettle as lacrosse players and as people, the Stanwicks are all in. They all have a relentless drive -- academically and athletically -- to be the best. ... You know what you are going to get with them. They work hard and they are selfless, and they set the tone in practice. I run into them at Starbucks. They are all super nice people and fun to be around. They walk the talk."  Steele credits his parents for their children's success, and said "It's about how you treat people. Skills and athleticism will only take you so far." Congratulations to BL senior Shack who is ranked No. 1 lacrosse recruit in the country.


BL Varsity Basketball Advances to MIAA Chamipionship February 16, @ UMBC 5:15 pm

Come out and cheer our boys to a victory!

Boys Latin Semi Final Basketball Championship Game

BL will host St John's on Saturday, February 15th @ 1 pm.

Shake off the snow and come out and support  our Lakers !!



Varsity wrestling is at McDonogh for the MD state independent tournament. The 1st round begins @ 12 noon Saturday, 15 Feb. and continues thru Sunday.
Boys' Latin Teams Enter Championship Week

Varsity Ice Hockey has semifinal playoff match vs Gilman @ Mt. Pleasant Ice Rink on Tuesday, 11 February, @ 5:15p

Varsity Squash has their MIAA individuals this week: Tuesday -Thursday @ MMAC @ 3:30pm

Varsity Basketball secured a #1 seed in the black division of the B conference.  We have a first round bye, and will host the winner of Severn / St. John's Catholic Prep on Thursday, 13 February @ 5:30pm

Varsity Wrestling is away on Friday as the MD Independent State Tournament begins @ McDonogh School. Time is TBD

Varsity Squash heads into Semi Finals

Varsity Squash defeated McDonogh on Tuesday afternoon in the MIAA quarter finals.  They will face Gilman today at Meadow Mill in the Semi Finals at 4:15 pm.  The Varsity Squad consists of Zach Guttman, Alex Andrews, Connor Ward, Grant Adams, Cameron Adams, Will Parriott, Dylan Watts, Daniel Baker, Andrew Miller, Trey Wyler and Chad Hazman.  Come out and support our boys as they make the run for the Championship!

Upper School and Middle School Athletics Spring 2014

MIAA spring sports start date is Tuesday, February 18 (Upper School Sports)
MS athletics will begin on Friday, February 21

Varstiy Lacrosse:
Wednesday, 12 February, 3:30 pm to 5 pm (lower field)
Thursday, 13 February,  3:30 pm to 5 pm (lower field)

These two mini camps practice sessions are for all seniors and juniors who have not been on the varsity and those sophomores and freshman who feel, realistically, they can make the varsity team.

Tuesday, 18 February, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (lower field)
All returning varsity players and those players that have received permission from Coach Shriver are expected on first official day of spring practice.

JV Lacrosse:
Monday, 24 February, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (top field)
All players who want to try out for JV Lacrosse are expected to attend.

Fresh/Soph Lacrosse:
Monday, 3 March, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (top field)
All players who want to try out for JV Lacrosse are expected to attend.

Varstiy and JV Baseball:
Wednesday, 12 February, 3:30 pm to 5 pm (top turf field)
Thursday, 13 February,3:30 pm to 5 pm (top turf field)
These two mini camps practice sessions are for all interested baseball players in  grades 9 to 12.

Varstiy and JV Tennis:
Tuesday, 18 February, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (tennis courst on  inside the Gelston Athletic Center)

Varsity Golf:
Please see the BL Golf Website:

Boys Latin Wrestlers Defeat Calvert Hall 37 - 36

MIAA "B" Conference Champions











Congratulations to the boys and coaches for such a wonderful season.  It culminated with a resounding performance and victory against a valiant Curley squad, 20 - 8.
From their beginnings on August 8, this group showed promise, possessed raw talent, and a singular desire to return to the championship game.  Coach Locey gave them the direction and created an enviroment of accountability and love for one another.  This group is very special.  Beating a tough Friar squad twice to complete the undefeated run is noteworthly.  Their season was one of joy.  Joy to compete at a high level.  They epitomize "One Heartbeat".
Again, congratulations to coaches Locey, Robinson, Smith, and all the boys for their collective accomplishments.


Please come out and support our undefeated JV Football team as they play Archbishop Curley in the Championship game today.

Early Game time of 2:30 !


Athletic News for Fall

The 2nd Seed Lakers were victorious versus the Quakers in Varsity Soccer yesterday, 1 - 0.  Senior Brian Becker scored off a head ball at the 12 minute mark of the first half.  They will face Gerstell Academy, upset winners versus Severn in the other Semi final.  
The B Conference Championship game is on  November 10 at Archbishop Spalding, game time 3:15.

Our Varsity Cross Country team lost by 8 points in the championship meet yesterday at Oregon Ridge.  The Dragons of Glenelg Country School edged the Lakers.  Congratulations to all the boys for their regular season undefeated run and for their efforts this fall campaign.

Fall End of Season Athletic News

Thursday, October 31, our JV Football and soccer teams have home games starting at 3 pm.  Both squads are undefeated in conference play.  The JF football team continues on their path as they face SP on the lower turf.  Coach Locey has the boys primed and on all cylinders.  This game concludes their regular season.

JV Soccer hosts Park on the top turf field.  This serves as their B Conference championship game.
Pep rally in the Gelston Athletic Center on Friday, November 1 at 10 am.  Senior Brett Roberts will be presenting a 6 minute video.  You shall have a better understanding of "One Heartbeat" by the conclusion.  
The Varsity football game starts at 2:30 pm  @ SP.

Our Varsity Cross Country team, also undefeated in their conference meets, has their championships on Wednesday November 6 at 245 pm @ Oregon Ridge.  They face a tough course and a big challenge from Glenelg Country School.

Also, the 2nd seeded Varsity Soccer team has earned a quarterfinal bye.  We host a home semifinal playoff game next Wednesday.  Our opponent is TBD.  The start time will be 3 pm.
If we are fortunate to proceed, we will play the B Conference championship game on Sunday, November 10 at 3:15 pm @ Archbishop Spalding versus TBD - details pending.

Congratulations to our runner up JV volleyball team. A terrific season they indeed had.  Also, congratulations to Coach Haugh and the varsity volleyball team.  They had a fine season with an unfortunate exit to a gritty MSJ Gael team.

Good luck to our teams. Please support our boys and coaches.

Happy Halloween.  


Boys' Latin Soccer in the Playoffs as Second Seed

Varsity Sports Network,Wednesday, 30 October 2013 20:28 -- Severn, Boys' Latin and Friends win regular season finales to lock up the top three seeds, respectively. Click the following link to read the full article: 

"The six playoff teams in the MIAA B Conference have been set for several weeks, but the seeding had been scrambled to the final day, but the picture is now clear with the close of the regular season on Wednesday.  Severn, the one team that had a handle on its playoff position after locking up the top seed last week, closed its regular season with a 1-0 road victory at Gerstell Academy...Severn and Boys' Latin will have first round byes and host semifinal games on Wednesday.  Severn will get the Saints Peter & Paul/Gerstell winner and BL will host the St. Mary's/Friends survivor.

The MIAA B Conference title game will be played on Nov. 10 at 3:15 p.m., at Archbishop Spalding and the playoff schedule is:

Fri., Nov. 1 - Quarterfinals
No. 6 St. Mary's at No. 3 Friends
No. 5 Saints Peter & Paul at No. 4 Gerstell Academy

Wed., Nov. 6 - Semifinals
SPP/Gerstell Winner at No. 1 Severn
St. Mary's/Friends Winner at No. 2 Boys' Latin

Sun., Nov. 10
MIAA B Conference Championship Game
3:15 p.m. at Archbishop Spalding

Perfect Regular Season for BL Cross Country

The cross country team ended the regular season with a perfect 12-0 league record and 15-0 overall. The championship playoff race will take place next week.  Details to follow.

Important Dates and Information for Fall and Winter Athletics

Please check the team pages on our web site for more rosters, information and schedules.

Varsity Soccer
The senior laden varsity squad is poised for a terrific season. With defensive strength in the back provided by seniors Drew Miller, Liam Burman, Hunter Moreland,and sophomore Hayden Kovinsky, and offensive punch provided by seniors Brian Becker, T Moyer, Shack Stanwick, and Cole Whitehurst, this group is ready for another run to the B conference championship.  The Shaifer brothers, Danny and Drew, have shown tremendous ability to both distribute and finish the ball.  They are gifted with the ball on their feet.  We have a critically important conference game on Fall Festival Saturday 28 September versus an excellent Severn Squad.  That begins at 11 am.

JV Soccer
They are led by Dylan Kowalewski and the Mailinowski brothers, Nate and Nick. First year Head Coach Giuliano Celenza brings an accomplished coaching and playing resume to us.  They are off to a great start.

FS Soccer
Head Coach and new US math teacher Joe Bailey is charged with instructing these 15 freshman.  We look forward to their consistent improvement.

Varsity Football
Coach Schell and his boys have been working hard since 8 August.  Last Saturday, they travelled to Landon for a tough opening game against a very good opponent. The defense led by Tally Bruno, Preston Waters, Nick Gesualdi, Pat McManus, Luke Brown, Jake Merrill, Billy Wingo, Devin Shewell, and Gavin Howell produced a shutout.  Lakers won 10 - 0.  Coach Schell's boys played physically tough and have set the stage for greater success. They beat MD Christian School Saints 48-0 and handed Kiski Area School their second loss last Saturday, 34 - 8.  Our defense has proven to be tough and stout.  Our Fall Festival game versus a fast and talented Pallotti team starts @ 1:30 pm.

JV Football
Head Coach Alan Locey, assistants Nick Jones, Earl Smith and Andrew Robinson have a special group. they have talent, depth, are physical, and poised.  Logan Wisnauskas, Greg Ey, Sam Bowen, Desmond Banks, Robie Gothier, Koby Russell, Dejuan Felder, John Kunish, Jake Glatz, Brock Sassler, and Shaumar Wilson are the stalwarts.  MJ Black and Ryan Shaw are the captians. This group truly understands our "one heartbeat" theme.  Locey's boys have defeated MD Christian and "A" conference opponents McDonogh and Loyola.  Their first conference game is next Thursday, 3 October @ Severn 4 pm.

Varsity Cross Country
Led by new Head Coach Lewis Scharff and assisted by Sean Mullally’12 and Ashley Johnson ‘80, the Varsity squad has shown great promise.  Travis White, Matt Lugat, Cole Coffay, Garrett Voight, and George Greene have run exceptionally well.  Two weeks ago, they travelled to Owings Milles and defeated Indian Creek, Beth T’Filoh, Park, and the Key School.  We subsequently beat Park and Severn in our first home meet last week and proceeded to nip Glenelg CS is a close meet on Wednesday last.

Varsity Volleyball
Head Coach Drew Haugh has his team poised to be very competitive in the MIAA “A” conference.  They have beaten MSJ and lost a tough 5 setter to 3 time defending champ Loyola Blakefield .  This talented group is led by Colton Haugh, Avery Engel, Joey Santangelo, and Luke Klutz.  On Monday, they travelled to SP and beat them in five games (15-13 in final game).  We look forward to greater things from this bunch.  Coach Haugh continues to astound.

JV Volleyball
Coach Lon Engel again has this young group ready to play.  Last season, the JV boys ran the table, but lost a tough championship match to Gilman.  Mirroring the varsity, they participate against all the big schools like Loyola, Gilman, and Calvert Hall in the “A” conference.

Important Dates:

Friday, 25 October - JV VB Championships @ higher seed

Friday, 1 November -  JV Soc Championship game TBD

Saturday, 2 November - V VB championship match @ BL, 6p

Wednesday, 6 November – V XC Championships @ Oregon Ridge, 2:45p

Thursday, 7 November - JV FB “B” Conference championship @ higher seed

Saturday, 9 November - V FB “B” Conference championship game, site TBD

Sunday, 10 November – V Soc “B” Conference championship game, site TBD

MIAA Winter sports start date for Upper School is Monday, 4 November.

Laker Invitational Basketball Tournament (LIT) is scheduled for Friday 20 December – 22 December.

Varsity wrestling starts on Wednesday, 6 November in wrestling room in Gelston Athletic Center 330p-530p

Varsity - JV - F/S basketball tryouts will begin on Monday, 5 November in the Gelston Athletic Center, 330p-530p.

Varsity and JV Squash tryouts will begin on Wednesday, 6 November @ Meadow Mill Athletic Club, 3:15-4:15.

Varsity Ice Hockey TBD

MS winter athletics start on Thursday, 7 November 2012

MS squash @ Meadow Mill Athletic Club will not begin until 7 November

Basketball, wrestling (junior league), and ice hockey are the offerings.


Varsity Soccer


hosts "A" Conference power Gilman today at  3:30 p on the top turf field.  Gilman has reached the last three "A" Conference finals while winning in 2011.

We are the defending "B" conference champions.  The underdog Lakers are led by senior captains Liam Burman, Hunter Moreland, midfielder Brian Becker, and goalkeeper Parker Yablon.  With 19 experienced seniors, we look forward to great things.
This game promises to be a very competitive and physical early season non conference battle.  


Boys' Latin Pre Season Squash Program

Boys' Latin Pre-Season Squash program for fall will be held at Meadow Mill from September 9th through October 31st.  This will be with Sergio Lopez. 

Mondays and Wednesdays 4 - 5:30 pm:  45 minutes of fitness, 45 minutes on the court

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 - 5 pm:  All on court training

Cost of the Program will be $399 payable to MMAC.

For an application please contact Phyllis Novotny @

For further information on the program, or with any questions please call Nicole @ 410-235-7000 or email

Thank you

Lewis Scharff Named New Varsity Cross Country Coach

Lewis Scharff has been named the new Varsity Cross Country Coach at Boys' Latin beginning this fall.  Coach Scharff has been a fixture on our campus for several years as a parent, coach, and supporter of our community and athletic program.

For the past 8 years, he has been involved with our lacrosse program.  He has been the head coach of our 8th grade lacrosse team as well as an assistant on the varsity staff.  He is responsible for off season / in season training and conditioning while focusing on our midfield play.  Coach Scharff has been responsible for getting our lacrosse athletes physically and mentally prepared to handle the rigors of A conference lacrosse.  It seems to be a perfect nexus for our fall cross country runners to be led and mentored by such a caring, compassionate, and experienced coach. 

Coach Scharff is an avid runner who has completed many full /half marathons, as well
as long distance trail races.  Coach Scharff's sons, Adam 08' and Jimmy 11', are BL alumni and former student athletes.  We gladly welcome Coach Scharff to BL Cross Country!


2013 Fall Sports News

Upper School Fall Sports 2013

MIAA start date is Monday, 5 August 2013.  We will not be starting any preseason activities on that date.

Varsity and JV FB starts Thursday, 8 August @ 9a in the Gelston Athletic Center. 

Varsity Soccer starts Monday, 12 August on top turf field.  Freshmen and sophomores who think they can legitimately play at the varsity level are encouraged to try out on that Monday. Preseason practices will be from 9a-12:30p.

JV Soccer  Starts on Thursday, 15 August @ 3:30 on grass soccer field behind the MS.  Preseason practice will be from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Please contact Michael Thomas or Giuliano Celenza with any questions.

Varsity Cross Country starts on Thursday, 8 August on top turf field’s promenade @ 8:30a

Varsity Volleyball starts officially on Wednesday, 21 August @ 3:30p in the Gelston Athletic Center. The 21st is mandatory and serves as the beginning of try-outs.  Coach Haugh has open and voluntary practices on Monday –Wednesday, 12-14 August in Ocean City.  This is Not mandatory.  JV Head Coach Lon Engel @  will have open gym for all players starting Wednesday, 14 August (times TBD by Coach Engel)

Please do not hesitate to contact the respective Head Coaches:

V FB Ritchie Schell:

JV FB Head Coach Alan Locey:

Varsity Soccer Head Coach Don Rickels @ cell 410-790-2583 (do not use his email address)

JV Soccer Head Coach TBD:

Varsity Cross Country Head Coach TBD:

Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Drew Haugh:

Middle School Fall Sports 2013

MS athletic start Tuesday, 3 September.  Practices will take place between 2:15p- 3:30p.  Details are TBD.


Senior Colin Heacock receives the 67th Annual "C. Markland Kelly Award"

Colin Heacock won the prestigious 67th Annual "C. Markland Kelly Award" given to the "Best Lacrosse Player in the State of Maryland" Sunday night at a ceremony held at the US Naval Academy. Colin becomes the 12th Boys' Latin player to win this honor as BL and SP now have the most players to ever win the award. 

The Maryland State Lacrosse Coaches' Association selects the award. The state if broken up into, State Public School 1A/2A, 2A/3A, 3A/4A, and Independent North and South, and reach region has region winner selected from a list of that regions' nominations. Then, there is an overall winner selected. Colin was the Independent North winner and obviously the overall winner.

Boys’ Latin Varsity and JV Baseball - Spring 2013

Varsity baseball completed its season in the championship game versus Glenelg Country School on Sunday last with a 7-0 defeat.  After an incredible playoff run with victories against AACS (11-8), Pallotti HS (5-2), and #1 seeded St. Mary’s HS (6-5), the Lakers were stymied against the Dragons behind the pitching of sophomore Dylan Fanella.  He pitched a gem going the distance with a complete game 3 hitter.  The Lakers were led on the mound by sophomore Harris Lipinski, who pitched four scoreless innings.

Coach Greenwell and the team should be very proud of their efforts.  They had little momentum going into the post season with questions regarding their inconsistent defense.  The bats were always healthy, but the combination of both was often lacking.  Come playoff time, all facets to include senior leadership, timely hitting, good pitching, and more consistent defensive help were on display.  Seniors Devin Foudos and Peter Argo led this wonderful group.  Peter often willed his team to better play and victory using emotion and energy to generate a combative will.  Devin quietly used his lead off bat and stellar play in the outfield to silence the opponents.  Junior standout pitcher Freddie Bopst wanted the ball to either complete a game or save a game.

The team would like to thank all the parents for their postgame dinners, and their support throughout the season.  There were many wet, cold and windy scrimmages and games in February and March that made things challenging.  Again, thanks to all the parents for their support of this team and coaching staff.

The JV squad led by Liam Madden, catcher Drew Gray, and Will Reid had a wonderfully successful season.  It has been many years since we had a JV team within our baseball program. Getting our younger freshmen and sophomore players’ significant scrimmage /game minutes was important to grow the program.  Establishing good baseball habits with consistent practice skill development will pay dividends down the road.  Thanks go to Head Coach Phil Sheehey, assistants Matt Wareheim and Jon Decker for all their efforts.

And finally, we extend thanks to Coach Butch Maisel for his tireless efforts to keep the baseball field groomed and pristine for all the MS, and US games.  It was a daily activity that demanded much effort.  Thank you again sir.


Spring Baseball Happenings

Varsity Baseball
Our varsity baseball team has completed their regular season with a conference record of 8-7. They are slated to play @ Pallotti HS this afternoon @ 4 pm.  We have secured the Red #3 seed.  Head Coach Bill Greenwell, Coach Josh Winter, Coach Matt Siggins, Coach Jake Schoenfeld and Captains Peter Argo and Devin Foudos continue to provide great leadership.  Although the varsity will be on the road for every playoff effort, please try to support the Laker 9. Click to view the B Conference baseball bracket. 

JV Baseball
As you may or may not know, we fielded a JV team this seaon.  The growth of the program demanded such.  Head Coach Phil Sheehey, and assistants John Decker and Matt Wareheim have helped this young group improve.  Being a first year team, they secured a 4 - 9 conference record against some very good and established teams. We salute their efforts to expand the program while giving the young freshman and sophomores an opportunity to improve their skills and get dirt on their pants.  It was an exciting spring for the JV boys.  They complete their efforts next Monday @ home vs Mt. St Joseph HS 3:30 pm.

MS Baseball
Both the MS baseball teams had successful season under Coach Baine, Coach Maisel, and Coach Z.  The A team had a wonderful year with some talented boys.  The B team had large numbers and found great success on the diamond.  We have approximately 40 boys played MS baseball.  That in itself is very exciting.  Thank you, coaches, for handling these teams with so many participants.  We appreciate all your hard work.

Thank you.
Micheal Thomas, Athletic Director 

Boys Latin JV Lacrosse Captures MIAA A Conference Champion Title with a decisive 9 - 6 Win Over Gilman

Yesterday, our JV lacrosse boys and coaches beat Gilman 9-6 to win the A conference lacrosse championship.  Defensively, LSM Gavin Callahan, close defenders Luke brown, Andrew Murrow, and Matt Sacks were tremendous in limited their potent attack.  Goalie Liam Frerichs and FOGO Charlie Hughes were stellar saving and possessing the ball.  The offensive charge was led by our attack unit of Brendan Mullally, Logan Wisnauskas, and Patrick Spencer.

Congratulations to Coach Haugh (8th JV A championship), Coach Shilling, and Coach Muneses for all their efforts and hard work. Go Lakers

Spring Lacrosse Happenings

Varsity Lacrosse

Our Varsity lacrosse team led by senior captains Mac Pons, Christian Knight, and Colin Heacock completed the regular season with a workmanlike victory against St Paul's yesterday.  They finished the regular season at 19 - 0.  BL is 9 - 0 in MIAA A conference play.  Coach Shriver's gang has secured the #1 seed in next week's playoff tournament. We will play on Tuesday night, May 14, 5 pm  @ Towson University (versus the winner of the SP / CHC game). There will be an $8 admission charge.  You may purchase tickets with Anne in our BL store or simply respond at the box office on game day.  Please continue to suppport this wonderful team as they charge ahead.  Our well coached varsity squad is a mature group that has been tested.  Coach Shriver and Coach Dubin have created a unified team that remains very humble.  Again, please continue to support this wonderful team.

JV Lacrosse

Coach Haugh and Coach Schilling have done a great job this spring with a talented JV group. They have progressed this spring with an 8 - 1 record. Their lone loss was by 1 goal to Gilman about two weeks ago. We play tomorrow, Thursday, May 9, 4:30 pm @ Gilman for the JV A Conference championship. Please come out to support this talented team of coaches and players.

F/S Lacrosse

Coach Robinson, Coach Lee Kennedy, and the FS team have completed their season.  The boys imporved throughout the season.  They were very strong on the defensive side, yet had great difficulty scoring goals.  We look forward to their maturation to move to the JV team next spring.

MS Lacrosse

The three MS Lacrosse teams will be completing their schedules this week.  All boys have played with great effort and have learned what it means to compete against some very talented opponents.  We thank the following coaches for all their assistance and time:  Carl Voight, Mark Glaeser, Duncan Booth, Todd McNemar, Thomas Thibeault, and Gavin Youngquist.

The 7th and 8th grade teams play on the lower field tomorrow versus Loyola @ 3:30 and 4:30 respectively.

Brett Roberts - Documentarian

The athletic department would like to thank junior Brett Roberts for his commitment to Boys’
Latin’s varsity lacrosse team.  Brett is currently producing a documentary on the varsity lacrosse
team's campaign this spring.  That documentary will be available at the end of the season.

Brett is serving as both manager and videographer.  He travels with the team, attends practices, and is a fly on  the wall for almost every activity.  His video offerings are attached below.

Coach Shriver states, "What Brett is doing is great for the program and the school, and it is unbelievably artistic.  Brett has quite a gift and is a treasure."

We are proud that Brett is devoted to this labor of love an dhas initiated this by himself.  He has a flare for highlighting the other team as well as our boys, the "MIAA grind", the drama, and the pageantry of playing high school lacrosse at the highest level here at Boys' Latin School. 





Senior Student Athlete College Team Event

BL Athletics organized a media event to recognize and celebrate BL seniors who have been invited and agreed to play for a college team in the sport of their choice.  We would like to congratulate the following senior student athletes for their effort and dedication to academic and athletic success here at Boys' Latin.  Many of these boys are multi-sport athletes who have been instrumental to the success of many BL teams.  We are proud of these young men for their accomplishments and wish them well as they head off to their colleges and universities in the fall.

Seated Left to right:

Tom Brown - lacrosse @ VMI
Kolby Caplin - lacrosse @ Towson University
Taylor Davis - lacrosse @ Washington College
Walker Ensor - lacrosse @ Mercer University
Brendan Fields – basketball @ Cabrini College
Chad Greenberg - lacrosse @ University of Tampa
Colin Heacock - lacrosse @ University of Maryland
Christian Knight - lacrosse @ Cornell University 

Standing Left to right:

Aaron Leeds - lacrosse /soccer @ Salisbury University
Ben Levin - lacrosse @ Furman University
Bryan Lichtenauer - lacrosse @ the Ohio State University
Michael Lynch - lacrosse @ Towson University
Jamal Perkins - football @ Kenyon College
Mac Pons -  lacrosse @ University of Maryland
Ben Pridemore - lacrosse @ University of Notre Dame
Casey Rees - lacrosse @ United States Naval Academy Prep School
Andrew Roswell - lacrosse @ University of Michigan
Jake Sachse - soccer @ Hartwick College
Chris Rubino - lacrosse @ Gettysburg College
Greg Sheetz - lacrosse @ Hobart and William Smith College
Jake Walsh - lacrosse @ Bates College 

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