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BL in Championships!

From Michael Thomas, Director of Athletics -- 

- #1 seed Varsity baseball has a home game which is postponed until tomorrow starting at 5:00pm versus Pallotti. 

- JV baseball is in contention to play McDonogh in a JV B Conference final. We must win out versus Calvert Hall and Friends to secure the championship game. The JV game versus CHC will take place here tomorrow at 3:00pm.

Varsity lacrosse advanced (13-6) from the semi-finals last night with a strong, clean effort versus a very good Severn team. The #2 Lakers face the #1 seeded McDonogh Eagles in the championship game at 8:00pm Friday night. Anne Whitman has 500 tickets for sale in the School Store, ($10 per). Weather looks to be beautiful. Please come out and support Coach Farrell and his boys.

Varsity golf is the #1 seed in the red division as the head into the semi-finals on Wednesday at Suburban Country Club at 3:15pm. Time is subject to change. We play the winner of St. Mary's and John Carroll.

- Varsity Tennis has four boys in the semi-finals of MIAA individual play -- Joey Mallon, Jimmy Magee, and the doubles team of Ryan Stellman/Griffin McShane have advanced. They play tomorrow/Thursday weather permitting.

- JV tennis' Carson Rehfield, Henry Hutzler, and Chris/Alex Meyer have advanced in the semifinals of the MIAA individuals also. They will play tomorrow or Thursday.


The smell, taste of words

Friday, The Baltimore Sun shared an op-ed story by upper school history teacher, Lee Kennedy '73, entitled " The smell, taste of words." The article is about a former BL teacher, Mr. J. Marshall Bruce, who is remembered as a wonderful wordsmith and for having a profound influence on hundreds of BL English students in the 1960's, 70's and 80's.  Below is an excerpt and click here for the full story.

"I don't believe there is a funnier word in the English language than "lugubrious." It does not roll off the tongue like other smoother-sounding words. ... It was introduced to me by J. Marshall Bruce, who taught me English during my senior year at Boys' Latin School. Mr. Bruce, as any of his students would tell you, was a master of the polysyllabic word. He believed the more a word twisted your tongue — and piqued your imagination and curiosity — the better writer and reader you would become. ..."

Senior Farewell 2016

After Closing Convocation on Friday, the seniors paused for photos in their college t-shirts then headed over to the Gelston Athletic Center where they were met by their proud families and the rest of the upper school for the senior farewell. With joy, tears, and bittersweet farewells, all upper school students, faculty and staff say farewell to our seniors who depart for internships over the few weeks before graduation. Applause follows each senior when he states his name, college plans, and senior internship. One of the best ways to summarize what makes this event so special is to share excerpts, below, from comments by Senior Class Advisor Beau Dagenais who set the tone for the seniors’ tear-filled lap around the gym:

“This ceremony, the senior farewell, is the most special thing we do here. While graduation is a formal goodbye to the entire BL community and family, this ceremony is a goodbye to your immediate community:  the BL upper school, your home for the last four years. I can’t think of anything more representative of that community than what you’ll see here in a short time:  the entire upper school student body and faculty lining the perimeter of the gym giving handshakes and hugs, laughing and crying. In a few minutes, you’re going to go around that line (like you’ve seen 3 groups of students before you) and you’re going to feel some feelings. While the ceremony is beautiful and I’m happy and proud of all of you, I’m also sad that we have to say goodbye.

“When I try to write this speech I always try to put myself in your shoes, to think about what it’s like to be 17 or 18 on the cusp of this new transition. I think about what the 17-year-old version of me would want to hear from the 34-year-old version standing in front of you. …

“To the parents of seniors: I can only say congratulations. During graduation season, I find myself thinking about big ‘what-does-it-all-mean’ questions about your education. I hope that, if nothing else, your education here on 822 West Lake Ave. has helped you to figure out what gives purpose and meaning to your life. Because the question at the heart of education is ‘How should we live?’. Perhaps, at this point in your life, it seems like you don’t have much control over how you live. You’ve got schedules and expectations that weren’t decided by you. But, soon enough, you’ll realize that the hardest thing to do in life is the most obvious thing: living. So I hope that you don’t look back on your education at this place-- whether it’s been 2 years or 12 years-- and think about how it prepared you for college or how it prepared you for your eventual career. I hope that you look back on your education here and think that it prepared you to begin to try to live well. I hope that we taught you the habits of reflection and kindness; I hope that we taught you the power of sacrifice and grit; I hope that we taught you how to practice empathy and vulnerability. Most of all, though, I hope that we taught you how to love well. I don’t know many things with much certainty, but of this I am sure: that living well and loving well are one and the same. And happiness-- the always elusive ‘goal’ of living-- is tied to our ability to love. I hope that we’ve modeled a healthy attitude to love here. I hope that you’ve seen from this community-- in the hallways, in the classrooms, and on the athletic fields-- a willingness to love openly.

“Seniors: earlier this year, in late August, during our first class meeting, I talked to you guys about a TED talk that I’m a bit obsessed with. In this talk Brene Brown, a researcher and social scientist, talks about The Power of Vulnerability. She collected thousands of stories about love and connection and she found that the people with the healthiest approaches to living were those who were most willing to be vulnerable. I could go on and on about how incredible this research and its implications are, but let me leave you with the same takeaways today that I left you with on that steamy August morning in the Sheridan.

- Try to let yourself be seen. Truly seen. Try to be brave enough to put yourself out there.
- Love with your whole heart. Even though there are no guarantees.
- Practice gratitude. Lean into joy.
- Believe that you are enough. Believe that you are worthy of love and belonging.

“I hope that your education has shown the power of those four takeaways. And I hope that your education here has enlarged your capacity to wonder because, every time I step back and try to view human existence (or my own existence) objectively, I’m only left with wonder. A good education will leave you feeling like Miranda at the end of The Tempest: ‘How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in it.’ Or perhaps it leaves us like Vincent Van Gogh, who says ‘I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.’

“Another trope of graduation speeches is to remark on the fact that Commencement, the ceremony we just left, means ‘beginning.’ In every end is a new beginning. As you get older, it becomes hard to distinguish the difference between the two. So, class of 2016, while today certainly feels like an end as your time as Boys’ Latin students finishes, know that endings always breed beginnings and the two are always intertwined. As you move towards your next beginning, make sure that you hold onto the right things. A way to begin might be, as you move along the line of students, faculty, and family in a few minutes, to hold onto each embrace for a second or two longer. Be willing to say ‘I love you’ first. Be willing to love with your whole heart.

“Congratulations to the class of 2016. Each of you has my love and my gratitude. And I wish you way more than luck.”

Closing Convocation 2016

The dreary wet weather did not dampen the enthusiasm for today's Closing Convocation, as we came together as one full-school community of all students, faculty and staff for the last time this academic year. Each senior entered hand-in-hand with his kindergarten or pre-first buddy. As a fitting symbol of endings as new beginnings, Student Body President Michael Morsberger handed off his gavel as he announced Mikey Petillo as the new 2016-17 Student Body President. We are grateful not only for Michael's leadership but also for his kind spirit and authenticity.

In closing convocation, it has become a BL tradition to recognize faculty and staff accomplishments. Student high-fives, standing ovations and thunderous applause for beloved teachers make this a joy-filled morning. Headmaster Post recognized and thanked departing faculty and staff (Missy Dudley, Kate Stratton, Sally Brackins, Dewey Stierer, Paul Bednarowski, Evan Wilson, Kris Hare, Sarah Woods and Trish Fallon) and faculty members with certain numbers of years of service. We also thanked Alison Brennan for her service as Parents' Association President this year. 

Many thanks to our student musicians and the All School Choir for their performances. Congratulations to all award recipients:

Faculty Mentoring and Excellence Awards:


     Lower School
     Middle School:
     Upper School:

Ann Jung
Jill Vernon
Molly Mullally


Rookie Teacher of the Year

Matthew Pisarcik



Kotras Award for Excellence in Teaching

Helen Potter



Laker-to-Laker Buddy Award

Jaylin Andrews

(presented by Sameer Roberts)  
Laker Corps Award

Tommy Hurley
Chase Bailey
Will Page



Faculty Grant Awards

Ford Fellowship
Meghan McGeehan

Brooks Faculty Enrichment
Adam Osborn

Jean Campbell Faculty Enrichment
Marta Cardarelli

Joan Pyne Faculty Enrichment
Rebecca  Giordano

Summer Grant
Andrew Robinson
Debi Krulak
Jimmy Morrissey
Matt Stone

Colbert Summer Travel
Chris Kury

Years of Service 

Five Years:
Cathy Badmington
Ann Jung
Jill Vernon
Sean Kriebel

10 Years:
Amy Digges
Mac Kennedy
Donald Obrecht
Adam Osborn
David Sugar
Derrick Thomas

15 Years:
Debi Krulak
Annemarie Merow
Diane Rodriguez
Ritchie Schell
Darrin Tucker
Rich Zielaskiewicz

25 Years:
Terry Howell
Butch Maisel

50 Years:
John Bowling

Earlier in the week, we also celebrated the following upper school athletics awards:
- Woodward Cup for Effort in Three Sports:  Colin Amy
- A. Mason Lebrun Award for the Outstanding Junior Athlete:  Greg Ey & Koby Russell
- C. Markland Kelly Award for Contributions to BL Athletics:  Michael Morsberger
- Phyllis Miller Cup for the Unsung Hero:  Max Keefe
- Jack Williams Cup for Sportsmanship:  Andrew Brennan
- Coaches Cup for Teamwork and Leadership:  Logan Wisnauskas & Andrew Murrow
- Leo McCormick Award for Loyalty and Dedication to BL Athletics:  Jimmy Currie

The Baltimore Sun "Boys' Latin baseball enjoys view from top of MIAA B Conference"

This morning, The Baltimore Sun included a story by Nelson Coffin, "Boys' Latin baseball enjoys view from top of MIAA B Conference." Below is an excerpt, and click here for the full article.

"Boys' Latin coach Bill Greenwell has fond memories of competing against the one opponent that has stood between his squad and a Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference title the past couple of years.

"Without St. Mary's, who moved up to the A Conference this spring after claiming back-to-back titles in 2014 and 2015, the Lakers are three games ahead of second-place Annapolis Area Christian School in the chase for the top seed in the upcoming B Conference playoffs.

"'I actually miss St. Mary's,' said Greenwell without a hint or irony. 'They are a really good club. I miss the competition between us.'

"Perhaps it's because no conference rival has been able to slow down Boys' Latin's inexorable run to the top of the standings, other than a blip-on-the-radar 7-2 loss to Severn in mid-April."

Varsity Lacrosse Update

From Director of Athletics Micahel Thomas '87 --
Our Lakers have advanced as the #2 seed to the MIAA A Conference Lacrosse semi-finals on Monday, May 16th at Johns Hopkins University's Homewood Field. The start time is 7:30pm. We will play the winner of tomorrow's quarterfinal game between St. Paul's and Severn. Tickets are $10 from the School Store, online or at the gate. Note it's cash only at the gate. For additional information on parking and more, click here.

Student iPhone Photography

In the middle school, Matt Stone teaches English and a new innovation class, Digital Photography 101. "The boys learned about photo taking techniques with their iPhones, such as lighting, shadows, angle, focus, and balance and then were given a theme to shoot photos around," said Mr. Stone. Below are several of the best photos chosen for each theme this year. Nice job done by all!

Spring Sports Congratulations & Playoff Games

As we wrap up the regular seasons, we would like to celebrate the hard work and outstanding performance of our spring teams and offer our best wishes as several teams move into championship competitions. Hope you can join us for upcoming events.

- Varsity:  After a nice win 16-6 over St. Paul's yesterday, BL goes on to the MIAA A Conference Playoffs with a first-round bye. For more, click here for the story in The Baltimore Sun.
- JV:  Nice come-from-behind 9-8 win in the final seconds versus St. Paul's on Monday. 

- Varsity:  After a 3-2 win versus Calvert Hall in the MIAA Championship Quarter Finals, BL moves on to the MIAA Championship Semi-Finals at Loyola tomorrow. Match is at 3:45 pm.
- JV: Last regular season match POSTPONED TO TOMORROW vs Gilman at 3:45pm (home) 

- Varsity: Nice win 11-7 over Pallotti yesterday to earn a seed in the playoffs. The last regular season game versus Severn is POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER.
- JV:  Yesterday, BL fell to Spalding 8-11 and did not have to play a double-header as Friends forfeited.

- Varsity: Finished their regular season with 12-9 win versus Severn yesterday.


Boys’ Latin Student Honors Judy Davanzo and CaringOn with Fundraiser

Yesterday, a letter by BL sophomore Tucker Booth was published on the CaringOn website. Tucker writes in memory of Judy Davanzo, Founder of CaringOn and a friend of the Booth family. Mrs. Davanzo passed away in April.  For 

Dear Mrs. Kappelman, 

My name is Tucker Booth. I am a sophomore at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. My family has been friends with the Davanzo’s for many years. Reese and I have grown up together as neighbors and classmates. To this day, I am very close with Reese and our friendship is very important to me.

Mrs. Judy was a huge inspiration. Her energy was amazing and never failed to put a smile on my face. Her ability to show care and love for others inspired me to do the same. After hearing the news of her passing, I wanted to do something in her honor. So many people cared for Mrs. Judy as shown by the numbers at her funeral. About a month ago, I designed pink stickers that have “Caring On” printed on them in white with “JD”, Judy’s initials, underneath. They are the perfect size for athletic helmets as well as computers, cars etc. I originally ordered 200 but soon came to realize I needed to order many more. I am honored to donate 100% of the sticker sales to Caring On in memory of Mrs. Judy. So far, I have raised $1,400 dollars. That amount will increase as I have many more to sell. Many schools in the Baltimore area have participated, including my school’s lacrosse team as seen in the photos attached. Is it possible for us to set a time where I can hand deliver the donation check to you? Please let me know if that works with your schedule. Thank you much.

Poetry with Peers

April was national poetry month, and BL students shared poems in class and on "Poem in Your Pocket Day." Below is an original poem by one of our seniors who shared this with his upper school classmates and faculty during lunch. Although we are delayed in posting this, we thought you would enjoy it nonetheless.

by Shaumar Wilson

Let's talk numbers
Starting with 1844
It was 2012
High hopes and goals were set
Tradition and many positions needed to fill
I put on that Kanye kilt and built
That resume
By the 10s / 20s
But why lie cry or die
For Esse Quam Videri
Is becoming more than
what it seems
It was once a movement
But now it's said with no meanin’
Why fake the funk if you reek of it
Either fake til you make it
Or be it
At least then you
Know your conscious isn't on the line
We talk brotherhood and prosperity
But I see in between these lines
Lies that lay within the lines
So next time you say
Esse Quam Videri
Think of it as your spine on the line
So instead of talking you
Live it

Celebrating Homecoming 2016

Alumni, parents, past parents, faculty, staff and friends came together to celebrate Homecoming 2016.  Events kicked off on Friday with the Alumni Luncheon and awards ceremony.  We are proud to recognize the following 2016 honorees with the following awards:
- Distinguished Alumni:  Hugh Gelston ’56, Stephen Wright '69 and Phil Federico '75
- Honorary Alumni:  Gregory S. Horning, Walker S. Mygatt and Oliver S. “Ollie” Travers
- Hodges Loyalty Cup recipient:  Todd Guntner '72
- Kerns “Clearly Evident” Award recipient:  Kate Berger
- Raleigh Brent ’44 Award:  Kathy Gray

The Friday afternoon homecoming varsity lacrosse game was wet but a nice win over Gilman 16-8, which gives the Lakers a record of 7-1 in the MIAA and 12-3 on the season so far. Over the weekend, there were special celebrations for specific reunion classes, including the 50th reunion of the 1966 championship lacrosse team. 

On Saturday evening, over 400 Boys’ Latin alumni and friends gathered at Vane Brothers (workplace of Duff Hughes '76 located on the harbor in Baltimore) for cocktails and dinner. Mac Kennedy, Director of Alumni Relations said, "Scores of BL family members cruised the harbor in the tug Elizabeth Anne (pictured above) – named after Betsy Hughes. The Alumni Development Office thanks Betsy, Kat, and Duff Hughes ’76 Hughes for an evening no one will forget. Thanks also to John Pierson ’76 who acted as Master of Ceremonies and to Hal Hathaway ’66 for his reflections." 

FREE Lacrosse Clinics - May 24, 2016

Lacrosse clinics
Boys grades 4-7
Tuesday, May 24 6:00-7:30 PM
Click here to register 
Please note that we are also offering baseball clinics that day, but they are already full.

Mask Art Installation

From Amy Digges, Upper School Art Teacher --
During the 2016 BL One Laker | One Love Day, the school-wide focus was centered on the misrepresentation of masculinity in our society where we force boys and men to live behind a mask that devalues emotions and relationships.  Using the movie "The Mask You Live In" as a catalyst for conversation, each boy was able to contemplate and visually represent what their mask looks like, what they show to the world and what they hide.  In this art installation, you are invited to take a moment, come inside, see the true emotions our boys possess and join us in the fight for real masculinity.

Homecoming Game Streaming Live

If you can't make it to campus on Friday,
you don't have to miss the Homecoming game.
Watch the game streaming live by clicking this link:
BL versus Gilman Varsity Lacrosse Friday, May 6th at 4:15pm

2016 National Honor Society Inductions

Boys’ Latin held its annual induction ceremony for new members into the Areta Chapter of the National Honor Society this week. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to "create enthusiasm for SCHOLARSHIP, to stimulate a desire to render SERVICE, to promote LEADERSHIP and to develop CHARACTER." Students are nominated for membership based on academic performance, overall contributions to the school, moral character and record of community service.

Congratulations to the new inductees on this noteworthy accomplishment.  Additional photos will be are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Upper School Honors Assembly Recognizes a Variety of Accomplishments

(Upper Left: Winners of the State Scholastic Merit Award, Seniors Ryan Shaw, Andrew Brennan, and Max Keefe with Upper School Co-Heads Charles Franklin and Brian Mitchell.  Upper Right: Winner of the Alexander K. Barton Cup Griff McShane '17 stands next to last year's recipient Michael Morsberger '16, along with Mrs. Barton and Headmaster Post.  Middle Left: Williams College Book Award winner Matthew Kleiser '17 with Director of College Counseling Cathy Badmington.  Middle Right: Winner of the Jennifer Brock Award Matt Lugat '16 with Mr. Lugat, Matt's grandfather, Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Lugat, and Headmaster Post.  Bottom: 12+ year members of the Boys' Latin family, Seniors MJ Black, Bo Dudley, David Freidman, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Bennett Kauffman, Dylan Kowalewski, Josh Lurie, Brendan Mullally, Senior Grade Dean Beau Dagenais, Mark Gray, Thomas Murphy, Ryan Shaw, and Noah Snyder)

The upper school community gathered in the Gelston Athletic Center on Thursday morning to celebrate a myriad of student accomplishments at our year-end Honors Assembly.  The awards, which ranged from academic to extra-curricular to community service oriented, were handed out to students in grades 9-12.  With AP Exams beginning next week and Senior Farewell on the horizon, this week marks the last opportunity for our entire community to come together to celebrate the talent, dedication, and accomplishments of our diverse student body.  Each of the boys recognized on Thursday morning have put in a tremendous amount of work and we are so proud of what they've contributed to the Boys' Latin community.  

Reminder -- Walk with the BL Team on Sunday to Help Cure CF

Click here to sign up for the BL Team.
Click the image below for additional information

Our Own Katie Oppenheim is the Principal Cellist in the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra

Many of you know Katie Oppenheim as BL's College Counseling Coordinator, but did you also know that she will be sitting principle cello at the upcoming Hopkins Symphony Orchestra's final concert of the season? This means Katie will be the section leader for all the cellos and sit closest to the conductor. 

We have been treated to a sampling of Katie's talent in informal lunch concerts.  Now, you all can hear her in a full concert on Saturday, April 30th at 8pm.  Click here for more information and tickets.

The Hopkins Symphony Orchestra showcases primarily large-scale symphonic works and concertos featuring established soloists local to Baltimore/DC. Katie said, "(The concert) is a fabulous program... by enthusiastic musicians who are brilliant in other fields (neuroscience, engineering, biomedical art, coordinating AP tests) who meet to make music just for the joy of playing together. It's a different energy and if you choose to come hear us I think you'll find it fun and refreshing!"

Katie is not the only talented cellist in our community.  Upper School English Teacher Alex Barron  is also involved with the Hopkins Orchestras in a different ensemble, the Hopkins Concert Orchestra.  BL is so proud of the varied talents in our faculty!

Reflecting on One Laker | One Love Day

Experts from a letter shared with permission from Dr. Rosemary Nicolosi (BL parent and Staff Psychologist at Johns Hopkins Counseling Center)--
I must especially acknowledge your effort championing One Laker | One Love Day. In my job as a psychologist at the Hopkins Counseling Center, I speak with our male students, many who were not given these institutional messages early in their academic career. I work with 20 and 30-year-old men who sit in my office and are emoting openly for maybe their first time.

When I learned about the One Love program, I discussed it with the psychologist at Hopkins who works with survivors of sexual assault. She was overwhelmed by the program and explained to me how unique it was, particularly that even the youngest boys were included in the discussions. I am sure you know the sad statistics about sexual abuse on college campuses. I applaud your efforts. Your work is so necessary and valuable. 

Thank you again and to all who have brought forward this program. It makes me very proud to be a mother of a Laker. I trust that BL's influence on (my son) will help him to grow as an emotional and loving man.

Maroon & White Day 2016

Friday was the first of our three divisional Maroon & White Day competitions for the year. We were grateful that the rain held off for the day of friendly competitions between the upper school maroon versus white teams. All enjoyed a cookout lunch, thanks to the Parents' Association, and laughs during dizzy bat, jousting, flag football, egg toss and more.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Join the BL Team for CF Research

From Adam Osborn, History Department Chair -- Once again Boys' Latin is putting together a team to walk to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research. We've been a leader in the Baltimore community based on our fundraising efforts and participation over the last sixteen years. In that time, we've raised over $200,000!

On Sunday, May 1 (registration begins at 9am), we will once again gather at the Hunt Valley Towne Center to participate in the Walk and show our support for those members of our community, and their families, that are persevering through this condition.

Please consider joining our team to help us raise funds and demonstrate support for Cystic Fibrosis research! It's simple, just follow the link:

Thank you again for your time and your continued support for this important cause!

Spring 2016 Upper School Concert

Following the Spring All-School Art Show, we were treated to the music of the upper school 2016 Spring Concert on Thursday night. Congratulations to all of the members of the Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Workshop, Chorus and Advanced Hand Chimes groups for outstanding performances.  All of this is possible due to the creativity and talent of music teachers, Kathy Anderson and Matt Pisarcik.  

This video is one of many available on BL's YouTube channel (blmd822). Photos will be available shortly on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Bravo for the Spring 2016 All-School Art Show

It was a wonderful show last night, Thursday, April 21st!  Talented artists in all grades displayed their works in the Smith Hall Arts & Technology Center for the public and entire BL community and public to see. These photos show a few samples, and additional photos will be available shortly in SmugMug with a community login. If you did not get a chance to go to the show, the art will remain on display in Smith Hall over the next few months.

Our visiting gallery featured art from Make Studio, a non-profit "community-based arts organization located in Baltimore. Founded in 2010 with the mission of providing multi-modal arts programming to individuals with disabilities, Make Studio aims to put art and abilities to work throughout Baltimore and beyond to create more inclusive communities for all.

Congratulations to our students and art teachers for an outstanding show.  Special thanks to art teachers Mr. Baine, Mrs. Cardarelli, Mrs. Digges and Miss Sarah Molling for all of their hard work that made this a success!

Homecoming 2016

Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2016 on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7. Join us:

Alumni luncheon at 12:00 and awards ceremony.  We are proud to announce the following 2016 honorees who will be celebrated with awards:
- Distinguished Alumni:  Hugh Gelston ’56, Stephen Wright '69 and Phil Federico '75
- Honorary Alumni:  Gregory S. Horning, Walker S. Mygatt and Oliver S. “Ollie” Travers
- Hodges Loyalty Cup recipient:  Todd Guntner '72
- Kerns “Clearly Evident” Award recipient:  Kate Berger
- Raleigh Brent ’44 Award:  Kathy Gray

Varsity baseball at 2pm and the varsity lacrosse at 4pm will have games here on campus. To register for the luncheon on Friday, contact

On the evening of Saturday, May 7 at 7:00pm, ALL Boys’ Latin Alumni and friends are invited to Vane Brothers (workplace of Duff Hughes '76 located on the harbor in Baltimore) for cocktails and dinner. Later we will take tugboat rides into the harbor, honor the reunion classes, along with the 50th reunion of the 1966 championship lacrosse team. It will be a night to remember!   The cost is $50 per person ($40 for the classes 2005-2012.)  To purchase your reservation for Saturday night go to

Book Drive - through April 30

It's time for the lower school's annual book drive in support of the Maryland Book Bank's Books for Kids Day. The Book Bank distributes donated books to schools and children who need them. The Lower School Book Drive will run from now through April 30. You may gather up those gently used books on your bookshelves and/or purchase new ones and send them in to your sons' homeroom. Just think, this is another way to celebrate Earth Day, and to accomplish some spring cleaning!

BL Night with the O's

The Boys' Latin Alumni Association (AA) and the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association (PA) once again will host a night at Oriole Park. The game will take place on Wednesday, May 18 against the Seattle Mariners. Upper reserve tickets will cost just $17 with $5 going to the AA and PA.

Mark your calendars for another great night at the ball park! Space IS LIMITED.  Buy your tickets TODAY. Please make your check out to the BL Alumni Association and send to my attention.

Mac Kennedy

BL, One Love and Pancakes 4 Parents

BL student leaders were invited to "Pancakes 4 Parents" today at Miss Shirley's to support One Love Foundation's Escalation workshop for local Baltimore parents. Students did a great job talking about their One Love Club, BL's One Laker | One Love Day and One Love Foundation's goal to raise awareness about the warning signs of relationship violence. Well done!

All-School Art Show & Upper School Concert April 21st

Spring All-School Art Show &
Upper School Concert

Thursday, April 21st

All School Art Show in Smith Hall
Visiting Guest Artist:  Make Studio

Upper School Spring Concert in the Iglehart

Max as Lower School Head for the Day


As Head of Lower School today, Max shared ideas with Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Kriebel, and he did an outstanding job running the lower school morning assembly.  Max is in the third grade and won this privilege as part of our BL annual Bull & Oyster Roast auction in the fall.

One Laker | One Love Day 2016 - Overcoming Negative Stereotypes of Masculinity

In a visual symbol of support, all 600 Boys’ Latin students gathered for a one-school aerial photograph with
our younger students in maroon shirts forming the B and our upper school students in white shirts forming the L.
Photo by Skye Cam Productions.

Joe Ehrmann shared lunch with student leaders.                                                                        What is the mask you wear?
                                                                                                                                                           More on this art project coming soon.

Building on the success of our first One Laker | One Love Day (OLOL) last spring, all 600 Boys’ Latin students came together Friday as a proud, K-12 community to carry forward their intention to “Be One for Change." The focus this year was how we can challenge and overcome negative stereotypes of masculinity and, in the process, embrace a healthier generation of boys and young men. Because BL believes that these conversations should begin early, we were committed to a message for our entire K-12 community.

Last year, the first One Laker | One Love Day event grew out of a student-led initiative in partnership with the One Love Foundation, which was created by Sharon Love, mother of Yeardley Love, who tragically lost her life to relationship violence in 2010. Students in the upper school created the One Love Club to share lessons on raising awareness about healthy relationships and the warning signs of relationship violence. The day was a huge success with meaningful discussions among all ages.

To build on the momentum from last year’s schoolwide event, BL created our second OLOL Day with developmentally appropriate activities, lessons, and speakers for students in each school age group. School Counselor and club advisor Megan Kenney said, OLOL Day “is a special day for our community.  We have created an atmosphere and climate for our boys to begin having conversations with one another about being their true selves. This day was a collective effort of both student leaders, club members, faculty and administration.”

In the lower school, activities focused on representations and stereotypes of boys and men. In the middle school, the focus was self-awareness, relationships, and self-expression. Upper school students viewed the impactful film, The Mask You Live In, a documentary following boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. In follow-up, Joe Ehrmann presented to the entire upper school and met with small groups of coaches and school administration to share deeper lessons. 

Joe Ehrmann is a former NFL player, educator, minister, coach, author, national speaker and co-founder of Coach for America which is shifting the win-at-all-cost view of sports in America to transformational coaching. To learn more about Joe, click on the following links:

- watch the trailer for The Make You Live In by The Representation Project
- watch Joe Ehrmann’s “Be a Man” TEDx Talk
- read Season of Life by Pulitzer Prize- winning journalist Jeffrey Marx
- read InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives by Joe Ehrmann

Boys’ Latin inspires our boys to be authentic men who seek true excellence in all that they do at school, at home, and in their lives beyond Lake Avenue. We are pleased and proud to have offered a special day that had a positive impact on the boys and all of us. We thank many leaders for their time, creativity and passion which made this an incredible event and the Parents’ Association for their generous support.

Pepe's Night - TUESDAY- Support Prom

BL & Yards for Yeardley in the News


Did you see WBFF Fox45 on campus Thursday or in the 4:00, 5:00 and 10:00pm news?  Click the image above if you missed the story of BL seventh and eighth-grade lacrosse teams which are the first and only all-boys, middle school lacrosse teams in Maryland to be running 1 million yards in 30 days as part of in One Love Foundation's Yards for Yeardley. Carolyn Smith, BL middle school intern and assistant sixth-grade basketball coach, launched this Y4Y effort at BL with the help of Caroline Seats, a co-founder of Y4Y, a former UVA lacrosse player. The BL teams wore One Love socks to honor Yeardley Love in their games on Thursday and were interviewed for the news segment.  Well done boys.

Max Keefe as WMAR ABC2 News Student-Athlete of the Week

Click the image below to watch video of the news story.


FREE Baseball & Lacrosse Clinics - May 24, 2016

click here to register

Wes Moore Presented with B.E.S.T. on Campus

Last Saturday, Wes Moore spent the morning with Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (B.E.S.T.) upper school students at Boys' Latin School, sharing his story, insights, and advice. Wes Moore is the nationally acclaimed author of The Other Wes Moore and The Work, and he is the Founder and CEO of BridgeEdU. His mission is to help young people succeed and make the right choices through education and awareness alongside the support of their parents, teachers, and mentors.  For more on the story from B.E.S.T. and additional photos, click here.

Tune In to WMAR ABC2 News - Max Keefe as Student-Athlete of the Week


Boys' Latin senior Max Keefe was selected to be WMAR's ABC2 News Student Athlete of the Week! His story and interview will air this Thursday, March 14th between 5:30-6:00pm. If you miss it, check back here later for a link to the video.  Congratulations to Max for all of his work in the classroom, on the football field and in baseball!

Coach Brian Farrell in the News

The Baltimore Sun featured two stories in two days about Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Brian Farrell.  Click the headlines below to read the stories:
Alumni go ‘back to their roots' to lead where they once played, by Glen Graham - 4/12/16
Farrell settling in as new Boys' Latin lacrosse coachby Tom Worgo - 4/11/16

Upper School Art Surprises with Human Forms

Have you seen human figures around campus in surprising ways? Many teachers have been ready to catch one fellow who looks like he is about to fall from the stairs. Not to worry. These are creations by upper school students in Ms. Digges class.  Ms. Digges shared the following:

My Studio II classes just completed a unit on the Human Figure and Form, and this was a fun way to complete the study of the figure as well as to create interesting sculptures that interact with the environment. We took a look at the artwork of Mark Jenkins to examine how placing sculptures in the environment in an unexpected way can elicit emotions in the viewer such as fear, concern, agitation, surprise, laughter, and joy. These sculptures do what much of conceptual art does:  They are provocative, draw on the viewers own experiences to interpret them and can not be ignored. 

First, the students brainstormed ideas for their figure's pose, action, and placement in the environment. Then, they created full-body casts from their own form by wrapping themselves in saran wrap and then secondarily in packing tape. They cut the cast off with scissors and taped the seams back together. Last, they stuffed them with newspapers to make them more solid, dressed them and placed them securely in the environment. 

Look for more figures to be found on campus coming soon. Well done Ms. Digges and students!

Five BL Players in President’s Cup Baseball -- April 16

Five students from Boys' Latin will join baseball players from public and private schools throughout Baltimore City for a high school showcase game at Camden Yards as part of the 2016 President’s Cup. We congratulate our players: Sam Bowen, Justin Ward, Justin Smith, Max Keefe and Josh Lisberger.

All in the community are invited to watch the President's Cup game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Saturday, April 16th at 1:00pm. The event, created by Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young, allows students from diverse backgrounds greater opportunity to interact with each other and form lasting and meaningful relationships. The President’s Cup is an initiative under the City Council's ongoing P.L.A.Y. (Productive Lives, Active Youth) campaign, which provides Baltimore’s youth with a wide range of opportunities to strengthen their self-confidence, develop leadership skills, learn from positive role models, and be rewarded athletically for their academic achievements. P.L.A.Y. encourages Baltimore youth to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. 

The game is free and open to the public, and free parking is available in Lot A. Fans should enter the ballpark through the Home Plate Plaza entrance. Fans can bring food into the ballpark, but hard-sided coolers, thermoses, glass bottles, cans, or alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles will be permitted into the park. All items will be checked at the gate, and any beverage which has been opened or partially consumed prior to entry is subject to confiscation if it is thought to contain alcohol. In addition, no plastic or paper cups containing beverages will be permitted into the park. Concession stands and restrooms will be open in the concourse behind home plate only. Participating Teams include:

East Side Team: 
Archbishop Curley High School, Baltimore City College (City), Carver Vocational-Technical High School, Digital Harbor High School, Friends School of Baltimore, Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology, Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, National Academy Foundation School, and Reginald F. Lewis High School

West Side Team:
Academy for College and Career Exploration, Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy, Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, Frederick Douglass, The Gilman School, Knowledge & Success Academy, Mount Saint Joseph High School, and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly)

15 Students Performed in the Maryland State Boychoir Spring Concert

On Sunday, fifteen Boys' Latin students performed as members of the Maryland State Boychoir in their annual spring concert in Baltimore. For the first time in MSB history, the Resident Training Choir performed in the spring concert.  In addition to her role as lower school music teacher, Elizabeth Wilson also teaches music theory at MSB and was proud to share a video "snippet' (click on photo at left) of seven BL lower school students as new members in the Resident Training Choir.  Ms. Wilson noted, "The directors were so proud of the progress the training choir made in eight weeks since being accepted that they decided to feature them in the program." BL MSB members range from the first to eighth grade. We congratulate all 15 BL students for their accomplishments and efforts in MSB this year.

Want to catch a concert?  On May 1st, our students and Ms. Wilson will be performing in the eighth annual Healing Power of Music benefit with the Maryland State Boychoir and the Healing Power of Music Chorus. There is a pre-concert reception, silent auction, wine pull, and flower sale at 3:00pm followed by the concert at 4:00pm. All proceeds benefit Shepherd's Clinic and its Joy Wellness Center and The Maryland State Boychoir. 

Service in the Community

Over the weekend, a group of Boys' Latin upper school students volunteered to assist at Hopewell Cancer Support's Reach Out and Run event, a 5K at nearby Goucher College. Throughout the event, Lakers were positioned around the course directing and cheering on participants, announcing split times as the runners passed, and doing their best to ensure everyone had fun. There were also familiar BL faces in the crowd passed, as Annemarie Merow (Director of Academic Technology) and Trish Fallon (Chief Financial Officier) were participating in the event. Many thanks to Mac McDonald (History Teacher and Community Service Coordinator) and Jennifer Streeter (Accounting Manager) who organized the Boys' Latin group and are in the photo above (right top and bottom rows).

Robotics Competes in District Championships

The Lumberjack Robotics Team is competing in the FIRST Chesapeake District Championships at The University of Maryland, College Park from Thursday through Saturday. The Saturday match schedule is listed below, and you can watch our Lumberjack team #2534 compete live by clicking here

Match Schedule
Match #/ Time/ alliance 

95/ 9:00/ red
100/ 9:38/ blue
112/11:05/ red

Go Lumberjacks!

Photographing the World Around Us

On Wednesday, internationally reknowned photojournalist Richard Sobol fascinated  lower school students and faculty alike with his astounding photos and stories of his travels throughout the world. From a city of monkeys in Thailand to harp seals off the coast of Canada to African elephants and tigers, Mr. Sobol has photographed it all. As part of his current process of creating two new books, he showed two versions of one of the books to the boys and asked their advice as to which he should publish. The author of numerous books, Mr. Sobol signed copies for boys who had pre-ordered them. As Mrs. Arnold said in her weekly letter, we are so lucky to have Mrs. Floccare and are grateful to her for arranging these wonderful visits!

Five Sophomores Recognized in National Essay Contest

In December, students in sophomore Honors English classes were asked to submit essays to Letters About Literature, a national contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. Each year, tens of thousands of students across the country submit essays written in the form of a letter to an author whose work has profoundly influenced their life.

Judges select a winner from each state, and from these fifty winners, a national champion.This year's thirty nominees in the state of Maryland, at the high school level, include five BL sophomores: Will Krulak, Basil Aburn, Matt Brandau, Paul Agbaje and Cole Jarrett.

Congratulations to the nominees!

First Middle School Teams in Yards for Yeardley

Boys’ Latin is the first and only middle school boys’ team in Maryland
participating in Yards for Yeardley noted Co-Founder Caroline Seats.

Boys’ Latin seventh and eighth-grade lacrosse teams are the first and only all-boys, middle school lacrosse teams in Maryland to be running 1 million yards in 30 days as part of in One Love Foundation's Yards for Yeardley. Carolyn Smith, BL Middle School Intern and Assistant Sixth-grade Basketball Coach, has launched this Y4Y effort at BL with the help of Caroline Seats, a co-founder of Y4Y, a former UVA lacrosse player and Carolyn's former classmate and teammate when they were at Roland Park Country School. Leading into BL's second annual One Laker | One Love Day on April 15th, Seats will be speaking to our seventh and eighth-grade lacrosse players on the importance of the Yards for Yeardley and One Love Foundation, which was created by Sharon Love, mother of Yeardley Love, who tragically lost her life to relationship violence in 2010. 

Join us April 14th when both seventh and eighth-grade lacrosse teams play at home wearing One Love socks to honor Yeardley Love. Seventh-grade plays Cathedral at 3:45pm and eighth-grade plays Severn at 4:45pm.  One Love Foundation works with young people across the country to raise awareness about healthy relationships and the warning signs of relationship violence.

In Support of One Love Foundation

Boys' Latin Family Golf Outing

The Boys' Latin Golf Outing is scheduled for Friday, April 29th at the Elkridge Golf Course – just blocks from BL on North Charles Street. Once again the event will start in the morning, and after golf lunch will be served. Price per golfer will remain the same as last year: $160 per player and $640 per foursome. Contact Mac Kennedy to participate (

We are also hoping that members of the BL family will consider helping the tournament by sponsoring a hole. The cost is $175 per hole sponsor. Please make checks out to the BL Alumni Association along with the names of your foursome.

Mark your calendars and spread the word. The golf outing is open to everyone in the BL family!

BL Students Featured in 2016 Annual Roland Park Traveling Art Show

This week through April 7th, the Annual Roland Park Traveling Art Show is on display at Boys' Latin in Smith Hall. As part of AIMS Fine Arts Festival, student artwork is on display in participating schools which include Boys’ Latin, Calvert, Bryn Mawr, Roland Park Country Day, St. Paul's, Friends and Gilman. Events culminate in a Fine Arts Festival, April 7 at Boys' Latin. We congratulate the following BL artists in Miss Molling's class who have their work featured in this local show:  Luke F. (8th grade), Jared A. (8th), Jake N. (8th), Aidan S. (7th), Josh B. (7th), Jake M. (8th), Michael M. (6th), Paul O. (7th), Jake L. (8th), and Emre Y. (8th).


Click here to see the story in Baltimore Fishbowl on April 1st -- 
One Laker/One Love: Boys’ Latin Devotes Day to Breaking Down Stereotypes

Dear Boys' Latin Families,

Welcome back from spring break. We hope you enjoyed some time to relax and enjoy time with your family. We write to share exciting news about our second annual One Laker | One Love Day. At Boys’ Latin each and every day, we work hard to implement and teach our core values of courage, compassion, and integrity. Building on the success of our first One Laker | One Love Day last spring, all 600 students will come together again this year as a K-12 community on April 15th to “Be One for Change." The day extends our lessons on values beyond the classroom and inspires our boys to seek true excellence in all that they do at school, at home, and in their lives beyond Lake Avenue.

Last year, this event grew out of a student-led initiative in partnership with the One Love Foundation to share lessons focused on raising awareness about healthy relationships and the warning signs of relationship violence. Because BL believes that these conversations should begin early, we were committed to a message for our entire K-12 community. Each division created developmentally appropriate activities and discussions around this important topic. The day was a huge success and provided an atmosphere for our boys to engage in meaningful discussions.

To carry the momentum from last year’s schoolwide event, we have created another meaningful day for our boys. The focus this year will be how we can challenge and overcome stereotypes, and, in the process, embrace a healthier generation of boys and young men. In each division, we have formed a committee of administration and faculty members who are responsible for the creation of developmentally appropriate activities, lessons, and speakers for their boys. We will come together as community mid-day, for a one-school photograph, and then our divisional work will have the following structure:

- Our lower school will focus on representations and stereotypes of boys and men.
- Our middle school will focus on self-awareness, relationships, and self-expression.
- Our upper school students will be viewing the film, The Mask You Live In, a documentary following boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. They will also hear from former NFL Player and Coach, Joe Ehrmann, and engage in small group discussions and activities. 

Each division will provide context around this topic prior to the event, so we best prepare the students for their activities and discussions. On the day of the event, we invite you to join us:

- To cheer on our student athletes as we host four athletic events on campus

3:30pm Middle School A Tennis
4:15pm Fresh-Soph Lacrosse vs Loyola
4:15pm Varsity Baseball vs. Pallotti
4:15pm Varsity Lacrosse vs. St. Mary’s

- To hear Joe Ehrmann’s brief remarks about the day, at the beginning of the varsity lacrosse game.

Please join us for a screening of The Mask You Live In on the morning of April 7th from 8-10am in the Alumni House, so you can continue these important conversations at home. We are thrilled to be organizing another day that we are proud of and that we know will have a positive impact on the boys. This day would not be possible without the generous support of our own Parents’ Association.

Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your boys with us every day.


Brian W. Mitchel
Upper School Co-Head
Charles M. Franklin
Upper School Co-Head
Brandon Mollett
Middle School Head
Kathy Arnold
Lower School Head
Discount Tickets -- BL vs Bullis in PNC Lacrosse Invitational -- April 1

“Excellence In Construction” Award for Student Commons Addition at Boys’ Latin

In CityBizList today – "The Mullan Contracting Company captured an “Excellence in Construction” award from the Baltimore Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), for the construction of a 7,766 square foot Student Commons building addition to The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland." - Click here for the full article.

Eagle Scout - BL Senior William Page

It is a proud milestone when a young man achieves the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout, the BSA recognizes him as a man of honor, loyalty, courage, and service – plus a cheerful demeanor.

William Page began scouting when he turned 11 years old. At the Court of Honor on February 28th, William was officially awarded the rank of Eagle Scout by Troop 497 (Texas, Maryland). That’s not all. William was also honored with the Order of the Arrow award, commonly known as the BSA’s National Honor Society for experienced campers as chosen by their peers to best exemplify the ideals of Scouting.

For his Eagle Project, William re-furbished the Horse Ring at the Maryland Agricultural Center in Baltimore County. The horse ring had not been used for many years and needed extensive repair. First, William wrote a proposal for approval to BSA Board, including his budget, material requirements, fundraising plan, and volunteer work force strategy. Then, the labor began. William organized removal of trees, brambles and weeds that covered the fencing and ring interior. He replaced rotted boards, including multiple custom cut 8-foot fence boards, and painted the livestock entrance and gate. The newly refurbished horse ring will be used by equestrians, farmers, school learning groups, garden clubs, and 4-H clubs for exhibits of livestock and farming life.

Since Scouting began in 1911, more than 110 million Americans have been a member at some point. Only about 5% of Scouts finally achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. To earn the rank, a Scout must not only be proficient in camping and wilderness skills, but progress through five preliminary ranks of Scouting, earn 21 merit badges, serve at least six months in a troop leadership position, as well as plan, develop, and manage a community service project. By definition, an Eagle Scout must achieve these many goals, but the true meaning of an Eagle Scout is defined by who a Scout becomes throughout the rest of his life. There are many famous Americans are Eagle Scouts: Astronaut Neil Armstrong (as well as 40 other Astronauts), TV host Mike Rowe, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta, and President Gerald Ford and many more. BL has a long history of many Eagle Scouts in our community, and this year we also congratulate Ben Starkey. Click here to see the earlier story on Ben.

Photo note:  badges earned (left) and other recognition documentation (right) received from:
- The Governor’s Citation – from Governor Larry Hogan, The Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State
- Resolutions from The Senate of Maryland ,The House of Delegates, and The Baltimore County Council
- A Congressional Achievement Award from Congressman Cummings - Baltimore County Executive Citation from Kevin Kamenetz
- Congratulatory letters from Senator Mikulski, Archdiocese of Baltimore ,Dulaney District BSA, and Baltimore Council BSA
- An American flag with certification that it had been flown over the Capital building in Washington DC
- The Good Citizenship Award - from The U.S. Marine Corps League

New Board of Visitors

From the Alumni/Development Office --
Last week, the Alumni/Development Office hosted its first gathering of the Board of Visitors. The Board’s focus will be to meet once a year and become more enlightened advocates of the school, helping in BL’s admissions and philanthropic endeavors by spreading the “good news” about what’s going on here on Lake Avenue beyond Baltimore. Membership currently includes members of the BL community from metro DC, Annapolis, Baltimore, New Jersey, Florida, and New York. The goal is to increase the Board’s membership to include more different areas of the country.

Pictured above (l-r): Mark Dorney ’74, Matt field ’02, Ryan Smith ’91, Jeff Glibert ’68, Gary Blibaum ’88, Elliot Steelman ’95, Tom Peace ’65, Leon Pinkett ’85, Charlie Stieff ’74, Bob Carter ’64, Keith Scroggins ’73, and Bill Gilroy ’64.

Lumberjack Robotics - Victorious Again!

Dear Lumberjack fans near and far,

Our "Second Manassas" battle proved even more successful than last week's "First Manassas" battle. The skinny:   We won the War!

Despite being ranked as low as 26th of 34 teams due to various electrical system component failures, we persevered through what seemed like insurmountable obstacles and setbacks to win battle after battle. We ended the qualification matches ranked 22nd but were selected by the #5 ranked Alliance captain due to our unique hanging capability and solid obstacle destruction. Competing with fellow Alliance 5 partners, Team 346 "The Robohawks" from Chesterfield, VA and Team 1086 "Blue Cheese" from Glen Allen, VA we defeated the number 4 seed in back to back matches in the quarter finals, and despite a communications failure in match 1, which put us in a 2 robot vs. 3 robot match up! We then defeated the number 1 seed in the semi finals, deploying an all new strategy to play defense due to an alliance partner losing its ball shooter to a mangled gear. We moved on to the finals to defeat the number 6 seed in back to back matches. As in First Manassas, we were the first robot to hang in competition and in fact, the ONLY robot to hang successfully at this event. We did this successfully 5 of 6 matches in the playoffs.

To cap it all off, we were awarded the Creativity Award for our uniquely engineered hanging mechanism, which truly set us apart and was the clinching factor in our success in the playoff matches. We now advance to the District Championship at U of MD College Park on April 7-9. This level of success was made possible through the relentless effort and will to succeed of each and every member of the Lumberjack robotics team, students and coaches alike. Their individual and collective passion and commitment to excellence -True Excellence - goes without saying. They checked their egos at the door and contributed each day - and many nights - to develop a winning strategy, robot, and team. Their talent, dedication and enthusiasm for robotics are unsurpassed.

Congratulations to mentors/coaches Jeff Ring, Kevin Mull, Greg Bennett, Kevin Atkinson, Dan Trupia, Nick Aucoin, Derrick Thomas and Ben Greenhouse. Their collective insight and talent is truly awe inspiring. Congratulations to Captain Logan Atkinson for his vision and leadership, to our stellar drive team Ryan Trupia, Josiah Bedford and Matthew Post for their tenacity on the field, to our pit crew/programming Noah Vilceus, Trey Burrell, Wayne Garrus, and Cole Jarrett for their steady repair efforts and for wooing the judges, to our "CIA" Chief, scouting lead Alex Young for his stealthy data analysis and app design, and to scouting team 1 (Ryan Brisbane, Sean Lezcano, Liam Larney, Walker Campbell, Mason Figler and Myles Davis) and scouting team 2 (Chris Yan, Grant Iodice, Harry Purdue, Brett Freidman, Deven Smith and Xavier Hall).

Thanks to parents and faculty for your help, support and understanding with late hours and absence from classes, respectively. Looking forward to being back on campus this week! Go Lumberjacks!

Take care,
Anne Kellerman
Director of Techhology & Head Varsity Robotics Coach

Art Show at Sofi's Crepes in Belvedere Square

Yesterday evening, March 8th, the Boys' Latin art department hosted a middle school art show at Sofi's Crepes in Belvedere Square. The show featured selections from 37 students "who display passion, drive, and a talent for the visual arts," said event organizer and middle school art teacher, Sarah Molling. These sixth, seventh, and eighth grade artists were excited to have their work displayed in the community, and it meant so much to them to see many BL families, faculty and staff at the show.

In addition to our students' talents, crepes were enjoyed by all. Sofi's Crepes generously donated a portion of the sales to a local nonprofit organization called UnCUFFED, which works with youth who are charged as adults in the criminal justice system. Beyond teaching at Boys' Latin, Sarah Molling also volunteers with UnCUFFED as a mentor to teenage girls and an art teacher to the teenage boys. Sarah said UnCUFFED "works with youth who are charged as adults in the criminal justice system. They work with detention facilities, businesses, and parents to help youth that are being held in adult facilities transition to the next stage of life. By spending time with these youth and building enduring relationships, UnCUFFED seeks the privilege to guide their perspective, show them love, and prepare them with skills for an uncertain future. Their goal is to help youth mature, show the community how to help, and work to reduce repeat offenders. "

Many thanks to Sarah Molling for organizing this event and her work with UnCUFFED, and thank you to all who attended and made this evening special for our students. The art will remain on display for one week.

Cal Ripkin, "The Closer" and Lakers

Two Boys' Latin lower school brothers, Lee and Henry, met Cal Ripken last night at the Pratt Library downtown. The Iron Man talked to many young baseball fans and signed copies of his latest children’s book, The Closer.  The boys' mom said "Lee was in heaven as he was surrounded by two of his favorite things: books and baseball. The boys were so excited that they had the opportunity to meet a baseball hero. ...I was very proud of them."  Thanks boys for representing Boys' Latin very well.

For more on the event at the Central Library in downtown Baltimore, please see below from the Enoch Pratt Free Library: 

In this family program, Cal Ripken, Jr. talks about his new book, The Closer, with Kevin Cowherd and John Maroon. In The Closer, the sixth book in Cal Ripken, Jr.'s All Stars series, Danny Connell, the Dulaney Orioles back-up pitcher, must step up to the plate and out of his brother's shadow to become the dependable closer his team needs.

Cal Ripken, Jr. was a shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles for his entire career (1981-2001). Nicknamed "The Iron Man," Ripken is most remembered for playing a record 2,632 straight games over 17 seasons, shattering the record previously held by Lou Gehrig. He was a 19-time All Star and, in 2007, he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. Ripken is CEO of Ripken Baseball, Inc. and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation.

Lower School Jumps for the American Heart Association

Thanks to the overwhelming response to this year's Jump Rope for Heart program, the lower school raised in excess of $13,700 for The American Heart Association - that's $5,000 more than goal and last year. During assembly this morning, School Nurse, Mrs. Barbara Anne Bruno, as well as Mrs. Colleen Arrowsmith and Mrs. Jamelia Ward, parent coordinators, presented the check to Mrs. Rachael Deitch for The American Heart Association.  The whole lower school celebrated Robert who raised the most funds, and the whole school laughed when Mrs. Arnold delivered on her promise to kiss Finn, the Miller's 200-pound Great Dane, because we exceeded the goal.

Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.  We want to give special thanks to Mrs. Arrowsmith, Mrs. Ward, and Mrs. Bruno for teaching us about the heart, and to Coach Rickels, Coach Kury and Coach Nicholas for teaching us how to jump and helping throughout the day.

BL Donations Feed Over 1,800 families

From Demond Baine, Middle School Deanof Students --
On behalf of the lower, middle and upper school student council groups, I want to thank Mr. Schnitzlein and Mr. Mitchell and the entire school for the energy towards our participation to help the Maryland Food Bank. Our student council groups galvanized the school to donate 2,757 pounds of food (2,450 items/cans of food this month plus $1,253 cash from our fundraiser in December). These donations feed 1,838 families. WOW!

Photos below show student council members collecting bags at carpool, checking expiration dates, loading items into boxes and loading a BL bus with the food donations. It was exciting to drive the loaded bus to MFB last Tuesday for delivery.

We are thankful for the generosity of the enitre BL family!

Scenes from Lake Avenue - Is This the Last of Winter?

Click here to see more photos on SmugMug.

Robotics Season is Off & Running

The Boys' Latin Lumberjack Robotics Team (#2534) is heading out today for the first of two weekend competitions in March where they take on fellow FRC teams in this year's FIRST Stronghold district competitions, at Batttlefield High School in Haymarket, VA (March 4-6) and Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, VA (March 11-13). This weekend, you can follow the team live starting at 8am Saturday by clicking this link.

MS Student Art Show to Benefit Charity at Sofi's Crepes in Belvedere

Mark your calendar! On the evening of Tuesday, March 8th between the hours of 5pm -7pm, the art department is hosting a middle school art show at Sofi's Crepes in Belvedere Square. The show will feature selected middle school students who display passion, drive, and a talent for the visual arts. I hope to see you all there to help support our students and the arts!

In addition to our students' talents, crepes and refreshments will be sold! 15% of the sales Tuesday evening will be generously donated to a local nonprofit organization called UnCUFFED, which works with youth who are charged as adults in the criminal justice system. UnCUFFED works with detention facilities, businesses, and parents to help youth that are being held in adult facilities transition to the next stage of life. By spending time with these youth and building enduring relationships, UnCUFFED seeks the privilege to guide their perspective, show them love, and prepare them with skills for an uncertain future. Their goal is to help youth mature, show the community how to help, and work to reduce repeat offenders. I have had the privilege of volunteering with this nonprofit for a couple of years now as a mentor to teenage girls and an art teacher to the teenage boys.

Box Office Opens Thursday, March 9th

From the Theatre Arts Desk...........

Tickets! Grab Your Tickets!
Come One! Come All!

Spring Play
Directed by BL junior Andrew Haynes

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spikewritten by Christopher Durang

"Utterly refreshing......a sweet, witty play with a huge pop culture appetite.....
Durang's genius is the ability to write highbrow and low at the same time." --Associated Press

- Production dates are: March 15th (senior night) - March 17th, 7 pm in the Sheridan Studio.
- Tickets will be sold in the Student Commons during lunch - $6.00 for students & $8.00 for adults.
- Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.  The theater does not take email reservations.

Vanya...............Will Krulak
Sonia ........Larissa Hawkins
Masha.........Maddie Tindall
Spike.......Grant Adams<
Casper...........Carson Rehfield
Nina........Katie Downing

Nominated for six Tony Awards and winner of the Tony for Best Play, as well as the Outer Circle Critics Award for Best Play, the Drama League Award for Best Production of a Play, the Drama Desk Award for Best Play, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Production and the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Play.  From The New York Times Book Review, "Vanya and adopted sister, Sonia, live a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha returns unannounced with her twentysomething boyfriend, Spike. A weekend of rivalry, regret and raucousness begins!"

Playwright, Christopher Durang has been recipient of Guggenheim and Rockefeller Fellowships, the Madge Evans and Sidney Kingsley Award, the Harvard Arts Medal and the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award for a Master American Dramatist. He is an inductee to the Theater Hall of Fame. Since 1994, Marsha Norman and Durang have been the cochairs of the playwriting program at the Julliard School. He lives in Pennsylvania.

Students Join Area Schools to Support Jhpiego

From Inside Lacrosse: "Farrell Era Begins at Boys’ Latin"

This week Inside Lacrosse published an interview with BL's Head Lacrosse Coach Brian Farrell -- 

"Farrell will be stepping on right where Shriver left off; the Lakers play a brutal schedule indicative of a program that always strives to compete nationally. In their first month, Boy’s Latin will host Hill Academy (Ont.) and Landon (Md.) and travel to play Gonzaga (D.C.) and Georgetown Prep (Md.). The Lakers will also play Bullis (Md.) in the PNC Lacrosse Invitational on April 1.

“'I think one of the great things about being Boys’ Latin is that everybody would like to play us,' said Farrell. 'Right off the bat, we’re starting the spring competing and getting after it. In the first month alone, we have three top-25 preseason teams that well be competing against.'

"All these contests come before the Lakers usual slate of conference rivals in the MIAA ‘A’, which, as recent years would indicate, seems always full of surprises. Boys’ Latin entered the IL mid-Atlantic regional expert’s poll at no.10 and the third highest MIAA squad on the list."

For the full article, click here.

Communicating with Credibility

Every spring, members of the BL Diversity Club host discussion groups with their younger peers. In order to prepare for this experience, our future peer educators engaged in a fantastic Dale Carnegie Training workshop titled "Communicate with Credibility." The 20 student participants practiced the behaviors and body language that will allow them to be effective leaders. Many thanks go to the Dale Carnegie insturctors for their generosity and wonderful training! Click the image below to watch a short video of the workshop.

Lower School Scenes from the 100th Day of School

To celebrate our 100th day of school today, our lower school had a special dress down day where boys dressed like they are 100 years old or decorated an outfit with 100 items.

Spotlight on Lower School Service in the Gilchrist Winter 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to 2016-17 Newly Admitted Students!

Boys' Latin was excited to host our annual admissions Welcome Breakfast this morning for newly accepted families.  The rain did not stop a crowd from filling the Smith Alumni House as new students and parents were greeted by current students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni.  Special thanks to Brian Kagen, a current parent with sons in the upper and middle schools, who spoke to families about his experience here at BL. The group also had to opportunity to enjoy brief comments from Headmaster Post that highlighted BL's commitment to excellence in education for boys, outstanding faculty, wide-ranging academics, vibrant co-curricular programs and purposeful character formation.  

We share this photo of Julian that his family shared with us along with a note saying he is "so excited" by his acceptance news. Julian's sister made the poster to tell him the news at the end of his school day. BL is so excited too.

It is a joy to meet our newest members of the BL family.

BL vs Bullis in PNC Lacrosse Invitational -- April 1

Students Travel to Puerto Rico

Kristen Tubman, World Language Chair, and seven upper school studnets traveled to Puerto Rico over the Presidents' Day weekend.  The group departed early on Saturday, February 13th and returned late on the 17th.  This was the first time that a group from BL traveled to Puerto Rico.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity and fun experience for all.  

Please enjoy the following pictures from the trip:

Photos from "The Outsiders"

Bravo to all who were a part of the middle school performance of The Outsiders.  Here is a selection of photos to show the talent and joy that filled sold-out theater performances.  BL is proud of the hard work and dedication that students invested to create an excellent production with impressive acting. Eighth-grader Jacob (in the top, right photo) played the lead role of Ponyboy and gave a powerful and emotional performance.

Many thanks to the whole cast and crew and a special round of applause to Theater Arts Director Gina Molling for her work with the boys.

Valentines for Others - Beyond Lake Avenue

From the lower school at Valentine's Day...
In the spirit of giving - beyond cookies and candy - Mrs. Starkey's pre-first class gave the intangible gift of caring for others. The boys brought in warm gloves and had a wonderful time creating Valentines for homeless children. They loved celebrating their gifts!


Winter weather meant that BL had to reschedule the blood drive planned earlier this week.  In fact, wevere winter weather since Jan. 1 has forced the cancellation of more than 300 blood drives, resulting in more than 9,500 donations uncollected, further depleting an already low winter supply. Right now, blood products are being distributed to hospitals as quickly as donations come in. The American Red Cross has an emergency need for eligible blood and platelet donors to give now to help save patients’ lives.

Boys’ Latin School
Blood Drive
Tuesday, February 25, 2016
7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Gelston Athletic Center

Please schedule your Life Saving Donation TODAY!!
Click here to make an appointment
Questions: Contact Ritchie Schell at
Use Rapid Pass to fast track your donation! 
Go to www.redcrossblood.or/rapidpass to learn more
For questions on eligibility, please call Donor Services at:  1-866-236-3276

Published by BEST for Black History Month

Since 1976 the United States has designated February as Black Hisory Month, or African-American History Month. In recognition, Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (BEST) included the following article in their recent newsletter, and Seth, a BL fifth grader, was featured.

Happy Presidents' Day!

For all in the snow and ice today, please stay safe and warm.

Tonight in the BSO's 100th anniversary celebration...

BL sixth grader, Kyle, will be playing the violin as a member of the Youth Orchestra tonight in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's 100th anniversary celebration.  The concert also features Joshua Bell, described by the BSO as "one of the most celebrated violinists of the modern era."   For more information and tickets, click here.

We congratulate Kyle and wish him well.

BL Adventurer Club with Middle Grades Partnership at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Our Middle Grades Partnership (MGP) school year program got off to a great start! Miss Vernon has put together a middle school MGP Adventurer club comprised of 20 BL boys who joined our City Springs Elementary/Middle School partners, and together we journeyed back to the year 1883 courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The boys had a thorough tour of a print shop, sewing factory, blacksmith shop and oyster cannery - the four major industries in Baltimore at that time. Most informative and engaging was when the boys were given roles of real people from that time period and worked their jobs in a simulation of a day in Mr.Platt's oyster cannery which today houses the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The boys were shuckers, runners, managers, labellers, can makers and even Mr. Platt himself!. They got a real feel for what life in the factory system was like back then and how difficult it was to get ahead financially if you were considered an unskilled worker. Most importantly, the boys forged new friendships. Through the remainder of the year, the exploration and adventures will continue, and the boys will be teamed up to do a research project on their favorite aspect of Baltimore.

We'll keep you posted as our growth journey continues. If you have any questions, or want more information on MGP, please contact site director for the program, Marcia Flaherty, (, xt 1225). 

A Round of Applause - 13 BL Members of The Maryland State Boyschoir


We are excited to announce that seven Boys' Latin lower school students have been invited to join The Maryland State Boychoir (MSB), bringing the total number of BL students to 13!   In addition to her duties as lower school music teacher, Elizabeth Wilson teaches music theory with MSB and has helped BL students prepare for recent auditions.  BL MSB members range from the second to eighth grade.  We are very proud of all of these young men and look forward to future performances.

REMINDER ** One School, One Book 2016 - Feb. 24


The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown is our One School, One Book selection for 2016. Join parents, faculty and students of all ages in reading this book, and then enjoy our evening discussion event Wednesday, February 24 at 6:30pm in the upper school library. Readers have a choice of the adult and junior versions. Both are satisfying reads.


Play4The Cure

To:                   The Boys’ Latin School &  The St. Paul’s School for Boys  Communities

From:              Director of Athletics, Boys’ Latin School - Michael Thomas & Director of Athletics, St. Paul’s School for Boys - Paul Bernstorf

On Saturday, February 6, Boys’ Latin is hosting St. Paul’s School for Boys  in Freshmen/Sophomore, JV and Varsity basketball.  The games are 3:15pm, 5:00pm and 7:00pm respectively.    

During the course of the evening, we will be supporting Play4TheCure, a nationwide initiative in schools to benefit the National Foundation for Cancer Research.  100% of the donations will go directly to Play4TheCure.

There will be a $3 admission charge for all fans and attendees.  The portals below can aid in your donations.

We hope for an enjoyable night of basketball and giving.

Thank you,

Michael Thomas & Paul Bernstorf

Help Save a Life - Give Blood

Severe winter weather since Jan. 1 has forced the cancellation of more than 300 blood drives, resulting in more than 9,500 donations uncollected, further depleting an already low winter supply. Right now, blood products are being distributed to hospitals as quickly as donations come in. The American Red Cross has an emergency need for eligible blood and platelet donors to give now to help save patients’ lives.

Boys’ Latin School
Blood Drive
Tuesday, February 16, 2016
7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Gelston Athletic Center

Please schedule your Life Saving Donation TODAY!!
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Questions: Contact Ritchie Schell at
Use Rapid Pass to fast track your donation! 
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For questions on eligibility, please call Donor Services at:  1-866-236-3276

Jack Pezzulla Named to the U.S. Men’s U19 Final Roster

This week senior Jack Pezzulla was named to the 25-player final roster for the US Lacrosse 2016 U.S. Men’s U19 Team.  Players were selected after a series of four training camps over eight months. The team will travel to the Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships in British Columbia on July 7-16.

Click here to read more from US Lacrosse.

Auditions Feb 1 & 2 for "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike"

From the Theatre Arts Desk...........

Auditions! Come One! Come All!

Spring Play!

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

"Utterly refreshing......a sweet, witty play with a huge pop culture appetite.....
Durang's genius is the ability to write highbrow and low at the same time." --Associated Press

Nominated for six Tony Awards and winner of the Tony for Best Play, as well as the Outer Circle Critics Award for Best Play, the Drama League Award for Best Production of a Play, the Drama Desk Award for Best Play, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Production and the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Play.  From The New York Times Book Review, "Vanya and adopted sister, Sonia, live a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha returns unannounced with her twentysomething boyfriend, Spike. A weekend of rivalry, regret and raucousness begins!"

Auditions for the spring play, Vanya and Sonia, and Masha and Spike, written by Christopher Durang and directed by Andrew Haynes are held:
- Monday, Feb. 1st & Tuesday, Feb. 2nd at 6:00-7:30pm in the Sheridan Studio.
- Snow days: Wednesday, Feb. 3rd & Thursday, Feb. 4th, 6:00 - 7:00pm in the Sheridan Studio
- Auditions are 'a cold read' where you do not need to stay for the entire time. 
- Needed 3 males/3 females. 
- Production dates are: March 15th (senior night) - March 17th, 7 pm in the Sheridan Studio.

Playwright, Christopher Durang has been recipient of Guggenheim and Rockefeller Fellowships, the Madge Evans and Sidney Kingsley Award, the Harvard Arts Medal and the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award for a Master American Dramatist. He is an inductee to the Theater Hall of Fame. Since 1994, Marsha Norman and Durang have been the cochairs of the playwriting program at the Julliard School. He lives in Pennsylvania.


We hope you are all safe and well. Students returned to campus today with a delayed start at 10am. Hats off to our dedicated facilities staff who worked around the clock since Friday to get campus cleared and accessible after this historic snow storm. Please enjoy these photos of campus today.

As a reminder, classes are delayed again with a 10am start tomorrow, Friday, January 29th. Your safety is our paramount concern. Parents - you are the best judge of local driving conditions. Should you wish to keep your son at home tomorrow, please do so and simply contact the divisional office to excuse his absence.

Upper School

Middle School

Lower School
Family Basketball Night

Please join us on Friday, January 29th to cheer on our varsity basketball team as they take on the Glenelg Dragons.  The game starts at 7PM, and we will be serving pizza at halftime.  We have also invited all of our applicants for grades 7-12.  If you know a boy who has applied, or if you would like to introduce a family to BL, this will be a great opportunity.

Click here for our video invitation.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Events Hosted by Boys’ Latin Middle School

More than 200 youth and their families visited the Boys’ Latin Middle School campus on Saturday, January 16, 2016 to face off in the 2015-2016 Roar of the Robots, a Maryland FIRST LEGO League regional qualifier event. The day included a Junior FIRST LEGO League (FLL Jr.) WASTE WISE Expo for younger teams and a TRASH TREK Challenge Qualifier from which qualifying teams are invited to represent the region at the Maryland FLL Championship at UMBC.  Both competitions were focused on a single goal -- explore the fascinating world of trash.  From reducing, to reusing, to recycling, and beyond, students were tasked to find out what making trash really means.

Under the direction of Annemarie Merow and Anne Kellerman, in partnership with FLL and Roar of the Robots coordinated by Rose Young, Boys Latin hosted a passionate crowd of robotics teams, coaches, parents, fans, judges and volunteers. BL Middle School students, families and faculty, as well as Upper School FRC #2534 robotics team members, faculty and staff, served as campus guides, emcee, judges, snack table helpers, logistics coordinators and much, much more. These concerted volunteer efforts helped participants and visitors feel welcomed and comfortable on the Boys’ Latin campus.


Every year, FIRST®LEGO® League Jr. works with experts in the field to create a Challenge that relates to an important real world issue, is coordinated with the theme of the FLL division, and is geared towards students who are six to nine years old. This season, Boys’ Latin Lower School joined the Jr.FLL landscape which supports over 34,500 participants from 18 countries. Through a generous grant from the Boys’ Latin School Parents’ Association, coaches Debi Krulak and Aaron Sloboda were able to purchase six FIRST LEGO League Jr. kits designed specifically for participating in the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program. Additionally, they redesigned the third grade Science and Technology curricula to develop teams to represent the lower school at the official FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo held here at Boys’ Latin on Saturday, January 16, 2016. Our third graders worked hard in their science and technology classes on the two-part 2015-2016 WASTE WISESM Challenge. The first part of the challenge is a research project culminating in a “Show Me” poster created by each team to represent both their learning about waste and work as a team. The second part is the creation of a model based on their research that includes at least one working LEGO motor. Throughout their experience, teams operate under a signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®.

Our six lower school teams, along with two other teams from the region, presented their Show Me posters and models at the official FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo held here at BL  in the Robotics Solarium.We are so proud of what our boys have accomplished over the last several months, and were excited to share their work with the BL and FIRST communities!


Each year, FIRST LEGO League (FLL) designs a challenge for more than 200,000 children, ages 9-16, from more than 80 countries; and each Challenge has three components: Core Values, Project, and Robot Game. Teams (up to 10 children each with at least one adult coach) participate in the Challenge by programming an autonomous robot to score points in a Robot Game on a themed playing field, developing a solution to a problem they have identified in their Project, all guided by the FLL Core Values.

“We toured Baltimore County recycling plant in Cockeysville to learn more about the passage of a piece of trash through Maryland’s waste management process,” explained Annemarie Merow, MS Robotics Co-Coach. “On our adventure, the Middle School robotics team voted to ‘Save the Chair’ this year!”

More specifically, following the site tour and conversations with county employees, the boys were inspired to create a marketing campaign for Baltimore County Department of Waste Management’s Reuse Directory, a 25-page document which lists locations to donate reusable items that are typically disposed in the landfill.  In addition to their Challenge  solution, they implemented a recycling program including several presentations in the Boys’ Latin Student Commons. Bright blue recycling cans and food-saving boxes are a direct result of their hard work this school year!

Led by coaches, Annemarie Merow and Julia Williams, the MS Robotics Team dove enthusiastically into the Project, Core Values and Robot Build requirements of the FLL program. They began research and programming in late summer 2015 and met during lunch and after school two days a week to fine-tune their robot design.  By January 16, 2016, they were ready to not only compete, but also host a full-day event at Boys’ Latin, featuring teams from across the state in a Junior FLL Expo for lower school students and an FLL Robotics Qualifier for youth grades 4-8 – where top teams were invited to the upcoming Maryland FLL Championship at UMBC. 

During the competition, the BL Middle School Robotics team scored high on the Project and Robot Design, but fell behind other teams in the Robot Game during table matches due to a programming glitch with their light sensor. Even though the team did not progress to UMBC for championships, its’ passion for FLL robotics and recycling proved wildly successful on BL’s campus. Merow concluded, “It is unfortunate that five months of hard work is only remembered by seven and a half minutes of board play.  The team did such a great job this season.  Their morning judged sessions were top notch and their robot design was the best at the competition.  Their recycling and reuse campaigns will live well beyond the competition.  The boys are already planning for the 2016-2017 season with determination to conquer the technical glitch and excitement at the possibilities for success.”

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Speakers Andrew Robinson, Rev. James Green and Tyrelle Johnson

In what has become one of our meaningful traditions, Boys’ Latin gathered all grades to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this morning. Jake, an eighth grader, led the assembly with eloquence and poise far beyond his years. He introduced a slide presentation with somber historical facts from the times of Dr. King, which set the tone for presenters who followed. Jake asked us all to ponder the legacy of Dr. King as well as what will become our own legacy.

Andrew Robinson, Assistant College Counselor, spoke of his summer visit to Tennessee and Mississippi. En route between Rhodes College and “Ole Miss,” he swung by the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was assassinated which is now the site of the National Civil Rights Museum. Mr. Robinson described his experience in the powerful museum exhibits and how he extended this "swing by" visit.  He was particularly struck by this memorial marker to Dr. King.  Looking at the inscription and the legacy of Dr. King through the eyes of 1968, today and the future, “we shall see what will become of his dreams” highlights victories already won and challenges yet to come.

Stephen Roche and Eric Whitehair, upper school teachers, treated us to a performance of “Blowin’ in the Wind.”  Written in 1963 by Bob Dylan, the song’s rhetorical questions of freedom, peace and injustice are a fitting link to the struggles of the civil rights movement.  Click here to see a video of the performance.

Rev. James Green is a BL parent and the Minister of Congregational Care at the New Psalmist Baptist Church. He has worked for U.S. General Services Agency, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and Catholic Charities. He shared perspective on remarkable progress in civil rights in one generation and the critical impact of caring communities.  He reflected on the warm and inclusive community here at Boys’ Latin. Rev. Green offered these words of advice to students, “No matter how high up the ladder you rise, always extend a hand down to help someone else up too.”

Ms. Tubman and four upper school students who attended the People of Color Conference shared their personal "I will" statements on striving for more equality and justice in our society.

Tyrelle Johnson, BL Class of 2011 and a junior at Bowdoin College in Maine, is establishing a non-profit to serve youth in the Belair-Edison neighborhood of east Baltimore, where he grew up. Tyrelle spoke about his personal experiences, Dr. King’s legacy and the current events of Baltimore today. He invited students to be a part of change today and asked, “What are you willing to do to move toward a more perfect union.”

Kathy Arnold, Head of Lower School, closed events by introducing a video montage including audio of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Ms. Arnold challenged us to live our Laker values of

true compassion, integrity & courage.

The whole school left the assembly singing the peaceful yet rallying message of hope for all who face inequality or injustice:

We shall overcome.
We’ll walk hand in hand.
The truth shall make us free.
We shall live in peace.

Kristen Tubman on Foreign Language in "Baltimore Style" Magazine

Boys' Latin's Foreign Language Department Chair Kristen Tubman was interviewed for an article in the February 2016 edition of Baltimore Style titled "Language Arcs: In our global culture, learning a second language is the new cool - and actually doable - academic goal to pursue." Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Tubman says she was a horrible French undergrad student at a college that didn’t emphasize the importance of language study. 'But it’s never too late,' she says. 'The biggest challenge we have as adults is our embarrassment factor.'

"Kids consider language study cool these days, Tubman has noticed—far cooler than they did when she accepted her job at Boys’ Latin eight years ago. She conducts a survey at the start of each new school year to take the temp on kids’ attitudes. ...

"For now, Spanish is the most popular language the school offers.

“ 'At the lower school, they all do study some Spanish,' Tubman says. 'Overall, Spanish gets the most interest later [in high school], then Latin, then French.'

"In middle school, Boys’ Latin interweaves all three languages in varying amounts. Students make a decision in eighth grade—though they’ll have the opportunity to change their minds in ninth—which language they will focus on for at least three full years.

“ 'We hope they will study all four years,' Tubman adds. 'Colleges are looking for more advanced language study, much more than they were five years ago. The U.S. for a long time has been behind most countries in the world in language study, but we are starting to realize that.' "

Click here to read the full article.

BL Hosts FLL Robotics Competition on Saturday, January 16th

Boys' Latin School is one of host sites for the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Regional Qualifier Competitions and Jr.FLL Expo on January 16th.  From FLL materials:

"FLL is a result of an exciting alliance between FIRST and the LEGO Company. Guided by adult mentors and their own imaginations, FLL students solve real-world engineering challenges and develop important life skills. FLL provides students age 9-14 with a hands-on, interactive robotics program in a sports-like atmosphere. Teams of up to 10 players focus on team building, problem solving, creativity, and analytical thinking to develop solutions to a problem currently facing the world - the Challenge."  The challenge this season is "Trash Trek,"and name of the BL competition is "Roar of the Robots." 

Boys' Latin is excited to have the opportunity to host such a large event with over 200 students (nearly 20 teams) anticipated to participate in this competition. The event will be in the Iglehart Gym and will run from 8:30am - 4:30pm.  Click here for the schedule of the day.

Alumni Networking Initiative 2016

Over 40 young alumni gathered last week in the Alumni House and were introduced to each other, other alumni, parents and friends to discuss potential career opportunities. Many of the speakers actually had or knew of current opportunities. The young Lakers (including Carson Gaines ’12, in the photo on the left with his cousin Brandon Gaines ’72) were able to mingle and discuss future careers.

The goal of the Alumni/Development Office is to have our young alumni, along with everyone else in the BL community, realize that we are here to help if there is anything we can do to open a door in the job market. Feel free to contact Mac Kennedy, Director of Alumni Reations, anytime at

Upper School Chorus Performance in Glyndon

Boys' Latin Upper School Chorus and the Advanced Handchimes Class performed at Glyndon United Methodist Church last Sunday at the 11am service.  Click the image above to watch a short video clip.  Many thanks to students and Ms. Kathy Anderson, Boys' Latin's Fine & Performing Arts Director and music teacher.

Molly Mullally Named to "What's Up? Top 9 Teachers"

Each January What's Up? Magazine publishes an annual private School Guide including a highlight of several outstanding teachers. This year, BL's own Molly Mullally was one of nine teachers chosen.  Click on the image above or here to read the full article.

2016-17 Short Calendar

As we turn the calendar from 2015 to 2016, we also look ahead to plans for next year.  Boys' Latin has just released the tentative short calendar for the next academic year, 2016-17.  It is posted on the website under publications for easy future reference, and click the link below to find it here:

Short Calendar 2016-17

Dom Maggio Stands Out at the Under Armour All-America Football Game

Boys' Latin is proud of and excited for senior Dom Maggio who has been a standout scholar-athlete on campus, and he caught the eye of many on January 2nd at the Under Armour All-American Football Game.  Dom is quoted or highlighted in the following press coverage:

The Baltimore Sun, January 4, 2016
USA Today High School Sports, January 2, 2016
Decons Illustrated, January 4, 2015 -- "Maggio Holds Firm to Commitment Ready to Compete for His Spot"

The Boys’ Latin community will also enjoy this inside perspective from Coach Alan Locey:

Fellow Lakers,

Dom represented Boys' Latin well in the Under Armour All America Football Game Saturday as his team, Team Highlight, defeated Team Armour 27-0. While there were 90 of the best high school players in the country on the field performing, Dom stood out early and contributed to his team’s success throughout the game.

Many of Dom's punts dropped inside the 15 yard line as his team, Team Highlight, kept Team Armour deep in their own territory all day. Additionally, one of Dom's punts was recovered after Team Armour fumbled the punt at Team Highlights five yard line. This led to a Team Highlight touchdown in the first quarter.

Dom also had the longest run of the day through the first half as he eluded a Team Armour heavy punt rush, and he ran 15 yards for a first down to keep the drive alive. This also led to a touchdown in the second quarter. When asked about why he chose to run out of bounds after getting the first down, he stated that the pursuing 280-pound lineman had something to do with his decision... that is why he is a true "scholar/athlete." Ha!

Dom also did a nice job holding extra points (3) and field goals (2) for Team Highlight. Kudos to Team Highlights long snapper, Turner Bernard (San Diego State commit) for a job well done snapping all game long. Dom agreed.

There was talk at halftime, by yours truly, that Dom was a leading candidate for game MVP as he had a "hand" in every score... only to be beat out by the nations #1 recruit Rashan Gary (DE 6'4" 287 pounds) who put on a defensive show for Team Highlight and contributed to shutting out Team Armour. Rashan is still deciding where to play next year, which will be wherever he wants to play. He is that good!

The entire event was first class. Lead sponsor Under Armour made it fun and exciting for the kids 9including lots of gear), and ex-NFL coaches Herm Edwards (Team Highlight) and Steve Marriucci (Team Under Armour) did a great job coaching the players beyond the X's and O's. Their energy, passion and inspiration to coach life lessons along with the game were truly the highlight of the week. We all came away winners.

Dom made his team, his school and me very proud last Saturday. Way to go Dom!

Congrats to Dom and his family (especially Coach Maggio), on a great career at BL and good luck at Wake Forest this spring (Dom leaves BL after this week).

Go Deacons!

Best Holiday Wishes from the Boys' Latin Family

Reflecting upon this holiday season,
we here at Boys' Latin recognize that our boys are our most precious gift.

In celebration, we offer you this short video inspired by
the diverse talents and interests of students.

On behalf of our entire community,
we wish you the happiest of holidays and peace in the New Year.

Click image to play the video.

Students and Faculty Leadership at Diversity Conferences in Tampa

In early December, Boys' Latin was proud to send two faculty members and four students to the People of Color Conference (PoCC) and concurrent Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) hosted by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in Tampa, FL. The NAIS noted that the PoCC celebrated its 28th year of providing "a safe space for leadership and professional development and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent school." It was the 22nd year of the SDLC, "a multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders from across the country. SDLC focuses on self-reflecting, forming allies and building community.”

BL's team consisted of Shaumar Wilson (12th grade), Robert Fite (11th), Matthew Lunn-Singleton (11th), Matthew Luterman (10th), Andrew Robinson (11th grade Dean & College Counselor) and Kristen Tubman (World Language Department Chair). In sharing his experience with the entire upper school, Mr. Robinson proudly enthused about the national leadership Ms. Tubman displayed as the spokesperson for one of the key sessions. Student participants also shared their take- and indicated a feeling of new voice and personal purpose in the work towards equality and awareness of privilege. During the conference, BL faculty enjoyed collaborating with colleagues from around the country and learning from the amazing speakers, such as Dr. Mahzarin Banaji on implicit bias and Dr. Howard Stevenson regarding racial literacy. Ms. Tubman noted that she “appreciated the opportunity to return as a Facilitator of the White Affinity Group sessions during the conference.” BL is proud of our students and faculty as they help our community engage in these important conversations around diversity and awareness on a national level.

Lower & Middle School Holiday Concerts

Today, the lower and middle schools showcased all of their hard work in music during two separate holiday concerts. Afterward, we said our farewells as students and teachers headed off for winter break.

In the lower school, Ms. Wilson directed choral groups in toe-tapping performances of old favorites like "Jingle Bells” and "The Dreydle Song" and spirited fun with "S.A.N.T.A."  In the middle school, Mrs. Anderson led choral, handchime and keyboard performances. A solo by violinist, Kyle Shuler (in the sixth grade) received a standing ovation from parents and students alike.  Kyle has been playing since age five and recently debuted in Carnegie Hall.  

In both the middle and lower school, Mr. Pisarcik has been practicing and developing jazz bands since the beginning of the year. Performances featured soloists and much enthusiasm which is evident in our largest-ever, 35-member, lower school jazz band. Both concerts were a treat for all.  

Selected videos will be posted to YouTube soon.

In Service at the Holidays

Ten Boys' Latin varsity hockey players volunteered on Saturday at the Hampden Family Center where they served food to families and handed out presents to children.  For additional photos, click here to see the Facebook album from Hampden Family Center.

Middle School Robotics Leads Schoolwide Recycling Initiative

The Middle School FLL Team #5946 revved up its Trash Trek season on Thursday, introducing its "Recycle Challenge" to the Upper School.   The Lower and Middle School presentations will follow next week.  The team is preparing for its January 16 Qualifier held at Boys' Latin by educating the School community, preparing for Lego board play, and finalizing its campaign to improve reuse of items typically discarded at the dump.

Summary of the Recycling Challenge:
During the three days following Thanksgiving Break, members of the team calculated current recycling percentages by weight in the Student Commons.  Then, they sorted all trash from the facility, removed all recyclable items from standard trash, and calculated potential recycling.  For the Challenge, the North and South campuses are encouraged to reach a new recycling goal during the first three days after Holiday Break.

The presentation addressed three points to promote reducing waste in the Student Commons:

  • * the potential of increased recycling -> following current trends, by year's end we will have discarded an elephant's weight worth of recycling.
  • * the cost of discarded silverware, trays and cups -> by year's end we will have accidentally discarded $269 worth of supplies
  • * the importance of extending the life of discarded uneaten whole and unopened packaged food -> while 33,000 Baltimore County children are food insecure, BL students discarded an average 10 lbs of extendable food per day - members encouraged students to bring excess food home or place in the "community box"

To view the presentation, click here. To see the coverage in Baltimore Fishbowl, click here.

Mark Your Calendars!  Boys' Latin will co-host a Maryland FLL qualifier
with the FRC Team 2199, the RoboLions/Pie3 on January 16 at Boys' Latin.  Details to follow.

Ugly Sweater Fun

The upper school had some fun yesterday with an ugly sweater dress down day.  Yesterday was the last full day of classes before exams started.  The dress down day also supports a good cause. Join the BL Team on Saturday, Dec 19 at 9am as we run and walk in Baltimore's Ugly Sweater Run which benefits Save The Children.

Not pictured above but not to be forgotten, Mr. Mitchell and his vest...


Fifth-Grade Father-Son Breakfast & Tie Ceremony

There are certain moments in every school year that are memorable and mark a key milestone for our boys. In the lower school, the Fifth-Grade Father-Son Breakfast is one of those moments and a highlight for all involved.  It's a rite-of-passage for the fifth graders, as they receive their BL ties.  Together with Mr. Post, Mr. Kriebel, Mr. Ehrhardt, Mr. Schnitzlein, the fifth grade teachers, and other members of the administration, Mrs. Arnold led the tie ceremony on Wednesday, December 9th.  

The boys were excited to
enjoy a delicious breakfast in the Alumni House with their guests. Following the breakfast Mr. Post spoke eloquently about the origins of the tie and about the particular tie the boys received. It  is a new design, and Mr. Post explained that the three stripes signify the three words in our motto, Esse Quam Videri, as well as our three core values: courage, integrity and compassion.  There were beaming smiles and many laughs as the boys learned how to tie their new ties.  All looked sharp for the final photos. Congratulations boys!  

Middle School Student Plays Violin at Carnegie Hall

On Sunday, November 29th, sixth grade student Kyle realized his dream of playing violin at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Kyle auditioned for The American Protégé Piano and Stings Competition. This was a highly competitive competition, and Kyle was part of a select group who earned this recognition. Kyle has been practicing very diligently in preparation for this performance of Seitz's Concerto No. 5 , 1st Mvt, Allegro Moderato. Congratulations to Kyle. Boys' Latin is very proud of Kyle's hard work and the recogntion he has earned. 

Winter Art Show is a Wonderland

On December 1st, the BL community and public had the opportunity to see student art talent on display here at Boys' Latin. There were wonderful creations by all age. These photos show a few samples, and there are additional photos in SmugMug with a community login. If you did not get a chance to go to the show, the art will remain on display in Smith Hall over the next few months. 

Our visiting gallery room featured the artwork of Andrea Caplan Jensen.  Mrs. Jensen was born and raised in Baltimore and received her BFA and MAT from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Jensen currently teaches art at George Fox Middle School. In 2014, she was named Best New Art Educator in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. She often exhibits her critter-themed work and is currently showing at Perspectives Art and Design in Ellicott City. Jensen lives and works in Baltimore with her husband and three pets.

Congratulations to our students and art teachers for an outstanding show.  Special thanks to art teachers Mr. Baine, Mrs. Cardarelli, Mrs. Digges and Miss Sarah Molling for all of their hard work that made this a success!

Concert With Bells On

The upper school 2015 Winter Concert on Tuesday night had toes tapping and hands clapping to a selection of more than holiday music. Congratulations to all of the members of the Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Workshop, Chorus and Advanced Hand Chimes groups for outstanding performances. Special thanks to our feature soloists (in order by appearance):  Wayne Garrus, Patrick McDermott, Carrington Scott, Walker Campbell, Britt Cohen, Zach Grace, Connor Knott, Michael Schandora, David Giordano, Jake Schneider, Jack Levine, Grant Iodice, Austin Light, Drew Nicholas, Matt Kleiser, MJ Black, Noah Vilceus, Robbie Dittmar, Josiah Bedford and Cody Carlson.  All of this is possible due to the creativity and talent of music teachers, Kathy Anderson and Matt Pisarcik.  Special congratulations to Mr. Pisarcik on leading his first concert at Boys' Latin.

This video is one of many available on BL's YouTube channel (blmd822). Photos are also available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Being Thankful

From the Lower School -- The value of  thankfulness was our focus during the month of November, and indeed, we here at BL have much for which to be thankful each and every day. Among the things for which we are most thankful is the extraordinary generosity of our families.

Throughout November families contributed to a number of projects:  items for the lower school basket for the Bull and Oyster Roast, coats for an inner city school, and toys/games for the children's room at the Gilchrist Hospice Center.  The support was overwhelming. The basket was overflowing; 68 coats were delivered to the Eutaw Marshburn Elementary School, and the children's room at Gilchrist was full.

 Eutaw Marshburn Elementary was thrilled when Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Arnold delivered the coats.

Mr. Schnitzlein commented after the delivery of a room full of toys and games for the children's room at Gilchrest, "What a day! The lower school did an amazing job with the drive for donations for Gilchrist. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of Boys' Latin and the lower school." Lower School Student Council president Jimmy said, "We actually completely filled the room! Kids who go there will have a better chance to play."

Story in Baltimore Fishbowl: "Action & Innovation Shine at Boys’ Latin School of Maryland"

Today on Baltimore Fishbowl, Kit Waskom Pollard shared a story about Boys' Latin.  The focus is innovation, hand-on experiences and keeping boys engaged in learning:

"As many parents know all too well, 'why?' is a question near and dear to young boys’ hearts. It’s a good question, and a valuable one that, when nurtured, keeps boys excited about learning from kindergarten through adulthood.

"At Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, a hands-on approach to education helps boys from kindergarten through 12th grade explore subjects, remaining engaged with their educations, finding the 'why' in the most powerful way possible – on their own.

"Educational and brain research suggests that hands-on learning results in increased engagement – which has numerous benefits for young boys. “Boys’ Latin understands that boys respond best to experiential, hands-on learning that appeals to the different senses, involving action and movement,” says Headmaster Christopher J. Post. “Our teachers understand that boys need to know why something is important and what significance it has for them. We implement boy-focused learning strategies and resources, including ‘real world’ projects, use of technology resources and ‘brain break’ movement exercises to layer kinesthetic learning with traditional learning. We need both hands-on and book learning to get a deep understanding of details with overall concepts.”

For the full article and photos go to:

2015 Engine 2

Winter All School Art Show & Upper School Holiday Concert




Tuesday, December 1st


All School Art Show in Smith Hall

Upper School Holiday Concert in the Iglehart Center  

Today is Giving Tuesday - Please Support Boys' Latin

Thankful for Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day in Our Lower School
Today was Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day in the lower school. With Thanksgiving break starting this afternoon, we were excited to show our gratefulness for all the love and support of lower school grandparents and special friends. The morning celebration started with a coffee reception in the new Charles T. Bauer Student Commons where Headmaster Christopher J. Post, Assistant Headmaster Patrick Gugerty '83 and Head of Lower School Kathy Arnold gave brief comments and welcomes.  All were then treated to the Lower School Thanksgiving Musical Program, directed by Elizabeth Wilson. Finally, there were classroom visits to wrap up the fun. The lower school was filled with joy today, and we were so thankful to have approximately 300 grandparents and special friends visiting us.  More photos are available on Smugmug with the community password.
 Click here to watch a short video.

From the Advancement & Communications Teams --
December 1st is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. We are asking you to consider giving the gift of education. You can make a difference to Boys' Latin, Maryland and the globe by being a part of this event.  Support the Laker Fund this holiday season.

Click this image learn more from our short video:

Through the Laker Fund, Boys' Latin raises funds to bridge the gap between tuition and daily operational expenses of the school. Help us on December 1st (#Giving Tuesday) with a gift to the Laker Fund and support:
* Faculty salaries and benefits
* Students scholarships
* Classroom supplies
* Outstanding academics, arts, athletics and activities

Best Thanksgiving Wishes!

Press for New Charles T. Bauer Student Commons

Baltimore Fishbowl recently published a story "Boys’ Latin Names New Commons for Charles T. Bauer."  Click here to read the full article.

In addition, Baltimore CityBizList also published a story about the new Commons, "Rubeling & Associates, A JMT Division, Provided Architectural And Interior Design Of New Facilities At Boys’ Latin School."  Click here to see that full article. 

INNOVATION IN ACTION - New Visiting Day, December 5th

Click to hear senior Max Keefe in our CBS Radio ad.

Stream Clean -- Serving Our Community Beyond Lake Avenue

From Carlton Sexton --The weather cooperated on Saturday morning for seven members of RRLRAIA (Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association) and other members of the community including 10 Boys Latin School students to clean 550 pounds of rubbish from local streets and waterways. Joining other volunteers in the Greater Baltimore area participating in the Better Waterways Fall Clean Up, the students, particularly, cleaned up a big mess from the banks of the Roland Run and Towson Run, preventing it from fouling Lake Roland and ultimately the Bay. Today marked the biggest participation by high school students, and we hope to build on that when we return to our streams in the Spring.Students in the photo from left to right are: Michael Scandora, David Giordano, Sean Lezcano, Walker Campbell, and Henry Purdue.


Bauer Foundation Gives $1 million Capital Gift

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland announced the naming of the Charles T. Bauer Student Commons.  In a letter to parents, faculty and alumni on Friday, Headmaster Christopher J. Post said “I am pleased to announce that our new Student Commons, which opened in the fall, will be named the Charles T. Bauer Student Commons, through the generosity of the Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation. Working closely with its trustees Ted Bauer and BL past-parent Janet Bauer Hartman, the foundation has made a leadership gift of $1 million to Phase II of Building the Laker Legacy Campaign. The naming of the Commons memorializes their father, Mr. Charles T. Bauer, who established the Foundation to support the endeavors of educational institutions. The Foundation has been exceptionally generous to Boys’ Latin. In the past five years alone, the Foundation has provided critical assistance to the School in funding our work in the area of boys’ education, the new digital media center and a scholarship honoring long-time faculty member Ab Logan.”

Charles T. Bauer was a successful businessman here in Baltimore, serving as Senior Vice President of U.S.F.G. Insurance. He moved to Houston to serve as Senior Vice President of American General Insurance Company and later founded AIM Management Group, which, at the time of his death in 2004, had grown to be the 7th largest mutual fund company worldwide.

In creating the Foundation, Mr. Bauer believed that education provided each person with the ability to help achieve more in life. Confident that the best growth occurs through hard work and taking educated risks, Mr. Bauer was known as a strong advocate and mentor for young professionals, whom he saw blossom in their careers under his leadership. In particular, he often reflected that the drive and tenacity of younger colleagues inspired him to work a little harder each and every day.

Headmaster Post noted, “The naming of the Commons in Mr. Bauer’s honor unites his commitment to education and also his belief in the power of community, as he was known to comment that one should ‘work hard and have a little fun each day.’ Without a doubt, the new Commons has transformed our school experience over the fall. Faculty and students alike come together throughout the day, in a space that reinforces the close-knit bonds of community that distinguish our school. Families will often gather in the morning for breakfast, and students and faculty alike travel in and out of the space throughout the day during free periods in addition to the lunch hours. Each day, students from all divisions interact with one another, furthering their bonds as ‘Brothers for Life’."

Boys’ Latin plans to share more information about a formal dedication of the space in the months ahead as the culmination of the capital campaign. In the meantime, the School extends their most heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bauer, Mrs. Hartman and the Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation for its extraordinary generosity.

The story also appears in Baltimore Fishbowl.

Special Recognition for Veterans

Boys’ Latin has a tradition of commemorating Veterans Day in a way unlike almost any other school in the region, and we have been doing this for the past thirty years. We gather the middle and upper schools for an assembly in the morning, followed by a wreath laying at the Alumni Veterans Memorial and a display of military artifacts in the Alumni House. Upper School History Teacher Butch Maisel organizes the events each year, and again this year he impressed us with something that was insightful, moving and relevant to all ages.

Mr. Maisel kicked of the assembly by taking a moment to remember those who served and those who serve today. In the audience, we recognized Mr. Ehrhardt, Mr. Barton, Mr. Chris Maisel, Mr. Butch Maisel and Sean Mullally for their service.  Then, we were privileged and touched to hear "What Veterans Day Means to Me" from Ms. Diane Rodriguez, Mr. Lee Kennedy, Mrs. Sheri Cobb and senior Brendan Mullally.

Afterward the assembly, the upper school gathered at the Alumni Veterans Memorial in front of Alumni House. Together, Student Body President Michael Morseberger, Lower School Student Council President and Middle School Student Council President placed a wreath on the memorial. Throughout the rest of the day, Mr. Maisel gave a special presentation to the lower school and shared his collection of memorabilia and artifacts from the Spanish-American War. The collection was on display in the Alumni House for all students and faculty to experience. For more photos visit SmugMug.

Many thanks to all of our speakers and Mr. Maisel for taking the time to set up this great opportunity to learn about and honor veterans.

Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference 2015

Boys' Latin has the honor of hosting the AIMS Student Diversity Leadership Conference 2015. It will take place this Saturday, November 14th from 8:30-2:00pmon the South Campus (Smith Hall and in the Middle School). From AIMS, the conference theme is:

We Gon’ Be Alright #Stay Woke

 A Time For Healing and Hope

"Recent events in the news both nationally and internationally have led us all to pause and take account of the state of our world. More than ever we need to come together and revel in our common humanity while still upholding the differences that make us unique. This year’s conference promises to do precisely that, by mending our human tapestry through honest conversations led by our youth."

For more on the program, click here.  

Mark Your Calendar for #GivingTuesday

After Thanksgiving and shopping events of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, join us in giving.  Boys' Latin is proud to be a part of GIVING TUESDAY On December 1.  Mark your calendar and click here to make your gift to Boys' Latin.  Be a part of making Maryland the #1 state in the country in giving to charities that day.  'Tis the season for year-end donations and charitable support.

LAUNCH Initiative Profile – Innovation

Fom the Upper School  -- 
The Innovation track of the LAUNCH program includes 3 one-semester mini-courses taught in sequence by Anne Kellerman (Director of Technology Programs), Derrick Thomas (Upper School Technology Coordinator) and Diane Rodriguez (Upper School Science Department Chair).  This semester’s class, taught by Anne Kellerman, has focused on several investigative project-based inquiries, including programming using Sphero Sprk™  and 3D design using SketchUp Make™.  The students have recently completed a conceptual study to re-design the former upper school student center/cafeteria space as shown in this animation.  Their concepts include spaces for group study, quiet research, relaxation, collaboration, and even 3D printing:
Beginning this week, students will apply their 3D design skills to work collaboratively to create a  3D model of the Boys’ Latin campus.  Using SketchUp, Google Earth, and a variety of other modeling and imaging software tools, students will model the campus terrain, buildings, and structures (such as the bridge, gazebo and tennis courts) and will use the school’s two 3D printer to construct a physical model of the campus.

Next semester, Mr. Thomas will lead the course in studies including animation and web design.  The following semester, Mrs. Rodriguez will lead the course in studies about the physics of toys.

Got Tickets to the Bull Roast Yet? Find One-of-a-Kind Auction Items

BL Bull & Oyster Roast is next Saturday, 11/21! Reserve your seats online now.


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – for Boys’ Latin and your Laker. Our super-silent auction item will send one lucky Laker to amazing Camp Skylemar, owned by Boys’ Latin parents Arleen and “Shep” Shepherd.  If you love the BL culture, you’ll love the warmth and community of Skylemar, where other Boys’ Latin students currently attend. “We are an all-boys, sports-oriented camp with a focus on kindness and sportsmanship,” says Arleen. “Our goal is to build gentlemen of fine character.” This amazing auction item requires a minimum bid of $6,000 for a 3 ½-week session (normally $8,000!) and every penny you pay will go to benefit Boys’ Latin. Session dates are 6/26-7/19 or 7/20-8/12, or ask about our 7-week option. Available to first-time Skylemar families only.

Interested in learning more? You and your Laker are invited to join camp director Arleen Shepherd in the Alumni House next Friday, November 20 at 3:15 pm for milk, cookies, and camp conversation.

Want to buy it now? Contact PA Bull Roast Event Chairs Kathy Gray ( or Deb Wood ( for “buy it now” pricing.

Perfect for Senior Class Moms! While the senior boys are in Ocean City, get your best BL gal pals together and rent this pristine, 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath newly renovated canal-front home! Dates available: June 11 to 18, 2016. All renters must be age 30+. Value: $2,800. Gotta have it? Contact event chair Kathy Gray for “rent it now” pricing (

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Need Holiday Gifts for Sports Lovers? We’re auctioning off tickets to Ravens games, an Orioles skybox, and more. Plus we’ve got a treasure trove of signed sports memorabilia (baseball’s Cal Ripken, football’s Joe Flacco, golf’s Fred Funk…to name a few).

Tune to WMAR ABC2 on Sunday at 11:30am

What do the Ravens and Boys' Latin have in common?  FOOTBALL, Baltimore, team spirit and more.  Tune in to see Boys' Latin seniors Logan Wisnauskas and MJ Black interviewed on The Nest with Justin Tucker this Sunday at 11:30am on Channel 2 (WMAR ABC-TV).  The show will also livestream a rewind at 10:10am  Monday and will be posted here online next week .

Student Commons Blues

Today in the Student Commons, our talented faculty and staff surprised the upper school with a fun, original musical performance by Al Freihofer (harmonica), Katie Oppenheim (celllo), Stephen Roche (guitar) and Chef Bobby (vocals).  Bravo! 

Halloween in Service to Others

Our lower school boys outdid themselves this year! Trick-or-treating for UNICEF raised $1,515, far surpassing previous years. The service opportunity did not stop there.  The boys and their fathers packed 12 boxes of candy donations which were then taken to Kool Smiles Dentistry in Baltimore City to be shipped for OPERATION GRATITUDE. Thank you to everyone for their participation.

Speaker and Author Richard Guerry Returns to Speak on Cyber Safety

PictureWe welcome back Richard Guerry on Tuesday, November 17th at 7:00pm to speak to parents in the Alumni House. After rave reviews last year, we are opening this presentation to all parents in all divisions and to the public.  Mr. Guerry is engaging and helpful with insights from his famous book, Public and Permanent, which discusses internet and texting safety, cyber bullying etc.

Here is a link to his book ( ) and a quick summary: "Students, Parents and Teachers across the Globe are using this book to learn and reinforce a powerful and effective method for reducing:
- Cyberbullying
- Sexting
- Sextortion
- Sextcasting
- Poor Social Media behavior
- and many other cyber issues many are not yet aware of!"

Whatta Day

From Athletic Director Michael Thomas -- 
As Admiral McRaven stated in his now famous 2014 commencement address at The University of Texas at Austin, "make your bed every day, and you will have accomplished something."  At #8 is "Be your best in the darkest moment" and at #10... "Don't ever ring the bell."

Whatta day for JV football.   As the #2 seed, we headed to Sinclair Lane to face an undefeated Curley squad, and we got down early with a half time score of 10-0.

Curley receives 2nd half kick and takes it 80 yards.

Down 17-0.

Don't ring the bell boys.


Another stop.  Don't ring it.

Score, now down 17-14 with 5 left.

Goal line stop.

We get called for intentional grounding from our end zone... 19-14.

Kickoff and two plays later we strip the ball from Curley's tailback.  We eventually face 4th down from the Curley 20 with no timeouts.

Be the aggressor and call "trips."

Don't concede or ring the bell...

Brewer touchdown... JV Football Championship win, 20-19.

To have 15 year boys believe in something bigger then themselves.  To have them look beyond the circumstance. To be prepared like a champion.  Culture wins football games, not individuals.

Thank you Head Coach Alan Locey, and assistants Andrew Robinson, Nick Jones, Earl Smith, and Randy Johnson.  12 August 12th was along time ago.

"Don't ever ring the bell".

...............and now, let's move to the Charles street brawl.

Varsity soccer was on the brink of being dismissed by the stubborn Quakers when Josh Lurie scored with 42 second left in regulation.  OT and golden goals sessions await.

Mr. Andrew Brennan delivers a dagger and ignites a small Laker medley.

The Lake never rang the bell.

The #3 seeded Lakers will play #1 seeded Severn in the MIAA B Conference Championship on Sunday, November 8 at 3:15pm at CCBC-Essex.  General admission is $8, and student admission is free with a school ID.

Whatta day!

Boys' Latin Snapper Brock Sassler & Kicker Dom Maggio Raise Money to Fight Childhood Cancer

In follow up to a story, "Help Us Fight Childhood Cancer with KICK-IT CHAMPIONS ,"that we posted September 3, 2015, we have good news. Boys' Latin juniors Brock Sassler and senior Dom Maggio, who are our snapper/kicker teammates, have already raised $2,396 to fight childhood cancer.  Read more in an article posted today in The Baltimore Sun by Katherine Dunn:  "Boys' Latin Snapper Brock Sassler, Kicker Dom Maggio Raise Money to Fight Childhood Cancer."

Want to contribute?  Click here or the image above to go to Brock & Dom's Kick*It Page.  Go Lakers!

Boys' Latin Lakers MIAA B Conference Cross Country Champions 2015

Congratulations to the Varsity Cross Country team and coaches for repeating as the MIAA B Conference Cross Country Champions 2015. Yesterday, the varsity race proved difficult with a strong charge from the John Carroll Patriots.  The Lakers won 45-50. The following boys paced the way:

#5  Garrett Voigt 18.00.8
#6  Ben Witham 18.03.5
#7  Matt Lugat 18.98.2
#13 Kahlan Lee Lermer 18.41.1
#14 Michael Ubriaco 18.42.7
#32 Mikey Petillo 19.37.6
#53 Walker Santos (Top 5 runner comprise team score)

This senior class is very special.  They have accumulated a record of 30-3 in conference races in a 4 year span.  Overall, they have amassed 46 wins to only 4 losses.  In the fall of 2103, the varsity went undefeated in the conference, yet lost the team championship race by 1 point.  Since that loss, these seniors have led the program to 2 consecutive team championships and a 20-0 dual meet conference record.  Matt Lugat, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Ryan Shaw, Tommy Esposito, Colin Amy, Will Page, Aaron Mendelson and Spencer Rees have represented BL, their families, their coaches and themselves with great character.  Moreover, their collective attitude and influence has filtered to the underclassmen. Again, thank you and congratulations to all the boys, Head Coach Lewis Scharff and the assistants --Andy Shilling and Jeffrey Hindes.

The JV team finished 3rd overall behind St. Mary's HS and John Carroll.  Congratulations to them for a great effort.

Varsity Soccer Moves on to MIAA Semi-Final Championship

From Athletic Director Michael Thomas -
Our #3 seeded Lakers rolled the #6 seeded Sabres of Sts. Peter and Paul yesterday afternoon. The 4-0 victory vaults us down Charles street to face the #2 seeded Quakers of Friends School. That semi final is Thursday at 3:00pm.

Yesterday, Andrew Brennan led all scorers with 2 goals. Ethan McCann had a header goal off an assist from Regan Chasney.  Cameron Miller had a sectional goal splitting two Sabre defenders and sticking it low side panel.

The Lakers face a talented and physically tough Friends squad that has been scoring goals easily. Backs Brendan Mullally, Dylan Kovo, Regan Chasney and Nick Malinowski plus junior keeper Jordan Douglas are charged with limiting the Quakers.

This will be an exciting semifinal.... 3 versus 2.  Please make your way down the road.

Halloween Run for a Good Cause

BL's cross country team, led by Coach Sharff and Coach Shilling, ran in the Athletes Serving Athletes (ASA) Halloween 5K this past Saturday.  The event partners with the William S. Baer School to support individuals living with disabilities in Baltimore City . We are proud of our Lakers and their service in the community.

Looks to be a great week.... GO LAKERS

Looks to be a great week....

TODAY, #3 seeded varsity soccer hosts #6 seeded Sts. Peter and Paul at 3:00pm on top turf. This is a quarterfinal playoff game.  If we advance, we would face #2 seeded Friends away on Thursday, November 5, time TBD.  If we advanced to the B Conference final, we would be played on Sunday, November 8 at CCBC-Essex at 3:15pm against opponent TBD.

Tomorrow, JV soccer hosts Severn (#1 versus #2 match up). That championship game begins at 3:15pm on our top turf.

Wednesday, November 4 is the cross country championship held at Stevenson University (Greenspring).  The races start at:  JV 3:15pm, varsity 3:45pm and open race 4:15pm.

Thursday, November 5 is the JV Football Championship.  The #2 seeded Lakers will venture to Archbishop Curley to face the #1 seeded Friars. Game time 2:30pm. 

Friday, our talented varsity football team (5-1 conference , 7-2 overall) has earned a #2 seed and will host the #3 seeded Friars of Archbishop Curley is a semifinal playoff game on November 6. Kick off is 2:00pm.  If we advance, we will play on Saturday, November 14 at Archbishop Spalding at 7:00pm against an opponent yet determined.

As a recap, the varsity volleyball team finished with season with an 11-5 record after a loss to Calvert Hall in the quarter finals last week. Hats off to the team and coaches for an outstanding season.

Go Lakers..

Halloween Tricks and Treats on Campus Today

From our largest to our smallest, there was fun to be had by all.  The lower school students paraded across the bridge and throught the upper school to show their costumes, collect candy from some upper school faculty and receive the traditional trick and treat from Headmaster Post -- their own noise maker!

In the middle school Halloween assembly, the students were treated to a costume contest, games and prizes.

Halloween in the upper school is filled with creativity and humor as students and faculty dress in costumes.  After the All-School Pep Rally for today's game against St. Paul's, the upper school Halloween Assembly was a series of events, races and games.  

Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.  

Donate and Save a Life -- Blood Drive Nov. 19

Join the BL Team for the Ugly Sweater Run

Join the Boys' Latin School team for the Ugly Sweater Run on December 19th. This team started as a group of lower school teachers and has grown. We invite the whole BL community to help Save the Children while having some holiday fun.  Some are runners, and some are walkers. All are welcome.  Children age 5 and under are free.



From The Parents' Association:
It's never too early to order
your holiday items.

***Fraser Fir Trees***
***Hanukkah Candles***

Help benefit
Boys' Latin School &
The Class of 2016.

Click here for more info.
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click here for greens &
click here for candles.

Items will be available
for pick up
December 3-6.

Thank you for your support!



Open House Message from Student Body President Michael Morsberger

Senior Michael Morsberger shared the following comments at BL's Open House recently.  As background, Michael is an outstanding student and a three-sport athlete, playing on the BL volleyball, basketball and lacrosse teams. 

Welcome friends and visitors. It is my pleasure to be here with you this morning.

My name is Michael Morsberger, and I'm the Student Body President. I want to share with you a few snapshots of my life before Boys' Latin. 

First snapshot: I am graduating from my preschool. We had to put on a little show. It was called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and I played the pear. Mind you, we were putting on this show in front of about twenty people – the biggest crowd I had ever been in front of; I was nervous, but I didn't know how nervous.  I don't remember much of it, since I was only five years old. It was my turn to get on stage. I stood up there, looked at the crowd and covered my face. My thinking was, if I couldn't see them they couldn't see me. I stood on stage with my hands over my face for my whole scene and when my part was finished, I ran off stage.

Second snapshot: I am in my middle school science class. I am sitting in the back of a class of 35 kids, and I'm bored. I'm just waiting to ride the bus, so I can go home and play sports. I'm not challenged at all. I'm not engaged whatsoever. Is this the way that school was meant to be?

Third snapshot: I am on the basketball court, a place that's very familiar to me. Athletics take up most of my middle school life. I play basketball all year round.  Now, fast forward to my high school career.

Arriving at Boys' Latin I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect, especially because I knew no one. I live in Catonsville, and this school was foreign to me. It's thirty-five minutes away from my house, and I felt like I was in a different country. On my first day walking down the halls, there were so many people who stopped me and introduced themselves. I thought that was the coolest thing. These kids, who I had never met before, went out of their way to say hello to me because they didn't know who I was. I soon realized that this is a big part of the culture at Boys' Latin. Pretty soon, I knew everyone in my grade and almost everyone in the entire upper school.

So let me tell you, at BL your sons won't get lost. Let me reassure you they will be found. Boys' Latin doesn't just worry about grades. Boys' Latin makes sure that from the time you come in until the time you graduate, you are recognized for who you are. You are known. You are found. 

Boys' Latin academically is different from any other school. As I said earlier, my middle school science class had 35 kids in it. This year, my AP Physics 2 class has only three students in it. That is the smallest class size I have, but my other classes don't get much bigger than that. It creates an engaging environment to learn. You can't sit in the back of the classroom and go unnoticed if you didn't do your work. You are engaged every day which leads to academic success.

In deciding to enroll as a new student, my main concern was the length of the drive. I know a lot of you in the crowd may have traveled far today. I live in Catonsville, and the drive takes about 35 minutes. Some people might look at this long drive as a burden, yet I wouldn't give up that time of the day for anything. I drive to school every day with my father, and he picks me up every day after practice. For four straight years I have been able to talk to my father before and after school about anything and everything. This time is valuable to both of us, and it might not have been possible without that drive.

The message of these recollections is to share with you what BL has done for me. Today I stand in front of you, not covering my face. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully I'm not going to run off stage when I'm finished. Those long drives in the morning seem to last only a few minutes because they are shared with good company. I am no longer reluctant to try new things. I not only learned that trying something new is good for you, but I learned that you can become successful at something that you had no idea would even interest you. I tried volleyball for the first time as a freshman and wasn't very good. Now, I'm the captain of the varsity volleyball team. I learned that I can no longer sit back and be complacent. I love going to classes every day in an environment that is so comfortable . Here we are family. There isn't a walk between classes where I don't say hi to twenty different people.

I have a privilege that not very many people have. I am able to wake up every morning and be happy that I am going to school. I share this privilege with only about 300 upper school kids in this entire world, and those 300 kids all go to BL. I think the reason they love coming to school so much is because they are with family in what most call their second home. Most days I spend more time here than I do at my own home.  Looking back at the time I was making my high school decision, I can't believe I had any doubt.

I hope that your sons get to have a great BL experience, like I did. I hope they feel as comfortable here as I do. I hope they love their visit today and end up spending many more days on this campus in the future. It will be the best decision they ever made.  It surely was mine.

Rave Reviews for "Of Mice & Men"

Comments heard around campus were:
- "It was truly phenomenal."
- "It was amazing!"
- "Hear, hear! It was fantastic!"
- "Huge kudos to Gina and her gang.  I was so impressed!"
- "The actors were compelling in their roles, appropriately dramatic & intense, and the production rolled from scene to scene flawlessly. Congratulations to all."

From Gina Molling at the Theater Arts Desk -- "As we approach our last performance of Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men, I feel so blessed and privileged to have worked with an amazing cast of student actors who put forth a tremendous amount of talent, time and creativity. Many, if not most, of these student actors had never performed in an upper school play. Yet, each and everyone of them persevered, created a realistic Steinbeck character, and learned how to rehearse and perform in front of an audience. It was thrilling to watch them evolve to sold out audiences. In addition to our performances, 9th grade cast members shared with their English classmates their acting processes, lighting designs, staging tips and set design elements."

On WBFF Fox 45 This Morning - Seth for Weather Kid

BL fifth-grader Seth Taylor had the honor of representing our school as the "Wednesday Weather Kid” today on WBFF-Fox45 morning news. Every week one local student is chosen by WBFF based on a nomination by one of his or her teachers.  Seth presented today's weather forecast during the 6:00am block with assistance from meteorologist Amy Aaronson. In the picture below, we see Seth in front of a map, but he is actually standing in front of a green screen.  Seth handles the weather report like a pro.  

Nicely done Seth!  Thanks for representing Boys' Latin School so well today!

Click on the image below to see the video.


OPEN HOUSE - Sunday, October 18

Boys’ Latin has our admissions Open House on Sunday, October 18th at 11am.  The Open House is an opportunity for prospective families to see our wonderful campus, preview our fabulous programs and meet our fantastic faculty and families.  If you have friends, neighbors or acquaintances who may be interested in BL, Open House provides a great way for them to visit us and find out more about us.  Word of mouth is always our best advertisement!

Do You Have Your 2015 Reservations for the BULL & OYSTER ROAST?

Click either image for online ticket orders.

One Laker | One Love Yoga Night

On Tuesday night, October 13th, the Boys' Latin One Laker|One Love club hosted a yoga event to benefit the One Love Foundation.  October is relationshoip violence awareness month, and the One Love Foundation has sponsored events throughout Baltimore.  Sharon Love spoke to the group, offered her sincere thanks and announced the new One Love campaign #thatsnotlove.  

Here is a note from Megan Kenney, our Upper School Counselor and faculty sponsor for our One laker|One Love Club:

"We had a great turn out of more than 50 people who came to participate in the yoga class.  We had 26 students present, faculty from all divisions represented, support from St. Paul's School for Girls and other outside community members.  Our boys were awesome!  They were excited and engaged, while representing Boys' Latin in a positive light.  Sharon Love was also present, and I had an opportunity to speak with her.  She spoke so highly of our boys and our community.  We have lots to be proud of - enjoy a few pictures from the night, and thank you for the support."


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Carmen Clark, one of our upper school Spanish teachers, created an incredible display in the Smith Hall gallery, shown below in a panoramic photo.  The exhibition is a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place every October.  The display includes flags, student poster board displays for various countries, memorabilia from around the world, and soccer jerseys with player faces from different teams.  Thank you to Carmen for all of the extra time and attention to detail that this display required. Please stop by on your way into the new Student Commons to check it out for yourself.

One Laker|One Love In the News

The Fall issue of Independent School Magazine included an article by Brian Mitchell titled "Boys' Latin students raise awareness about healthy relationships."  The magazine is a quarterly publication by the National Association of Independent Schools.

Click the image below or follow this link to see the full article:

BL Junior Andrew Walsch Chosen for “The Art of Leadership”

Andrew Walsch was chosen as one of 19 Baltimore area students from 15 public and private schools to be part of a 15-month Art with a Heart leadership program, “The Art of Leadership.” The inaugural cohort met at the end of the summer for the first time and heard from Wes Moore about leadership, community and service.

Andrew went with the leadership group to visit The National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore. Andrew said it was “an experience that changed me and the way I look at the world.” The group wore blind simulation glasses and had to master cooking, reading braille and walking around the building, including staircases. Andrew commented “Yes, I did have to cut things, and it was very dangerous. I managed to come out okay. It was very difficult to be blind, yet blind people are highly capable of getting things done and making major contributions to the world. I am truly enjoying all the people in my group and everything we do in the program. I can’t wait until the next meeting.”

The goal of the leadership program is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds, break down any barriers between them and learn leadership skills through life-changing, real-world experiences so that the students can become better future leaders in our community and world. No art skill is required to enter this program. It sounds like a wonderful experience.


BL Students Serve the Community at The Family Tree's Walk & Fair

This past Saturday, October 10, a group of upper school students volunteered for The Family Tree's annual Family Fair & Walk. The Family Tree is an organization that strives to build strong families and prevent child abuse. The boys served as greeters and leaders of a soccer clinic.  Thank you to all the Lakers that volunteered, teachers (Joe Bailey and Mac McDonald) who helped to organize student participation, and families who walked in support of this good cause in our community beyond Lake Avenue.  

"Of Mice and Men" in Class & Tickets

On Thursday morning, October 9th, Hunter Hine and Mrs. Molling talked to Mr. Barron's English class about creating character, the set, the lighting and producing Of Mice & Men, which opens on October 20th to October 23rd at 7PM in the Sheridan Studio on Boys' Latin's upper school side of campus. 

Tickets Go On Sale! 
Tuesday, Oct. 13th 
Sales will take place in the entrance hall of the Student Commons 
during Upper School Lunch Time
Ticket Prices: $6 Student/ $8 Adults
Tickets and Seating are first come, first serve. 
Show Times are: Tuesday, Oct. 20th to Friday, Oct. 23rd.
7 pm curtain in the Sheridan Studio


In the News - Scholar Athlete Davy Lizana Crushes It

Click the image below to watch the TV news story from WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore about Davy Lizana.  As a BL wide receiver #81, Davy is crushing it on the football field and at the books. With Davy's hard work, he is planning to attend Cornell next year and play football. Congratulations to Davy!

Reminder -- Yoga Tonight with BL & One Love

On the Radio - BL Senior Max Keefe

Did you hear the recent ads for Boys' Latin's Open House on the radio in the Baltimore area?  The voice of BL is senior Max Keefe who recently worked with Ms. Sarah Woods, Director of Strategic Communications, to record radio ads for Boys' Latin.  Max did an outstanding job.  He represents the school so well.

Click on the image below for video taken in the
CBSRadio WWMX 106.5 studios while Max was recording.

Click on the image below for audio of the ad
Max recorded with WBAL roadio AM1090.

Friday's Home Games

From Athletic Director Michael Thomas --
The 3:45pm varsity football game with John Carroll is a pivotal game pitting two undefeated teams (in conference play) against each other. JC has some offensive strength and talent at several positions. Both teams like to throw the ball and rely on their stout defenses. Special team play and valuing possession of the football will be critical. This should be a great high school football game with many offensively gifted athletes on both sides. Good luck to Coach Schell and the boys.

Varsity soccer plays the defending B conference champion Severn Admirals at 4:15pm on the top turf. The Lakers are currently 7-0 in conference play while the Admirals are 8-2. Both teams are very good and solid at all positions. A win tomorrow would certainly catapult the varsity soccer boys to the top and cement their position in league play. This game definitely feels like a pivotal rivalry game. will be physical contest.

Come out to watch the boys. Take care. Go Lakers!

Lower School Innovations!

Enjoy these wonderful pictures of our second graders Light Painting. They are working with FutureMakers, a project-based science and engineering program. They are learning to problem solve, think creatively, and become engineers and innovators. The program will be used throughout all lower school grade levels during the course of the school year.

Center Stage Visits BL

On Thursday, Boys' Latin's students in upper school Acting 1 class had the opportunity to learn from and chat with Pride & Prejudice actors Sarah Rose Kearns and Tony Newfield.  Later as a field trip, students had a backstage tour and saw a performance of Pride & Prejudice.  Upper School Director of Academics Charles Franklin said, "It was a fantastic hands on learning experience for acting students."

It's Academic Team Wins

On Saturday, September 26th, Boys' Latin students competed in a number of contests.  The most visible of these contests were the Varsity soccer and football games held during Fall Festival.  A few miles away, however, on the set of WJZ TV's long running It's Academic quiz show competition, three Boys' Latin students were competing equally as hard.  Using their minds and their dexeterity in buzzing in first, senior Bennett Kauffman and juniors Matt Kleiser and Griffin McShane were able to defeat teams from Loyola Blakefield and Queen Anne High School on their way to a resounding victory.  The team now moves on the next round of the state wide competition which will be held in February.  Must see TV for all Lakers will be catching the team's winning effort - the episode will air at 10:30am on November 7th on WJZ-13 TV.  Way to go Bennett, Matt, and Griffin!

Fundraiser for Archer

BL sophomore Basil Aburn shared an initiative to support the care of another local student in need, Archer Senft.  Here is Archer's story and how you can help:

On August 5, 2015, Archer Senft broke the C5 vertebra in his neck while swimming in Cape May, NJ. Archer was working as the cook at the Beach Club of Cape May, when he went to jump into the ocean to cool off and dove into a sandbar. He was surrounded by capable, caring lifeguards and friends, and was quickly taken to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. He is now at the Shepherd Clinic in Atlanta where he is undergoing intensive rehabilitation. Archer is a terrific artist who has a great admiration for street art and has a book filed with many of his own creations. Graffiti artist generally have what is called a stage name, and the one that Archer used, that is depicted on the back of the shirt, spells out the name "Prufe". All proceeds will go to the Senft's for Archer's care.  To order a shirt, please visit http://

Fall Festival Fun 2015

Last Saturday, students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends gathered on BL’s campus for games, food and fun for all ages.  Events began with a varsity soccer game and ended with cheers for the varsity football team.

Many thanks to the BL Parents’ Association for organizing an outstanding event.  Inflatables, fun activities, delicious food and plenty of volunteers made this a wonderful event for all.  For more photos with a BL community login, click here for BL’s SmugMug site. 

Upper & Lower School Students Travel to The Walters

On September 24th, 18 students in upper school Spanish 3 Honors accompanied the entire third grade on a field trip to The Walters Art Museum to see the Gold in the Americas special exhibit. Lower school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Dargan Eley, organized an activity for the young boys to do under the guidance of their upper school buddies. The older boys were excellent tour guides and caretakers. Ms. Cardarelli, Mrs. Eley, Ms. Giordano, Mr. Hurley and Ms. Tubman accompanied the boys.

Yoga with Boys' Latin & One Love

FREE Soccer & Football Clinics - Oct. 6, 2015

On Tuesday, October 6th from 5:30-7:00pm, the Boys' Latin football and soccer programs will be offering free clinics to local boys currently in 4th-7th grades. The clinics will be run by Head Varsity Coaches Ritchie Schell and Don Rickels and their coaching staffs. Many of the varsity players will be on hand to work with clinic participants. The clinics are open to both BL and non-BL students. We encourage you to invite a friend or teammate in your community. Click here for a flyer and registration form.

FALL FESTIVAL - fun for all ages

Join us September 26th for Boys' Latin's Fall Festival.  There is something for everyone, including a varsity soccer game against Gerstell Academy and a varsity football matchup with St. Mary's (note the game time is 1:30pm rather than 1pm). This is a "don't miss" event.  Bring your family and friends.

For additional information on wristband sales, click here for a flyer and waiver.

Tyler Steinhardt (BL Class of 2012) Nominated as Lacrosse Magazine's Person of the Year

Follow this link to read more about Tyler and add your comment on the laxmagazine website to show your Laker pride and support for Tyler:…/091715_lacrosse_magazine_person_of… …

Conversations with Boys about Books

From Charles Franklin, Upper School Director of Academics --
One of the most inaccurate myths about high school age boys is that they do not like to read.  Given books that do not fit their interests and tastes, many boys will profess a disdain for reading.  However, given a book that speaks to their interests and passions, boys will dive deep into a book and enjoy the opportunity to discuss it.  How do we know this is true? The Faculty Sponsored Book program is living proof that our boys love reading and discussing how books intersect with their own lives.  This year, 41 faculty members sponsored a book that boys individually signed up for last spring.  The boys and the faculty member who sponsored the book had a book talk on Tuesday, September 15th to share their thoughts and perspectives on the book. For a list of the books that faculty sponsored, click here for 9th grade selections - and click here for 10th through 12th grade selections -

BL Senior Ben Starkey’s Eagle Scout Project - Storm Drain Stenciling

When it rains in Baltimore, stormwater carries trash, yard waste and other pollutants from our streets into the storm drains and directly to our local streams, the Baltimore harbor and Chesapeake Bay.  Our storm drains are the mouths to our waterways! 

This was Ben Starkey’s motivation for his Eagle Scout Project.  Ben, a 17 year old Boy Scout from Brown Memorial-Woodbrook Presbyterian Church’s Troop 729 and a senior at Boys' Latin School, decided that he wanted to do something to educate his neighbors in the Baltimore County communities of Stoneleigh and Anneslie to be mindful of not allowing trash, yard waste and other pollutants to be washed into our storm drains.  In a project sponsored by Blue Water Baltimore and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Ben organized a project to stencil storm drains in Anneslie and Stoneleigh with “Don’t Dump – Chesapeake Bay Drainage”.

In April, Ben attended a storm drain stenciling workshop given by his project sponsor, Blue Water Baltimore, to learn about how to organize a stenciling project.  With stencils provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and traffic cones, reflective vests and safety glasses provided by Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, on Saturday, August 1st, Ben led a group of over 30 volunteer Scouts, parents and family, including many who live in Stoneleigh and Anneslie, to stencil over 120 storm drains and hand out educational flyers in these two neighborhoods.  Ben hopes that this will help raise public awareness about how pollution can start in our own yards and neighborhoods and what everyone can do to prevent it.  Ben thanks all the folks in his crews for their good work and the neighbors in Stoneleigh and Anneslie for their encouragement.

As Ben reminded neighbors in his flyer:

You can help keep our streets and streams clean…
- Keep storm drains and your streets clear of leaves and trash
- Keep a lid on your trashcan so trash doesn’t blow into the street.
- Pick up trash before it enters the storm drain.
- Call 311 to report dumping, flooding and sewer overflows.
- Plant trees and gardens to absorb stormwater.
- Spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

For more information on storm drain pollution, storm drain stenciling and keeping our waterways clean, visit the websites for Blue Water Baltimore ( and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (

Congratulations to the "Of Mice & Men" Cast & Production Team

From Gina Molling -- Last week's Of Mice & Men auditions were fantastic! Listed below is our cast and crew for our fall play. When you see these gentlemen, please give them a hardy pat on the back of congratulations; they deserve it!

Our Of Mice & Men production dates are Oct. 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd at 7 pm in the Sheridan Studio. Tickets will be sold one week prior to opening night in the upper school lobby and during lunch in the Student Commons.

Cast List
Garrett Glaeser as George
Mark Gray as Lennie
David Friedman as Candy
Richard Arthur-Merow as The Boss
Nick Meittinis as Curley
Madeline Tindall as Curley's Wife
Grant Iodice as Slim
Teddy Roebuck as Carlson
Hunter Hine as Whit
Francis Nnanna as Crooks
Carson Rehfield as the grain team/bucker
Will Krulak on guitar

Production Team
Gina Molling/director
Andrew Haynes/assistant director
Justin Burbelo/stage manager 
Eric Supensky/set builder
Paul Shapanus & Madeline Smith/lights & sound
Robbie Schwartz/light board runner
Sarah Molling/scenic artist 


Dom Maggio Accepts Under Armour All-American Game Jersey


Yesterday with family, coaches, teammates and the entire upper school there to cheer him on, Dom Maggio accepted his Under Armour All-American Game Jersey as part of the Under Armour All-American Selection Tour presented by American Family Insurance.  USA Today High School Sports, said "Maggio, a kicker-punter, is committed to Wake Forest and is considered the No. 1 punter in the nation. He is ranked as the No. 3 kicker by He is the first Under Armour All-American from Boys’ Latin."  For the full article and video of the presentation, click here.

In an article today, The Baltimore Sun wrote:

"Dom Maggio, a senior football player from Boys’ Latin School was presented his honorary game jersey at the American Family Insurance Selection Tour for the 2016 Under Armour All-America High School Football Game at Boys’ Latin School in Baltimore on Tuesday. The event was part of the three-month tour for the game.

Maggio is one of more than 90 players selected to compete in the ninth annual Under Armour All-America Game presented by American Family Insurance, a nationally televised competition spotlighting the country’s top high school seniors. The 2016 Under Armour All-America Game is slated for Saturday, Jan. 2 and will be televised live on ESPN2.  Click here for the full article and photo.

BL Alumnus Greg Pyke '12 Featured as a Top College Football Player to Watch

In Pressbox today, Greg Pyke, who graduated from Boys' Latin in 2012, is featured in a story by Justin Silberman:  "The 15:  Local College Football Players to Watch."  For the full story, click here. The following is an excerpt about Greg:

"After playing sparingly during his first two collegiate seasons, Pyke started all 13 games at right guard as a third-year sophomore in 2014 and exceeded his three-star rating coming out of high school. Standing at 6-foot-6, 313 pounds, the Baltimore native quickly made his presence felt on one of the SEC's top lines, paving the way for the Bulldogs to rush for a conference-best 257.8 yards per game. Pyke, named Georgia's Most Improved Player of the Year, headlines a rugged Bulldogs offensive front ready to build on last season's impressive showing."

Congratulations Greg!  BL is cheering for you this year.

Teaching Beyond BL for Defenders' Day

This past weekend Butch Maisel, who teaches history in Boys' Latin's upper school, helped to coordinate the World War II exhibit at Fort McHenry as part of Baltimore's Defenders' Day celebration.  One of Mr. Maisel's former students, Ira Seidel '90, worked alongside Mr. Maisel for the weekend.  The Friends of Fort McHenry described the weekend event:

"The extravaganza includes War of 1812 living history demonstrations, parades, military bands, fireworks and much more! The Star-Spangled Banner Weekend honors Defenders’ Day, Baltimore’s oldest holiday commemorating the bombardment of Fort McHenry and the writing of “The Star-Spangled Banner!” Enjoy a living history, cooking demonstrations, musket firings, a dress parade, author readings, the raising of huge Star-Spangled Banner flag and much more. City officials and state dignitaries will speak and the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus will give a great patriotic concert before the 20-minute fireworks show!"

We thank Mr. Maisel for his genuine joy of teaching at BL and beyond and for his continued service to our country.

BL Recognizes Patriots' Day 2015

Each year on September 11th, Boys' Latin has a special tradition.  Our middle and upper schools come together to remember our fallen heroes and to celebrate Patriots' Day.  The assembly this year was organized by Brandon Mollett, Head of Middle School. Mr. Mollett began by saying that we gather to remember and to look forward. We remember the massive loss of life on September 11, 2001. In the sacrifice of so many that day who strode into danger to save others, we see courage that is alive in the heroes of today.  

This time last year, Mr. Jeff Gertler, grandfather of a BL sixth-grader and a World Trade Center Tower survivor, spoke at this assembly and recommended that we all take the time to watch a short documentary, BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience.  This year the video was our kick off.  It documents the story of the great boatlift on 9/11, the largest sea evacuation in history.  "The evacuation was even larger than the evacuation of Dunkirk in World War II where 339,000 British and French soldiers were rescued over the course of nine days. Comparatively, almost 500,000 people were rescued from Manhattan by boat on 9/11 in less than nine hours." 

We were honored to also hear from Chris Maisel, who graduated from BL in 2004 and now teaches history here in our middle school.  Chris was promoted to Captain in the U.S. Army over the summer after serving as Platoon Leader in an Artillery Battery and Infantry Companies. Chris is now serving in the operations cell of the 291st Digital Liaison Detachment.  He recently saw how fragile peace is when he was part of joint exercises in South Korea when tensions flared between North and South Korea. CPT. Maisel commented that "freedom is not free." "The world is in need of peace and healing."  CPT. Maisel was articulate and inspiring.  His messages of service and remembrance resonated with students and faculty.

Thank you CPT. Maisel for your service and sharing your story with us today.

Teachers Continue Learning

In early September just before school started, the lower school faculty and staff had a fabulous two days with author and psychologist, Abigail Norfleet James. Dr. James is a world-renowned specialist in the education of boys. During her visit she spoke with the faculty about the best practices in boys' education. This visit is an extension of her training sessions last year. Last year prior to her visit, the entire lower school staff read one of her books, Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel, and Learn in School.  Now, Dr. James shared lessons from her newly released second version of that book.  For parents, we also recommend her book, The Parents' Guide to Boys: Help Your Son Get the Most Out of School and Life.

A Senior Tradition to Start the Year

On Friday, our new seniors enjoyed a beautiful day and barbecue at the annual Senior Lunch hosted at home by Headmaster and Mrs. Post. It's a tradition enjoyed by all.

BL Alumnus Andrew McGowan'12 is Featured by Dickinson College

The Dickinson College homepage currently features 2012 BL graduate Andrew McGowan. Below is a photo from the Dickinson website which describes Andrew as "a biochemistry & molecular biology major with a keen interest in sustainability. He’s exploring the field as a student-researcher and ALLARM (Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring) volunteer." For the full story, click the image.

Welcome to the First Day of School

Help Us Fight Childhood Cancer with KICK-IT CHAMPIONS

We invite the entire community to join BL junior Brock Sassler and senior Dom Maggio in supporting the fight against childhood cancer. Brock and Dom have committed to being Kick-It Champions and are dedicating this BL football season to kids with cancer. More research dollars are needed to save these lives:

-  1 in 5 children with cancer will not survive 5 years
- cancer kills more children than any other disease
- childhood cancer receives only 4% of U.S. federal funding for research

We hope you will support this student initiative, and the Boys' Latin football team, by making a donation.  Click here ( to donate or pledge a dollar amount for every field goal or extra point the guys score as a kicking team.  Every successful kick begins with a good snap.  

Thank you in advance for your support in helping Brock, Dom & the Lakers make a difference in the lives of children with cancer!

Welcome to New Faculty & Staff!

All faculty and staff are returning to campus this week and are busy preparing for students to begin classes on Sept.9th.  We have enjoyed welcoming and getting to know our new faculty and staff members (from left to right):

Dargan Eley joins our lower school, teaching Spanish. She previously taught Spanish at the Presbyterian School in Houston and has served as a long-term substitute at both Bryn Mawr School and Park School. Ms. Eley is a graduate of the College of Charleston.

Katie Wollman
is the director of the Bauer Digital Media Center, a program funded through a grant from the Bauer Foundation. Ms. Wollman comes to Boys' Latin from the University of Maryland / Baltimore, where she worked in student communications. She is a graduate of Concordia University and is pursuing her MFA through the University of Baltimore.  

Matthew Pisarcik
will be leading our instrumental music program. Matt taught lower and middle school music and band at St. Edmond's Academy in Delaware. Mr. Pisarcik is a graduate of the University of Delaware.

Al Freihofer returns to Boys' Latin following three years at the Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut. Mr. Freihofer will be teaching English in the upper school, working as a member of the LAUNCH Initiative team and assisting in some of the on-going transition work between the middle and upper schools.

Shelly Pruett is our new head athletic trainer. Shelly worked locally at Friends School and has recently returned to Baltimore, having earned her doctoral degree at Middle Tennessee State University.

Jeffrey Hindes will be teaching Chemistry in the upper school. He has taught at Georgetown Preparatory School, following an internship at Friends School here in Baltimore. Mr. Hindes is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College.

Katie Oppenheim
is our new administrative assistant in the College Counseling Office. She previously worked with the Cleveland Orchestra. Ms. Oppenheim is a graduate of the University of North Texas, and she is a trained classical cellist.

Brian Farrell
will be working in the admissions office and serving as our head varsity lacrosse coach. Mr. Farrell, a 2006 graduate of Boys' Latin, has worked at the Salisbury School in Connecticut for the last few years. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Carolyn Smith will be teaching in our middle school, working most closely with Mrs. Schuyler and our ESS program. Ms. Smith graduated from Davis & Elkins College.

Lower School Summer Buddies Greet with Ice Cream

New lower school families gathered with their summer buddy families for an ice cream party on campus last week. Fun was had by all in a beautiful summer afternoon. BL is excited to welcome new friends to our community.

Jack Pezzulla Named to the US Lacrosse 2016 U.S. Men’s U19 Team

Congratulations to senior Jack Pezzulla, who was recently named to the 30-player training roster for the US Lacrosse 2016 U.S. Men’s U19 Team! Click here to read more from US Lacrosse.  

Maggio Named to Under Armour All-American Team

Dom Maggio, a rising senior at Boys’ Latin, was just selected as one of two punters for the Under Armour All-American Football Team which plays Saturday, January 2 in Tampa at Tropicana Field. Dom recently competed against kickers from all over the country in Jamie Kohl's Wisconsin kicking camp with over 400 participants.   ESPN will air the game as well as practice and skill competitions in Orlando the week prior to the game.

In the final "pressure" round, Dom had punts of 52, 53 and 54 yards. 

Left to right: Dom (committed to Wake Forest, Punter) , Logan Tyler (committed to FSU, Kicker) , Coach Jamie Kohl , Coach Luke Radke , Braden Mann (committed to Texas A&M, Punter), Ricky Aguayo (committed to FSU, Kicker)

Middle Grades Partnership Summer at BL

From Marcia Flaherty -- Friday July 17, 2015 was the culmination of another successful Middle Grades Partnership (MGP) summer program with a select group of boys from City Springs Middle School in south Baltimore. MGP supports partnerships between public and independent schools to provide comprehensive summer and learning opportunities for academically promising Baltimore City middle school students and project based learning for students from both independent and public schools. By preparing more than 600 students to thrive in rigorous high schools, colleges and beyond, MGP aspires to provide a core of leadership for Baltimore. Boys’ Latin has been a proponent and active participant in the program since its inception. Currently, BL is in our third year of partnership with City Springs Middle School in South Baltimore, and it has been wonderful!

Our program runs for 4 weeks, from 8:30am until 3:30pm each day. Students take enrichment and skill building classes in the core areas of reading, writing and math along with a character development/decision making course. At the end of each day, we were all enriched by local African storyteller Clarence Mollack who regaled us with tales of the times “animals would talk.” The stories inspired the boys to write their own original stories of animals. Students also participated in a weekly book club and daily physical education classes. They even invented a new game - tennis court baseball! Mrs. Lynette Garrus (mother of Wayne ’18) worked with our older boys for two days on how to manage money. It was indeed a rich summer, but the most enjoyment came from Friday field trips that balanced fun and learning. We visited the Genessee Valley ropes course and The Smithsonian Institute Museums, rode the waves while enjoying a barbeque at Sandy Point State Park, and finally rode waves and rides at Six Flags America. Now that’s what summer is all about!!

The great thing is that the MGP summer doesn’t end. We will be working throughout the school year with our City Springs boys in a variety of activities and will keep you updated. If you are interested in learning more about MGP and how you can become involved or participate, talk to Marcia Flaherty at, or to our BL mentors and volunteers: Brendan Mullally ’16, Hayden Kovinsky ’16, Jackson Gazin ’18, Hunter Isaac ’18, Max Mygatt ’18 and Wayne Garrus III ’16. Our BL students were inspirational role models and will be sharing their reflections of the summer in the coming weeks. Thanks gentleman. Other thanks for the success of our program go to Christopher Post, Trish Fallon and the Finance Office, Michael Thomas ’87, Steve Dubin ’79 and the BL Facilities crew.

Lacrosse in the News

Yesterday, US Lacrosse Magazine’s Bill Tanton released an online article about Bob Shriver ’69 entitled "Sizing Up Shriver's Legacy."  It begins:

 "Is Bob Shriver the best high school lacrosse coach in the country?  At the risk of being egregiously unfair, I think he is.

"Why unfair? Familiarity alone would make my vote look like an inside job. I've known Shriver since he played at Baltimore's Boys Latin School in the 1960s and I officiated some of his games. I worked a couple of games he played at Washington College. I knew his father, WBAL radio commentator Bill Shriver. His brother, Bill Jr., is a friend.

For the full article, click here.

In more news, Patrick Spencer ’15 was named the 2015 Baltimore Messenger Boys Lacrosse Player of the Year. Tom Worgo covered the story for The Baltimore Sun.  Click here for the article and video interview with Patrick.

Teens on Capitol Hill

Yesterday for Teen Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill , BL seniors Brett Blum, Andrew Scholnick and Andrew Brennan worked to educate Maryland legislators about the life-threatening genetic disease cystic fibrosis, the efforts of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) and the search for a cure.  The three teens spoke to the Deputy Chief of Staffs for Representatives Donna Edwards, Elijah Cummings and John Sarbanes plus Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin. They met briefly with Rep. Andy Harris to share CFF's Policy Agenda and encourage support for innovative research funding (NIH and FDA) and, specifically, for new legislation in the Ensuring Access to the Clinical Trials Act (S. 139/H.R. 209).

Together with other teens from across the nation, Brett, Andrew and Andrew had the opportunity to hear from Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) who spoke about the importance of this day as an educational experience for the teens and an opportunity to hone lobbying skills.  CFF spokesperson Maren Blum said, "The boys spoke eloquently to each delegate about their efforts to work on behalf of the Foundation, raising money, and most importantly, awareness about this disease. They shared that Boys' Latin has been an integral partner in fundraising for this cause, and how alumnus Matthew Hamburger has been valiant in his fight to stay healthy and help raise money to end cystic fibrosis. Brett, Andrew and Andrew have taken the baton from the Hamburger family since Matthew's brother, Josh, graduated from BL in 2013, and the three teens have grown BL's CF Great Strides Club and dollars raised. What a great story to share about BL, and it was very well received by all!"

Farewell & Closing Exercises

For students, the official end of the 2014-15 school year was marked with Closing Exercises on Tuesday for the lower school and on Wednesday for the middle school. First, proud families and friends gathered to see the fifth grade class be recognized as they progress to the middle school, then we experienced a second wave of joy and pride as our eighth grade moved up to be freshmen in the upper school.  Closing Exercises also are a time to honor individual students for their achievements. 

All of us in the lower and middle schools wish you a safe and sun-filled summer break.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a community login at Lower School Closing and Middle School Closing.

University of Baltimore Honors Meb Turner

Today, Boys’ Latin joins the University of Baltimore in celebrating Dr. H. Mebane Turner ’08 H.  UB announced that they are renaming their learning commons to be the Meb Turner Learning Commons in honor of longtime, former university president, H. Mebane Turner.  Dr. Turner is the longest-serving president of the University of Baltimore (1969 - 2002).  At Boys’ Latin, Dr. Turner is a trustee emeritus and former headmaster (January 2006 - June 2008).  Dr. Turner was also named an honorary BL alumnus in 2008, and at BL's homecoming this year Dr. Turner was awarded BL's John S. Hodges '32 Cup for Outstanding Loyalty to the School.

US Lacrosse features Charm City Lacrosse and Kendall

Click the image above to watch a video from U. S. Lacrosse about Charm City Youth Lacrosse.  Kendall Walker, a seventh grader at Boys' Latin, is one of two students featured in the story.  Kendall and a group of middle school friends had fun filming this in early May.  Athletic Director Michael Thomas noted that BL lacrosse players have been volunteering most Saturdays at CCYL for about two decades.  It is a wonderful program in Baltimore.

Commencement 2015 - Beautiful!


Parents gathered early with beaming smiles in pride for their sons and gladness for the chance to celebrate outside on a beautiful day.  For the graduates, the ceremonies began informally with hugs and well wishes as faculty helped with bow ties and boutonnieres in the Alumni House, and then events shifted to pomp and circumstance as Sounding Brass began the prelude. Bagpiper Andrew Shriver McGowan (BL Class of 2012) led the center isle processional of BL’s administration, board members, faculty, staff and Class of 2015.  

Headmaster Post began the ceremony by reading the mission statement, thanking those who had organized this beautiful event and recognizing the parents and grandparents for all their care and support that culminated in this momentous celebration.  Mr. Post acknowledged Student Body President Charley Hughes and then introduced our Valedictorian Conner Ward.  In his keynote address, Conner spoke of letters he had recently written to help himself put this time into perspective and gain closure.  The letters not only say thank you but also help him remember good times and say farewell.  Conner shared three special letters.  First he thanked teachers who give themselves wholly and selflessly and are so much more than the word teacher conveys.  They are the "coaches, mentors, friends and some of the smartest, most interesting people who taught us how to live and how to be adults."  For his parents, Conner said no letter could possibly contain enough thanks to recognize what they do for him every day.  For his classmates, Conner shared a "highlight reel" of memories and thanked them all for the laughs and support they have shared with each other over the years.

As diplomas were presented, Headmaster Post gave a personal comment about each and every one of the 80 graduates.  With collective input from the faculty, the comments reflect what we hold dear in each young man with humor, love and pride.  It is a beautiful and moving tradition.  The crowd was also treated to one last musical moment by our Senior Jazz Ensemble with Austin Campodonico, Justin Donawa, Naylor Finnerty, Tyler Jarman, Ikechi Ndukwu, Josh Smith and Richie Wiklund (plus underclassmen Josiah Bedford, Cody Carlson, Robbie Dittmar and Noah Vilceus).  Special congratulations go to the following seniors who were recognized with awards:
- Charley Hughes with the J. Elwood Peter Memorial Award “established by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Peter to be presented to that member of the senior class who, in the opinion of his classmates, possesses the characteristics of heart, mind and conduct that manifest a spirit of love for and helpfulness to his fellow men as were exemplified by their son, J. Elwood Harrison Peter ’34.”
- Myles Cohen with the Jack H. Williams Award for Benevolence “established in 1978 by the School in memory of Mr. Williams ’38, beloved Headmaster 1962-78, whose concern and love for others was the paragon for the spirit of caring at Boys’ Latin.”
- Nick Morton with the Julian and Carolyn Smith Alumni Cup Award “established in 1916 by the Alumni Association, dedicated in 2012 to the Smiths, awarded to a member of the senior class for leadership based on character.”
- Max Marshall with the Senior Internship Award “presented to that senior whose project is judged to most outstanding” for his work at the Johns Hopkins University Space Telescope Science Institute.
- Avery Engel, Drew Gray, Devin Harvin, Matt Sachs, Michael Shortt and Conner Ward with Faculty Awards

It was a picturesque day, a capstone event and pivotal moment for our seniors, families and community.  All graduates are heading to college in the fall, and we wish them all well. For a list of colleges and key statistics on the class of 2015, click here. Congratulations to the Class of 2015!


-- Photos from BL staff and professionals are available on SmugMug with the BL community login:  click here.
-- Click The Baltimore Sun to see photos by Brian Krista in the Sun online. 
-- Video recording from the live streaming is available:  click here.  In YouTube, click on "show more" to see time markings, so you can skip ahead to key parts as needed.
-- The professional video will be available in approximately three weeks:  click here to order.

Crossing the Bridge to the Upper School


Yesterday, we celebrated what has become a newer, honored tradition.  Boys' Latin held our Eighth Grade Bridge Crossing Ceremony where we celebrate completion of middle school and recognize the transition to upper school for approximately 50 boys. Upper School Co-heads Charles Franklin and Brian Mitchell joined Headmaster Post at the foot of the north side of the bridge to welcome the boys to the upper school. Parents, grandparents and friends congregated nearby on the lawn in front of the Alumni House to greet the boys and take photos.  Following the ceremony, the group gathered for a reception and lunch in the Student Center.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Sad News...

Boys' Latin is sad to share the news that Richard C. “Dick” Working H’10 passed away this week. Dick was a Boys' Latin middle school math teacher as well as varsity football and baseball coach for 12 years. Dick arrived at BL in the fall of 1974 having taught at McDonogh for many years. He helped to resurrect BL’s baseball program, becoming just the second coach for the team here on Lake Avenue. In football, Dick was Ridge Warfield’s assistant coach on the 1977 undefeated Laker team, BL’s last undefeated football team. Dick was made an honorary alumnus during Homecoming 2010.

Please join us in keeping the Working family in your thoughts and prayers.

From The Jewish Times "Labor of Love"

Yesterday in the Baltimore Jewish Times, Melissa Gerr wrote a story about the Aidan Silverman and his bar mitzvah project which raises funds for three children who lost their parents in 2011 car crash.  "Aidan Silverman, whose family belongs to Chizuk Amuno Congregation in Pikesville, has dedicated his celebration as a fundraiser for Peter, Aaron and Willa Berry, whose parents, Joshua and Robin, were killed as the family returned from a vacation. The accident left the two brothers with permanent spinal cord injuries and a lifetime of medical expenses. "

As a reminder from our earlier news story, the entire BL community is invited to Aidan's fun fundraiser -- click here to see a flyer for complete details.  If you have any questions, please contact the Silvermans at

For the full story in the Baltimore Jewish Times, click here or click the image on the left.  Congratulations to Aidan and his family in creating such a wonderful event for a great cause.

Lower School Adventures

It's the culmination of their Boys' Latin lower school years -- THE CAMPING TRIP! Wednesday morning 37 fifth graders, accompanied by Mrs. Hurley, Miss Rubin, Mr. Schnitzlein, Mr. Sloboda and camp staff members, loaded the buses and headed for Camp Calleva. Later joined by Mrs. Krulak and Ms. McKew, they experienced everything from the zip line to X Games, rafting, floating, horseback riding and tales by the campfire. All in all, it was a great adventure!

Fourth grade journeyed not so far away on Thursday morning. After loading their gear and climbing aboard a big yellow school bus, they went for an overnight adventure to Irvine Nature Center. Although it may not be as far away as Poolesville, MD, they had an activities-filled day that will be wonderful preparation for next year's camping trip.

Celebrating Academics

In the lower school on Tuesday, Mr. Post and Mr. Kriebel joined faculty and staff in recognizing those students who have achieved success in  various academic subjects. Those honored are pictured below. Parents were on hand to applaud the boys as they proudly displayed their names on the plaques that hang in the lobby of Ehrhardt Hall.  

On Thursday,  the middle school recognized student achievement in and out of the classroom with their annual Academic Awards ceremony. We also enjoyed the opportunity to view recent student videos such as the presentation on "teamwork" by Mr. Zielaskiewicz's advisories and a recent video produced as part of the “Publications Club.” The entire audience enjoyed these creative and entertaining productions.  Below are photos of a few award winners.

Mrs. Brackins also recognized two studnents for their outstanding
efforts on their senior projects.

Ms. Merow  recognized the entire robotics
team and presented the technology award.

Mr. Stone  presented
the English award.

We know you join us in congratulating these young men.

Looking Ahead with Sophomore College Night

On Thursday night, Boys' Latin hosted college admissions representatives from five different colleges and universities for an evening spent with our sophomores and their families discussing the college search process.  Tommy Bergstrom from Franklin & Marshall College, Devin Underhill from the University of Virginia, Claire Criniti from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Calvin Wise from Johns Hopkins University, and Peter Hagan from Syracuse University were all gracious enough to give of their time to present our boys and families with crucial information about five different aspects of the college process:

1. How to begin the college search process
2. How to prepare for a college visit
3. Academics and test scores - what do colleges look for
4. Activities, extracurriculars, and other aspects of the admissions file
5. Presenting yourself in your college essay and in interviews

The presenters did a wonderful job of discussing each of these topics, and we are so thankful for their perspective and information!

Senior Interns Hard at Work

Tyler Jarman at his intership at Gale Associates, Inc. I'm sure I speak for all the BL parents when we careful!

Cole Coffay & Jake Ebrite working hard at WebbMason's offices.

Skyler Morris interning at Medstar NHR Rehabilitation Network in Bel Air, MD.

Richard Wiklund hard at work at Hardesty Capital Management in Hunt Valley.

Here we share a few snapshots of BL seniors who are currently interning at hospitals, businesses, nonprofits and a variety of other types of organizations. Each senior set up his own two-week internship to gain experience in a professional field of his choice. For example, Julian Baker is an intern at the Baltimore County Office of Communications and pulished this online article: Baltimore County's Sounds of Summer.

It has taken a considerable work to coordinate the Senior Internship Program, with refinements each year. Many thanks to Gina Molling for her leadership over the years to build this program into a strong and meaningful experience!

As seniors send in additional photos, we will continue to post to our album on Facebook.  Like us on Facebook ( to follow all our great stories and photos.

Enjoying the Lesson in Fire Safety

What is it about boys and fire trucks? Not that the faculty wasn't also fascinated by the trucks and hoses! Andrew Seitz, Class of '87, arranged the annual visit to the lower school by his engine company, and the boys learned all about fire safety. Check out the pictures of Mrs. Hine carrying the weight of a firefighter's gear and one of our second graders ready to drive the engine!

Michael Thompson Returns

This week, Boys' Latin was pleased to have internationally recognized psychologist, author, and educational expert Dr. Michael Thompson on campus for two days.  Dr. Thompson is completing a series of visits as our resident fellow with our Bauer Institute for Leadership and Personal Development.  In this visit, Dr. Thompson met with faculty in each division, and they recapped new initiatives over the past two years plus the top concerns for our students today.  There was truly a collegial atmosphere as the discussion topics touched on male development, the social relationships of boys and how boys learn best. 

In addition to his discussions with teachers, Dr. Thompson has met with students and fathers at the Junior Father-Son Dinner.  It was an evening enjoyed by all. From these discussions, there are many expert opinions and words of advice, and here we share just two examples:
- Free play is important for social and emotional development.  We see this in our lived experience at BL in our camping trips, retreats, recess and more.  Spontaneous, creative play creates natural bonds and confidence.
- Parents and teachers should STOP REPEATING themselves.  Hold the boys accountable for listening to directions the first time.  Have them repeat the instructions back to you.

Farewell to Seniors!

In an emotion-filled annual tradition on Friday, our upper school gathered in the Gelston Athletic Center after Closing Convocation to send off our seniors for internships. This event is always a moving representation of the connections our students share with each other, faculty and families. The gathering began with some kind words from Upper School Head Brian Mitchell and Student Body President Charley Hughes. Then, class advisor Beau Dagenais shared sage advice with the class of 2015. He encouraged the class to acknowledge that “change will be one of the defining characteristics of your lives” and that “every end is a new beginning.” His comments had just the right mix of reflection, humor, gratitude, wisdom and motivation.   It was a powerful message that clearly resonated with the 81 seniors.

Dressed in his college t-shirt, each senior stepped up to the podium to share where he is conducting his senior internship along with where he will be attending college. Internships range from positions with a Distirct Court Judge, the Newseum in DC, T. Rowe and the Lyric Opera House to law firms, banks, engineering firms, architects, hospitals/medical providers and non-profits.  Students spoke of their commitments to attend Cornell, Tulane, UConn, Rhodes, Hopkins, Stevenson, Berklee College of Music and Furman which just names a few. Click here for the full college list.  This senior class is very well diversified in their college selections, and hearing their short remarks about their plans encouraged smiles throughout the Gelston Athletic Center. As per tradition, the seniors then took their lap around the GAC, offering their final goodbyes to beloved fellow Lakers. Hugs, handshakes and tears were offered, leaving it as another senior farewell that will not be soon forgotten. Aditional photos are available with a community login on SmugMug.

Congratulations seniors!

Sad News

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

I am so sorry to share the very sad news that Bobby Shriver, Jr., son of Jasmine and Bob Shriver ’69 and brother of David Shriver ‘06, passed away following complications from a recent illness. Over the years, Bobby would often accompany his father to various games and events at Boys’ Latin. We fondly remember Bobby Jr., with his wonderful smile and his great sense of humor.

The family has made the following arrangements:

- Viewing at Ruck’s Funeral Home (Towson) on Tuesday, May 19 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.  
- Memorial Service at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart (Mt. Washington) on Wednesday, May 20 at 4:30 p.m.
- Gathering to receive visitors here at Boys’ Latin in the Gelston Athletic Center on Wednesday, May 20 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The loss of Bobby Jr. is heartbreaking for the family and our community. Please keep the Shriver family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sincerely yours,

Christopher J. Post

Baseball & Lax Clinics CANCELED Wednesday

We regret to inform you that Wednesday night's baseball and lacrosse clinics have been canceled. With the sad news that one of our coach's family members passed away over the weekend, many in the BL community will be attending memorial services Wednesday evening.

We apologize for any inconvenience. The clinics are always a fun evening for players, coaches and organizers. We hope you will consider joining us for our football and soccer clinics in the fall.

In the meantime, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Admissions Team

Baseball Moves on to the Championships -- SUNDAY

Lakers win 9-1 over Severn yesterday. We are on to the MIAA B Conference Championships versus St. Mary's -- 1:30pm Sunday at Ripken Stadium (873 Long Dr, Aberdeen, MD 21001).  Come out an cheer on the team!!

Boys’ Latin Celebrates Closing Convocation

Today marked an exciting day for all Lakers. For Closing Convocation, we gathered as a complete collective, all students, faculty and staff, for the last time this academic year. Similar to prior years, the ceremonies were inspiring, exciting and heartwarming. Days like this make it easy to recognize how special BL truly is. Smiles and laughter filled the Iglehart Center as students and faculty strolled in. Each senior entered hand-in-hand with his kindergarten or pre-first buddy. This is always a delightful way to start the day. The ceremonies began with remarks from Headmaster Post followed by the pledge of allegiance and reading of the mission statement by Student Body President Charley Hughes. Charley handed off his gavel as he announced Michael Morsberger as the new 2015-16 Student Body President.

The program features recognition of faculty and staff accomplishments. Each mark of recognition received a thunderous applause from the entire Boys’ Latin community. Headmaster Post gave sincere thanks to the service of certain Boys’ Latin faculty members, especially those long time Lakers who will be retiring after this year. BL will be saying thank you and goodbye to Jim Haluck, Linda Imhoff and Drew Haugh. We also commemorated the profound effects certain faculty members have had with their increasing number in years of servitude. At the top of that list we thanked Jimmy Curry and Bob Shriver for their 35 and 40 respective years of service.

All awards given were well deserved and appreciated but 4th grader Edwin Snitker stole the show as he gave a speech presenting the Laker Buddy Award to his “senior buddy” Drew Gray. The entire audience listened in awe of young Edwin’s powerful words. Headmaster Post concluded the ceremony by thanking our incredible faculty.

Congratulations to all award recipients:

Faculty Mentoring and Excellence Awards:


     Lower School
     Middle School:
     Upper School:

Kimberlee Pierce
Ryan Hopkins
Matt LaFreniere


Rookie Teacher of the Year

Matthew Stone



Kotras Award for Excellence in Teaching

Susan Brown



Laker-to-Laker Buddy Award

Drew Gray

Laker Corps Award

Brenden Crouse
Avery Engel
Garrett Glaeser

Devin Harvin
Bennett Kauffman
Brent Powers


Faculty Grant Awards

Ford Fellowship
Eric Whitehair

Brooks Faculty Enrichment
Kristin Tubman

Jean Campbell Faculty Enrichment
Sally Brackins

Summer Grant
Jimmy Currie
Jennifer Streeter

EcoColumn Competition in Lower School Science

Mr. Sloboda's 5th grade science class are competing to see who can make the best EcoColumn, a model of an ecosystem. EcoColumns are designed to show how energy is transferred through food chains in terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

The winners get to be first in line for lunch! Go Laker scientists!

Upper School Spring Concert ROCKS!

The Upper School's Spring Concert was held on Monday, May 11th and featured performances from the Upper School Chorus, the Jazz Workshop, and Jazz Ensemble groups.  The performances were lively and entertaining, and Choral Director Kathy Anderson and Music Director Clarke Nyman both had extremely complimentary words for the graduating members of the music program. 

All of the performers are to be congratulated for an outstanding year of musical performances! Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Baseball Playoffs Continue TODAY

The Lakers lost to St. Mary's on Wednesday after a walk-off RBI with bases loaded in the 7th.  Come out TODAY and cheer for the Lakers:
- Game 9:  TODAY BL hosts Severn at 3:30pm. 
- Game 10:  Championship - Sunday, May 17- 1:30pm at Ripken Stadium
- If necessary, Game 11:  Monday, May 18 at Ripken Stadium (time TBA)

A Day in the Life of Combat Marine

On Monday May 11th, Mr. Patrick Young spoke to the U.S. Military History class about a typical day in the life of a combat Marine.  Mr. Young was a Corporal in the 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment where he participated in a humanitarian mission in Liberia and served two combat tours in Iraq.  He also discussed the day-to-day grind in a combat operation and several stories about the battle of Fallujah.

Mr. Young and Nick Ziolkowski (BL class of '01) served in the same unit and were close friends. Mr. Young gave a moving account of his last conversation with Nick before he was killed while serving.  This first-hand perspective was well received by the class who asked meaningful questions. The entire class thanked him and shook his hand at the conclusion of his remarks.  We all thank Mr. Young for his service and Mr. Maisel for this opportunity as well as his many years of service.

Art in Bloom in BL's Smith Hall Gallery


Monday evening was a treat in Smith Hall for students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends who gathered for our 2015 Spring All School Art Show.  We enjoyed ceramics, paintings and sketches by students in all divisions that were on display.   Senior Skyler Morris and other members of the baseball team stopped by after their first playoff game to see their own art displayed among selections by friends, classmates and the entire school. 

We were excited to feature our 2013 graduate Jarek Sparaco in the visiting gallery space.  Jarek, currently a student at MICA, re-connected with his BL teachers and friends, and we all enjoyed seeing his recent work.  It was a lovely celebration of art and community!

For the first time, we combined the Lower School Art Show in the same afternoon-evening and opened the lower school building to all.  There was art on every wall of all three floors including drawing, paintings, tiles, ceramic food, decorated masks and more.

Many thanks to our four art teachers, Marta Cardarelli, Demond Baine, Sarah Molling and Amy Digges, for all their hard work.  It shows in the quality artwork and in the enthusiasm of our boys and community.  If you missed the show, we invite you to stop by Smith Hall through the end of May to see this wonderful exhibit or see photos on SmugMug with a BL community password.  


BL Night at the O's

The Boys' Latin Alumni Association (AA) and the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association (PA) once again will host a night at Oriole Park. The game will take place on Tuesday, May 26 against the Houston Astros. Lower reserve tickets will cost just $15 with $7 going to the AA and PA.

Mark your calendars for another great night at the ball park! Space IS LIMITED.  Buy your tickets TODAY. Please make your check out to the BL Alumni Association and send to my attention.

Mac Kennedy

J. Duncan Smith '73 Sturdy is the Mighty Oak

At the last meeting of the school year, the Board of Trustees recognized J. Duncan Smith' 73 for service as a trustee since 1993.  Headmaster Post dedicated an oak tree recently planted outside the Alumni House with a plaque that reads "with admiration, appreciation and affection for your intrepid leadership and your unwavering support," and fellow trustee members shared their gratitude with a round of applause.


What’s a Galley? -- Visit with Author Elissa Brent Weissman

Yesterday, award-winning children's author Elissa Brent Weissman visited our third-fifth grades as part of the Authors For Earth Day (A4ED) program. A4ED is a coalition of “children's authors and illustrators who directly mentor young readers by giving them an ‘authentic research project with real-world impact.’ ... Each participant visits one school a year with a unique twist: the author donates at least 30% of that day's speaking fee to a non-profit conservation organization as directed by a student vote. Students research a list of five conservations nominees selected by their author and then vote for their favorite—the author writes a check to the winning organization. The mission? To empower young readers to shape the world around them!” Mrs. Weissman will be donating 70% of her honorarium. Our boys did research during their Research and Digital Literacy class, voted and chose the Wildlife Conservation Society as their conservation non-profit to support.

Mrs. Weissman shared information on what authors do, the writing process and the books she has written. Boys’ hands flew up with answers in an exciting game of author Jeopardy with questions like “In addition to characters, what does a good story need?...CONFLICT” All were interested to hear about how Mrs. Weissman developed her books and the editing process, and the boys loved receiving bookmarks as prizes. Mrs. Weissman shared that Standing for Socks started as 107 pages and was finally published with 175 pages after editors requested for more set up to the story. She also asked the boys to be editors and find a mistake on the draft cover of The Trouble with Mark Hopper. The boys were engaged for the entire visit.

Thank you Mrs. Weissman for a wonderful presentation. Thank you Mrs. Floccare for organizing this opportunity, and thank you to the Parents’ Association for supporting the experience.

"Hail to the King"

From Inside Lacrosse by Quint Kessenich --
"After 36 seasons, more than 500 wins, six league championships and three national No. 1 rankings, Boys’ Latin (Md.) legend Bob Shriver coached his final game last night as the Lakers fell to McDonogh in the PNC MIAA Semifinals. ESPN’s Quint Kessenich, who was an assistant coach for Shriver for more than ten seasons, shares his thoughts on Shriver and his legacy...."
Click here to see the full article.

Varsity Baseball -- Strong in the Playoffs

The Lakers had a 12-2 win over AACS on Monday with Justin Ward pitching a complete game. Congrats to Justin who is 9-0 as a starter this spring.  Come out and cheer for the Lakers.  The playoff schedule is:
- Game 7:  TODAY Glenelg Country School at Severn School,  4pm at Kinder Park
- Game 8:  TODAY Boys' Latin versus St. Mary's,  7pm at Joe Cannon Stadium ( Admission: Ages 12 under free 13-18 $3.00 18- over $4.00 65 over $3.00)
- Game 9:  Friday, May 15 - winner of Game 7 at the loser of Game 8
- Game 10:  Championship - Sunday, May 17- 1:30pm at Ripken Stadium
- (IF) Game 11 - Monday, May 18 at Ripken Stadium (time TBA)

Lacrosse & Baseball Playoff Plans

Based on a lost coin toss, Boys' Latin baseball is now seeded 2nd. Playoffs begin Monday, May 11th at 4:00pm when the Lakers play Annapolis Area Christian School here at home.

After an exciting 12-7 win over Loyola on Friday, our Laker Lacrosse team advances to the semifinals in the MIAA A Conference playoffs.  The schedule is:

Tuesday, May 12 Semifinals
Homewood Field at JHU
Boys' Latin vs No. 1 seed McDonogh,   5 pm
St Mary's vs No. 2 seed St Paul's,  7:30 pm

Friday, May 15 - "Championship Friday"
Homewood Field at JHU
C Conference Finals,  3 pm.
B Conference Finals,  5:30 pm.
A Conference Finals,  8 pm.

For information on parking and tickets, please go to

Spring All School Art Show & Upper School Concert


Monday, May 11th

Lower School Art Show in both the lower school building & Smith Hall
(teachers will be in both locations)

All School Art Show in Smith Hall
featuring guest artist:
Jarek Sparaco (BL Class of 2013)

Upper School Spring Concert in the Iglehart Center

Great Strides Continue with Boys' Latin



Last Sunday, the BL Team gathered at Hunt Valley Towne Center for the annual Great Strides Walk to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Student leader and BL junior Brett Blum reported that the BL Team had nearly 20 faculty, student, staff and parent walkers, who joined the crowd of 250 for the event.  

Over the past 17 years, BL has raised over $300,000 that goes directly to research and treatment for Cystic Fibrosis. This year, BL raised over $7,200 through the walk plus a school-wide dress down day. To kick off the Great Strides campaign, the CF Club held an assembly on April 21 where middle and upper school students and faculty heard from Conor Sanders, a BL alumnus and CF Young Leadership Member, as well as Jeff Breslin, a CF Young Adult who shared how students can get involved in raising awareness for this debilitating disease.  The Boys' Latin CF Club is proud to organize activities that directly help our alumnus and CF Adult Matthew Hamburger as well as the 30,000 patients across the country.

The BL CF Club would like to thank the entire BL community for their support. It was a beautiful morning for the 1.2 mile walk and heartwarming to see a great turn out by the BL community.

FREE Baseball & Lacrosse Clinics - May 20, 2015

On Wednesday, May 20th from 5:30-7:30pm, the Boys' Latin lacrosse and baseball programs will be offering free clinics to local boys currently in 4th-7th grades. The clinics will be run by Head Varsity Coaches Bob Shriver and Bill Greenwell and their coaching staffs. Many of the varsity players will be on hand to work with clinic participants. The clinics are open to both BL and non-BL students. We encourage you to invite a friend or teammate in your community. Click here for a flyer and registration form.

Please provide you son's name and sport.  
Bring or email the completed registration and waiver form. 


Homecoming Weekend Kicks Off Today

Campus activities include:
- Alumni Luncheon at 12:00noon to honor our 2015 Distinguished Alumni
- varsity baseball double header, 2pm & 4pm vs Pallotti
- varsity tennis, 3:15pm vs Gilman
- varsity lacrosse, 4pm vs Loyola Blakefield
- reception at the Alumni House following the games

- Watching the Kentucky Derby, 5pm in the Alumni House
- Cocktail party and dinner for ALL alumni, friends and reunion classes in the Alumni House. Reservations still available with a RSVP for the night to Mac Kennedy at; cost $50.

Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon

In celebration and gratitude, student scholars enjoyed lunch with their sponsors yesterday for Boys' Latin's annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon in the Alumni House.  Director of Development John Sieverts led the festivities, and Conor Sanders, Class of 2007 and former named scholarship recipient, gave opening remarks.  The event also included touching remarks by four seniors:  Julian Baker, Myles Cohen, Devin Harvin and Nick Morton.  To hear speeches by Julian and Myles, click:
- Julian Baker
- Myes Cohen

Freshman Lamont Cooper, Howard R Simpson Scholar
with Mrs. Katherine Simpson

Conor P. Sanders '07 with
John Bowling '10H (longtime BL Latin Teacher)

Impromptu comments by David Roszel, Class of 1939,
on Jack Williams

Senior Speakers:  Nick Morton, Myles Cohen,
Julian Baker and (not shown) Devin Harvin

Making an Impact with Middle Grades Partnership

From BL Upper School English Teacher Marcia Flaherty -- On Wednesday April 22, 2015 Middle Grades Partnership (MGP) hosted a donor thank you reception at Gertrude’s in the Baltimore Museum of Art. Boy’s Latin is a proud 10 year participant in this program and for the past three years has been paired with City Springs Elementary/Middle School. Antoine Holland, one of our rising 8th graders was asked to perform an original poem by the coordinators of the event and did a wonderful job! We were also inspired by Darren Meredith, a two year participant, who took it upon himself to approach us and insist upon sharing how his experience with MGP and Boys’ Latin has impacted his life. Needless to say, his words are a positive affirmation of the program and of the BL community. His original speech is as follows:

Good Evening, Everyone. My name is Darren Meredith. I am an 8th grader at City Springs and have been a part of Middle Grades Partnership for the past two years.

I am here tonight because my experience with MGP has helped me in many ways. For five weeks during the summer, I was able to go to Boys Latin with other middle school boys from City Springs. This helped improve my social skills because I was interacting with fellow classmates and even kids from Boys Latin instead of staying in the house and playing the game. With different class activities, MGP showed me how to use and embrace my creativity in school. For example, even in our physical education class, we created our own game, which we called tennis-baseball.

Of course I now know things about my peers that I didn’t know before, such as common interests, but I also was able to see others’ points of view and perspectives on life. The MGP program has also helped to strengthen the relationship I have with my teachers. I no longer just see them as people I have to listen to in order to pass. I know that they really care and want to help me exceed my potential and be successful. Through the program, I have even raised my expectations for myself. I don’t want to live my life as an average person in society. I want to be someone to look up to, which is why this summer I will be mentoring students during their first summer at MGP, the summer before they enter middle school.

My experience with Middle Grades Partnership has been a great one. I look forward to seeing many other students gain what I have and grow like I did, so I would like to thank you. Thank you for your part in MGP, and thank you for making a difference in the lives of students just like me.

Please click on the image below to see the presentations by Antoine and Darren. If you want more information about our Middle Grades Partnership Program, please contact me, Marcia Flaherty, at


Poem in Your Pocket Day

Today in the upper school, our students and faculty celebrated National Poetry Month with "Poem in Your Pocket Day." All were encouraged by Librarian Claire Ricci to bring a poem to school and be share it out loud. Our halls, classrooms, library and student center are ringing with the sound of shared poetry - written by our boys and famous poets alike.

Alumni Association's Annual Golf Outing

From Mac Kennedy '76, Director of Alumni Relations -- Over 80 players participated in last week's golf outing held at the Elkridge Club. The winning team shot a 16 under par and consisted of Skip Miller ’76, Everett Jackson ’81, and Tim Michel ’78.

The net proceeds of the outing were over $7000 and will go directly into the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The Alumni Association thanks all of the players and hole sponsors for their support.

National Honor Society Inductions

Boys’ Latin held its annual induction ceremony for new members into the Areta Chapter of the National Honor Society today. Chapter Officers, Max Marshall, Nick Morton and Julian Baker, led the ceremony. Alumnus Dewey Stierer, Class of 2010 served as the honorary speaker. Stuart graduated from Rhodes College in 2014 and spoke about the importance of choices. He pointed out that each one of these new inductees already made a choice to focus on work and service to the community.

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to "create enthusiasm for SCHOLARSHIP, to stimulate a desire to render SERVICE, to promote LEADERSHIP and to develop CHARACTER." Students are nominated for membership based on academic performance, overall contributions to the school, moral character and record of community service.

New inductees include seniors Jerel Archer, Joseph Celentano, Oliver Duke, Colton Haugh, Daniel Robinson, Joseph Santangelo, and Jared Snyder as well as juniors Colin Amy, Andrew Brennan, Timothy Carle, Mitchell Casper, Regan Chasney, Bennett Kauffman, Max Keefe, Dylan Kowalewski, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Joshua Lisberger, Davy Lizana, Matthew Lugat, Jashua Lurie, Dominic Maggio, Aaron Mendelshon, Michael Morsberger, Brendan Mullally, Andrew Murrow, Kodye Pugh, Spencer Rees, William Reid, Richard Rosario, Andrew Scholnick, Ryan Shaw, Noah Snyder, and Justin Ward.

Congratulations to these young men on this noteworthy accomplishment.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Welcome Home Robotics Team!

The whole school gathered this morning to welcome home and celebrate our robotics team, the Lumberjacks, from the FRC First World Championships in St. Louis. With 3000+ total FRC teams from around the world, competition was exciting. BL finished 55th in the Carson subdivision and about 351st overall which put BL in the top 12% worldwide.

The slideshow below was shared with the BL community this morning. The Lumberjacks are team #2534, and they are easy to spot in their red plaid lumberjack shirts. The competition theme this year was "Recycle Rush" where teams maneuvered their robots to stack plastic totes and recycle bins to earn points.

Headmaster Post thanked Coach Anne Kellerman for her leadership and long hours over the last seven years in developing the robotics program.  Mrs. Kellerman recognized the team members and thanked them and the many parent volunteers for their tireless pursuit of excellence. Congratulations Laker Lumberjacks -- Well done!

Varsity Sports Spring Update - "Down to the Wire"

From Athletic Director Michael Thomas --

Varsity Golf
The Boys’ Latin Varsity Golf Team has struggled a bit this spring. Competing in a tough A conference has challenged this young group. The MIAA individual stroke play championships are Monday at Eagle Nest. We wish Seth Miller, Shane Kilberg, Drew Nicholas and the others the best of luck.

Varsity Tennis
Varsity Tennis has had a tremendous season thus far. They have beaten rival SP, Park, Friends, and Calvert Hall. They are coming off a tough 3-2 lost @ Loyola last week. Logan King, Jimmie Magee, and Joey Mallon are playing great tennis. We host two huge matches this week: Tuesday versus Gilman and Wednesday versus McD at 345p. Please come out to see these boys. They are a special group. Coach Magee is thrilled to have these boys and looks forward to great finish.

Varsity Baseball
The varsity boys are having a memorable season. Thus far, they are undefeated in MIAA B conference play at 12-0. The Laker baseball boys are approaching the start of playoffs on 8 May. There is a lot of baseball left. We host Park on Monday, and, on homecoming Friday, 1 May, we host a double header versus Pallotti @ 2p and 4p. Varsity baseball is led by Josh Smith, Dom Maggio, Skyler Morris, and Mark Lopez. This team has all the components. They are deep on the mound, great defensively, and have balanced hitting from 1-9. Please come out a support Coach Greenwell and his boys.

Varsity Lacrosse
As we continue to travel through the brutal A conference schedule, we stand in 3rd place with a record of 4-2. We host Spalding on Tuesday and the Dons of Blakefield on Homecoming Friday @ 4p. With Jack Pezzula in goal, Myles Cohen, Matt Sacks, Dylan Gaines, and Andrew Murrow defending, we have shown the ability to be stingy. Devin Shewell, Logan Wisnauskas, Matt Branau, Luke Shilling and Brendan Mullaly are potent. All everything attackman Patrick Spencer is remarkably special. If we get solid contributions from the midfield, good goaltending, and possessions from the X men Charlie Hughes and Jake Glatz, Coach Shriver’s boys have a shot to go deep. Enjoy the ride for the final push to May.

Girl Scouts Honor Georgette Kiser as a Distinguished Woman 2015

Yesterday evening, the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland celebrated Georgette Kiser as one of their five 2015 Distinguished Women.  This annual awards are given to local businesswomen for outstanding professional and civic accomplishments. Ms. Kiser is a Managing Director and the Chief Information Officer at The Carlyle Group.  She also serves a member of the BL Board of Trustees where she is our Board Secretary, and she has two sons -- Noah (a BL sophomore) and Myles (BL class of 2014).

The GSCM pairs the Distinguished Women with Shadow Mentees, who spend a day at work with their mentors. Ms. Kiser said "I truly am excited that my mentee, Carly Woods, now wants to study mathematics when she goes to college.  Amazing things can happen when you can just touch the life of one!"

Rappelling on Campus

Yesterday in the middle school, two teachers (Mr. Maisel and Mr. Sheehey) introduced members of the Leadership / Jr. ROTC club to basic rappelling skills. The boys learned general rappel safety as well as how to get into the harnesses and clip into the ropes. They then had the opportunity to practice their new skills on a very short, but exciting rappel.

2015 Rappel - 12015 Rappel - 2

All-School Art Show & Upper School Concert April 28th

**As a reminder**
Spring All-School Art Show &
Upper School Concert

Tuesday, April 28th

All School Art Show in Smith Hall
Featuring Guest Artist:  Jarek Sparaco '13

Upper School Spring Concert in the Iglehart

Teacher, Cello Player & Food Critic

From Upper School Co-Heads Charles Franklin & Brian Mitchell -- One of the energizing things for us about working here is seeing the incredible array of faculty talents and passions that we all bring to this community. One more example of this comes from Alex Barron (Upper School English Teacher, also of cello playing fame).  If you're interested in reading well written reviews of greater DC area restaurants, check out this link that has Alex's articles archived from the DC Spotlight newspaper. Click here to see the earlier article about Alex as a cellist with the Hopkins Chamber Orchestra.

Watch Live -- BL in the Robotics World Championships
Arrival in St. Louis  Look for BL in their lumberjack shirts.

BL's robotics team, the "Lumberjacks,"  arrived in St. Louis, Missouri to start competition today in the FRC FIRST Robotics World Championships. Look for the Lumberjacks at #2534 in the Carson Division.  They are easy to spot in their red plaid lumberjack shirts. The team will maneuver the robot to stack plastic totes and recycle bins to earn point in the "Recycle Rush" competition this year.

The competition live streaming at:…/st-louis-20…/carson-flash.html
The match schedule is:

Today Thursday, April 23rd:
Match 7 at 10:12am
Match 25 at 12:18pm
Match 31 at 2:58pm
Match 50 at 5:11pm

Friday, April 24th:
Match 57 at 9:14am
Match 64 at 10:03am
Match 80 at 11:55am
Match 96 at 3:42pm
Match 111 at 5:27pm
Match 119 at 6:23pm


Joint STEM Challenge Day with Garrison Forest School

Yesterday the sixth graders and their advisors traveled to Garrison Forest School for the first BL/GFS STEM Day. The boys each took an individually designed and built project (coaster car, foam glider or catapult) to the competition. Once at Garrison Forest, the boys joined with the girls to form teams. Then all the teams completed three different engineering challenge rotations. They built towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows, created bridges from paper and a limited amount of masking tape, and tested their individual projects to see whose was best. The day ended with an awards ceremony recognizing the top team in each competition as well as some individual engineers, including John Bryan, whose glider far out-distanced the competition! We are looking forward to making this an annual event! Special thanks go to the Parents’ Association for their grant support, which made the event possible. Additional photos available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

600 Students Support One Love

How does Boys' Latin support a great cause?  
All in.  

Aerial photos and video of the One Laker|One Love event last Friday are just in.  Here we can see all students, grades K-12, gathered to show their support for One Love Foundation.  Each white dot is a student in a one love day t-shirt with the lower school forming the number one, middle school as the heart and upper school in the oval.  Photos are by SkyeCam Productions.

Many thanks to drone videographer, freshman Harrison Brent (in photo below on the left).  The crowd errupted with "wows" as the drone flipped and dipped. Click his video below to watch (no audio).

Dom Maggio '16 Celebrated on ABC2 News as "Student Athlete of the Week"



Tonight on ABC TV2 News, BL junior Dom Maggio was celebrated as WMAR's Student Athlete of the Week.  His interview aired on the evening news at around 5:45pm.  Click the image above to watch the full story.  Congratulations Dom for all your hard work in the classroom, on the football field and in baseball!

Project Clean Stream in Partnership with GFS

From Science Teacher Susan Brown -- Last Saturday, twelve middle school boys were joined by eight Garrison Forest School girls as they worked to clean a stretch of the Jones Falls near the Northwest Ice Rink. The students enjoyed a beautiful sunny day while they collected about 180 pounds of trash from the banks of the river! Congratulations on a job well done!

Maroon & White Day 2015

There were cheers and laughter along Lake Avenue for our annual Maroon & White Day competitions. Each of the three divisions holds a day of friendly competitions. Yesterday, we were grateful for sunshine and warmer temperatures for the upper school maroon and white events. Our kindergarten and first graders came over for the final tug of war to cheer on the teams.  After burrito eating, jousting, flag football, egg toss and more, the white team was declared the victor with 21-17 points.  A fan favorite was the faculty slip & slide -- click below to watch video. Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Seniors Prevail in Debate Competition

The annual Junior-Senior debate took place on Tuesday morning at an upper school assembly in the Gelston Athletic Center.  The topic for the debate focused on the legal and moral justifcations for the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, or torture, by the US Government in efforts to insure national security.  The Senior team, consisting of Charley Hughes, Julian Baker, and Conner Ward, argued for the use of these techniques, while the Junior team, consisting of Mark Gray, Logan Atkinson, and Joey Mallon, argued against the use of enhanced interrogation. 

After a round of speeches by each participant, there was a rebuttal period before the judges (Upper School faculty members Jim Haluck and Eric Whitehair, along with Athletic Director Michael Thomas) revealed the winning team.  The Senior team was judged to have won the debate, with Charley Hughes being recognized for having delivered the best individual speech.  Junior Mark Gray walked away with two awards, one for best rebuttal and the other for best overall debater.  This debate provided a great opportunity for all students to hear an intellectual and empassioned presentation about a current day controversial topic from their peers. 

From Baltimore Fishbowl "One Laker/One Love: Boys’ Latin School Works to Prevent Relationship Violence"

In an article on Baltimore Fishbowl today, Susan Dunn wrote:  

Upper schoolers watched and discussed “Escalation”, a film produced by the One Love Foundation about recognizing relationship violence, and listened to an address from Sharon Love, founder of One Love and the mother of NDP alum Yeardley Love, in whose memory the organization was founded after she was killed by her boyfriend at UVA in 2010.

"We are so moved by the students of Boys Latin. The young men who formed the One Love Club deserve all the credit for making this day happen. They are truly inspirational to all of us at One Love, and we are so grateful for their dedication, support and enthusiasm in helping end relationship violence,” said One Love Foundation Spokesperson Seanna Bruno.

Click here for the full article.

From WMAR ABC2 News, "Boys' Latin raising awareness about relationship violence with One Laker, One Love Day"

Click image to watch the news segment by Megan Knight at WMAR.


One Laker|One Love Day

Today in One Laker|One Love Day, Boys' Latin came together as a K-12 community to "Be One for Change" in support of One Love Foundation.  After 18-months in partnership with One Love, we were excited to see this day unfold.  The day began with a parent screening of the Escalation video and facilitated discussion with One Love representatives Jordyn Cohen and Seanna Bruno.  Mid-day, the entire school, K-12, donned One Love t-shirts and gathered for blue, heart-shaped cookies before they began awareness-building activities.  An aerial photo of our giant show of One Love support will be posted soon, and additional photos from the day are available now on SmugMug with a BL community login.

Throughout the afternoon, activities continued in age-appropriate breakout sessions. The entire upper school plus eighth grade heard touching and inspiring comments from Sharon Love before they further explored what healthy relationships are, what relationship violence can look like, and what they can do to “Be 1 for Change.”  In a separate session, our 11th and 12th graders watched the Escalation video followed by facilitated discussions with One Love. Our middle school plus the fifth grade focused on respect, peer relationships and what it means to be part of a team, and the lower school focused on kindness and respect.

It is important to note that this initiative stems from student leadership.  One Love Club formed a simple mission to educate peers about healthy relationships.  At Boys' Latin, we believe that these conversations should begin early.

As most know, the One Love Foundation was founded in 2010 to honor Yeardley Reynolds Love who tragically lost her life to relationship violence.  We were honored to have Sharon Love and One Love Foundation representatives on campus today to lead the charge in providing content and raising awareness in and through young adults about the warning signs of relationship violence.  We now have what we need to BE ONE FOR CHANGE.

What Works: A Discussion of Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men

Boys’ Latin was honored to recently host Hampden-Sydney College (HSC) as they led a panel discussion of What Works: Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men. HSC President Dr. Christopher Howard led panelists Drs. Abigail Norfleet James and Rocco L. “Chip” Capraro as they shared their insights with a crowd of roughly 200 parents, grandparents, teachers and community leaders. Throughout the country, HSC has scheduled community discussions like this to share learnings on the development of boys and men from experts and thought leaders including James, Capraro and others such as Michael Thompson, Michael Kimmel and Joe Ehrmann. The audience at Boys’ Latin was engaged and asked challenging questions about masculinity, role models, bullying and transformational experience for boys/men. At the end, many commented that this was an outstanding event where time passed far too quickly.

For younger boys, Dr. James, author and internationally recognized leader in gender-based education, shared her perspective on the benefits of single-sex schools and statistics on the success of women today versus boys in school and work. She encouraged parents to give specific feedback about behavior, “Never say ‘good boy.’” Although the male versus female brain develops much later, Dr. James cautions us to not let boys off the hook in education and to look back at history when men accomplished great things at a young age.

With a focus on college-age men, Dr. Capraro drew from his experience as Dean of Hobart and William Smith Colleges where his acclaimed Men’s Lives series has tackled the stereotypes of what it means to be a man and to be masculine today. Dr. Capraro pointed out that we are not here to impose a new code for men, rather to be good men. On the topic of bullying, Capraro focused on the challenge of the bystander on how to recognize the issue and intervene – how to be an “upstander” versus a “bystander.”

The What Works initiative has grown under the leadership of Dr. Howard from the publication of a collection of essays, What Works: Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men, by thought leaders including our own Headmaster Post. The What Works collection was handed out to all participants. If you were unable to attend and would like to order a free copy, click here. For more photos, click here. A video of the event will be posted to BL’s YouTube channel shortly.

From left to right:  Headmaster Chris Post,
Conor Sanders (BL class of 2007 & HSC class of 2011)
and President Chris Howard.

Congratulations to Coach Shriver on his 500th Win

The BL community turned out to watch not just a lacrosse game on Thursday but to celebrate with Coach Shriver as he delivered his 500th career win.  Since we were closed Friday and Monday for the holiday, our pre-first students took the opportunity Tuesday to congratulate Coach Shriver on his 500th win.  The emotions of this capstone game for Coach Shriver are captured well in an article by Nelson Coffin for The Baltimore Sun which includes good photos and a recap of Coach Shriver's 500-136 career record.  "'There were a lot of people here [standing] behind the fence, a lot of my friends were here, so it was a special day,' Shriver said while the Lakers (8-1) donned commemorative T-shirts. 'My stomach was churning a little bit when the game got a little closer.' Neither Shriver nor his friends had to worry, however, because the Lakers went on an 8-0 run on goals by senior attackman Patrick Spencer, junior attackman Logan Wisnauskas, Brandau, senior midfielder Colton Haugh, sophomore midfielder Jake Glatz and freshman defenseman Michael Ubriaco, over the next 18 minutes to sew up the landmark win."  Click Here to read the full article.

Fox45 Interviews BL Leaders of One Laker|One Love

In preparation for BL's One Laker|One Love Day on Friday April 10, WBFF Fox45's Megan Gilliland interviewed Boys' Latin's Megan Kenney (School Counselor and faculty advisor) and One Love Club co-founder David Modell (class of 2016) this morning.  Club Co-founder Jack Pezzulla (class of 2016) and faculty advisor Andrew Robinson were on deck for support.  The segment features the student created "Be One for Change" Public Service Announcement (PSA) which the club shared with their peers recently. Their goal is to build awareness of the issue, help others easily understand the warning signs of relationship violence and show how escalation can be prevented.

Approximately eighteen months ago, BL was invited to participate in an important partnership with One Love Foundation, and a group of our upper school students formed One Love club last September with a simple mission: to educate their peers about healthy relationships. Students and faculty have been working on an initiative this school year that supports their mission and each of our school core values: courage, compassion and integrity. Through this student-led initiative, BL is proud to launch our first One Laker|One Love Day on Friday, April 10th.

Join us for OneLakerOneLove Day on April 10th with 4:15pm V Tennis (home vs Park), 4:30pm V Baseball (home vs Pikesville) and 4:30pm V Lax (home vs McDonogh & a halftime celebration of One Love Foundation.

CBS Sunday Morning features Mo Rocca on Lax & Boys' Latin

Today CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood featured a story on lacrosse, "America's fastest-growing team sport." Mo Rocca interviewed Hall of Fame Honoree Jim Brown, four-time All-American Sheehan Stanwick, Boys' Latin's Coach Shriver and BL players (Shack Stanwick '14, Cristian Knight '13, Aaron Leeds '13 and Mac Pons '13). The story covered the history and growth of the sport and showed shots of several teams including Loyola University and BL.  The BL shots and interviews were filmed on campus in the spring 2013.  Well done all.

Lumberjack Robotics Qualify for the World Championships!

This just in from University of Maryland College Park.....
From Anne Kellerman:

Perhaps it was the team re-branding effort from Laker Robotics to Lumberjack Robotics...
Perhaps it was the 4000+ cumulative hours spent by team members and coaches in the lab....
I'll bet it was the unified, coordinated, selfless and passionate effort of each and every team member, their supportive faculty and parents, and a well practiced and solid performing drive team coupled with insightful scouting data.

With Pride & Tradition, Your Lumberjack Robotics team prevailed into the Finals today, coming in 2nd place to an exceptional team led by "Team 1690" from Israel. This earned the Lumberjacks much recognition AND a wild card slot at the FRC World Championship in St. Louis in two weeks.

Congratulations Lumberjacks- well done! 

Tune In to CBS Sunday Morning at 9am - Lacrosse Story May include BL

This Sunday (tomorrow) at 9am the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Charles Osgood is scheduled to air a segment on the sport of lacrosse.  Part of that story was filmed on BL's campus two years ago when Mo Rocca and a CBS crew interviewed Coach Bob Shriver and our players.  The producers shot hours of scenes on campus and followed up later to ask for many historical BL lacrosse photographs.  We do not know how much of the lacrosse story will pertain to Boys' Latin, so tune in to watch with us.  In Baltimore, CBS is on WJZ.

All-School Wear Blue Day

Across the BL campus today, students and faculty wore blue to support the One Love Foundation.  The One Love Club hosted the dress down day for grades K-12, and all proceeds will go towards supporting our One Laker|One Love Day on April 10th and the One Love Foundation.  We are excited about all that we have planned for next Friday, and we look forward to seeeing you on campus.

Check out some of the pictures from the day HERE (with a BL community login).

Four BL Sophomores Earn State Finalist Recognition - Letters about Literature


Congratulations to GIDEON ENDALCACHEW, JALEN MILTON, MATT PURNELL , and  J.P. WOODWARD,  State Finalists in the Letters about Literature contest, conducted every year by the National Humanities Council. In Mrs. Gazin’s English class, the boys crafted letters to their favorite authors, detailing the impact of literary works on each of their lives. Gideon Endalkachew wrote to Cormac McCarthy, while Jalen Milton addressed Marge Piercy. In addition Matt Purnell wrote to Percy Jackson, and J.P. Woodward penned a letter to David Leviathan. These students will be invited to a special ceremony at Enoch Pratt Library Central branch on Saturday April 25 from 11. a.m. -12:15 p.m. Please congratulate these individuals for their superlative academic efforts, as Boys’ Latin School tied for the highest number of winners statewide!


2015 Recognition of Senior Athletes

Twenty-five senior student athletes, who plan to continue their athletic careers in college or prep school next fall, were recognized by Boys' Latin on Monday afternoon. Congratulations to these the senior student athletes highlighted below and to several other senior student athletes who are still considering options.  Their effort and dedication to academic and athletic success here at Boys' Latin will now take them to the next level. Many of these boys are multi-sport athletes who have been instrumental to the success of BL teams.  We are proud of these young men for their accomplishments and wish them well as they head off in the fall.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.


Seated (left to right):

Jerel Archer - Stonehill College (football)
Blair Brooks - * (basketball)
Luke Brown - Widener University (lacrosse)
Rocco Bruno - Stevenson U. (lacrosse)
Gavin Callahan - Wagner College (lacrosse)
Myles Cohen - Furman University (lacrosse)
Avery Engel - Stevenson U. (volleyball)
Liam Frerichs - West Point Prep (lacrosse)
Dylan Gaines - Denver University (lacrosse)
Colton Haugh - Stevenson U. (ice hockey)
Chas Collison - Stevenson U. (lacrosse)


Not Pictured:
Drew Gray - Ohio Wesleyan University (*)
Dimitri Lezcano - * (football)
Alex Moore - McDaniel College (soccer)
Nick Morton - * (football)
Cole Whitehurst - Trinity College (soccer)
Anthony Wyler - Air Force Academy (lacrosse)

Back Row Standing (left to right):

Stephon Hill - Assumption College (football)
Gavin Howell - Milford Academy Prep School (football)
Elliott King - Rhodes College (soccer)
Charles Hughes - Merchant Marine Academy (lacrosse)
Skyler Morris - Towson University (baseball)
Luke Murray - Dickinson College (lacrosse)
Matt Sacks - Furman University (lacrosse)

Patrick Spencer - Loyola University (lacrosse)
Devin Shewell - Syracuse University (lacrosse)
Jared Snyder - Colby College (lacrosse)
Tyler Steinberg - Stevenson University (lacrosse)
Conner Ward - * (squash)
Kyle Weatherford - Furman University (lacrosse)
Billy Wingo - Stonehill College (football)
Preston Waters - * (football)

* These students are still choosing among options.

Brett Roberts '14 Video Productions Continue at U Maryland

Many here at BL remember Brett Roberts, who graduated last year, from his days in our middle and upper schools and especially for his talent and interest in videography and photography.  Brett created an outstanding series of lacrosse videos that tracked the progress of the 2014 Laker Lacrosse team from their first game through to the national championship title. Now as a freshman at The University of Maryland, Brett is using his videography talent with Terrapin Lacrosse, and his videos are shared here from Inside Lacrosse.

For a look back at Brett and his work at BL with his GoPro, selfie stick and drones, he reflected in late 2013, "I had always been somewhat interested in photography, but it wasn't until my sophomore year that I joined the photography club at BL.  When I got my own camera that year at Christmas, it really got me excited about it.  After a while, I branched out into making and editing videos."  Brett quickly progressed into producing high level videos, complete with graphics, effects, and sound.  Click here to get to Brett's earlier work with the Lakers.

Congratulations to Brett on his achievements and good work!

"All-Metro Boys Basketball First Team"

In an article by Glenn Graham, The Baltimore Sun announced their All-Metro Boys Basketball First Team, which includes BL junior Kodye Pugh. Below is an excerpt from the article. For the full article, click here

Kodye Pugh
Boys' Latin, forward, junior

• Highly recruited underclassman averaged 20.2 points and 10.1 rebounds per game to lead the No. 11 Lakers (24-6) to the MIAA B Conference championship
• Finished with 14 double doubles and reached double figures in scoring in 29 of 30 games, including career-high 37 against Chapelgate
• Scored a game-high 24 points and had nine rebounds in the Lakers' 67-62 win over Annapolis Area Christian in the conference title game
• Has offers from Georgetown, Georgia Tech and Northwestern, among others, with Maryland, Stanford, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech and others showing interest

Also, BL senior Patrick Spencer was named to the All-Metro Boys Basketball Second Team.  Congratulations Kodye and Patrick!

Homecoming 2015

Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2015 on Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2. Join us:

Alumni luncheon at 12:00 and awards ceremony.  We are proud to announce the following 2015 honorees who will be celebrated with awards:
- Distinguished Alumni:  Henry LeBrun ’54, Keith Scroggins ’73 and Duff Hughes ’76
- Honorary Alumni:  Bill Pheil and Don Rickels
- Hodges Cup recipient:  Meb Turner
- Kerns “Clearly Evident” Award recipient:  Anne Whitman.

Varsity baseball at 2pm and the varsity lacrosse at 4pm will have games here on campus.

ALL Boys’ Latin Alumni, friends, and reunion classes are invited to the Julian S. Smith Alumni House at 5:00pm for cocktails and dinner.   We will again be watching the Kentucky Derby to kick off our evening. We will honor the 1985 MSA Champion Lacrosse team, the 1990 MSA Champion basketball team, and varsity head coach Bob Shriver ’69 for his 40 years of service to the BL lacrosse program.   The cost is $50 per person ($40 for the classes 2005-2012.)  To purchase your reservation for Saturday night go to  

Quadratic Formula Songs

Before spring break, upper school math teacher, Joe Bailey, asked his Algebra II Honors classes to create their own Quadratic Formula song video. Students got out of the traditional classroom setting for a bit and used their creative talents to write the Quadratic Formula into a song of there choosing. This video  is a short summary compilation of some of the videos. Nice work guys!

**Reminder** Tues. Mar 31st: Hampden-Sydney to Host Expert Panel on Boys and Men at BL

Under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Howard, president of Hampden-Sydney College, our own Headmaster Post was invited to write for the publication of What Works: Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men. His essay is included in this collection that features perspectives on the development of boys and men, from experts and thought leaders like Michael Thompson, Michael Kimmel and Joe Ehrmann, to name a few.

Boys' Latin is pleased to continue our work in this area, and we invite you to hear a panel discussion of What Works: A Discussion of Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men hosted by Hampden-Sydney College at Boys’ Latin on Tuesday, March 31st in the Iglehart Center. The panel will feature:

- Abigail Norfleet James is an author and internationally recognized leader in gender-based education and learning, and she visited the lower school in November. She is the author of four books including Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel & Learn in School and her recent release The Parents’ Guide to Boys: Help Your Son Get the Most Out of School and Life.
- Rocco L. “Chip” Capraro is Dean of Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. He is the Founding Director of Men’s Lives, a series of four required workshops for Hobart students focusing on relationship violence, health and wellness, careers and diversity among men. The evening promises to provide an interesting and lively discussion, and I hope that you will join me.

The What Works collection will be available to all participants. If you would like to pick up a copy in advance, it will be available after spring break in our divisional offices. For those of you who are further away, you may order a free copy by clicking here.  The event is open to the public, so feel fre to bring a friend.

BL Night with the O’s

The Boys' Latin Alumni Association (AA) and the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association (PA) once again will host a night at Oriole Park. The game will take place on Tuesday, May 26 against the Houston Astros. Lower reserve tickets will cost just $15 with $7 going to the AA and PA.

Mark your calendars for another great night at the ball park! Space IS LIMITED.  Buy your tickets TODAY. Please make your check out to the BL Alumni Association and send to my attention.

Mac Kennedy

Pi Day -- Tomorrow is 3.14.15 9:26:53 Day of the Century

Tomorrow is the once in a century Pi Day 3.14.15. Saturday morning as you start spring break with travel, sleeping in, having your morning coffee or whatever at 9:26:53am, that's the Pi second. In celebration, today middle school students in Mr. Locey's and Mr. Zielaskiewicz's had competitions, circumference equations and pie. Do you remember middle school math?  Circumference = π × diameter = 2 × π × radius.

So what's the circumference of an eight inch pie?  How many digits of Pi can you recall?


pi day 2015

Elliot (6th grade) did 127 digits
Igor (7th grade) did 80 digits
Students Raise Funds in Memory of Claire Marie

This week, seniors Chas Collison and Charley Hughes organized an upper school dress down day to show their support for friend, Claire Marie Wagonhurst, who passed away in the fall of 2014 due to adolescent melanoma. This was a student-led initiative, and the boys raised over $1,000 which will be donated to the Claire Marie Foundation to "raise awareness, clarity and hope to fight adolescent melanoma."

Laker Day Thank You!

From the Development Office:
Laker Day at Boys' Latin is becoming a tradition that's greater than annual giving because it provides our community with many ways to be involved in the lives of our students.  Both our donors and our students enjoy this opportunity to say “thank you” for all the wonderful opportunities unique to Boys’ Latin.  You can see personal snapshots of some thank you messages at #BLLakerDay on social media.

This year’s Laker Day was a success.  While we fell a bit short of our goal, we should all be proud of the impact each and every gift has made. Your involvement means a great deal to me personally, and I hope you will continue to support this day each year. Your participation and generosity are appreciated and truly make a difference in the life of our school. 

-- Don Obrecht

“Senior Night Live” Packs Laughs & Crowds

In three sold-out performances this week, this year’s annual spring, senior-directed, theater production, packed in the laughs as well as the crowds.  Students chose the variety show format for “Senior Night Live,” and it was a hit by all accounts.  Student Directors Matt Attman and Julian Baker led a 25-person cast plus crew.  Segments included a monologue, musical guests and a closing plus sketches with themes of Summer Camp, Deflate Gate, Consumer Probe, Motivational Speaker, Weekend Update, Fraternity and Cowbell.  If you did not get to see the show but you have seen Saturday Night Live, I think you can imagine how some of these sketches could get hilarious.  The crowd particularly enjoyed guest appearances by Headmaster Chris Post and English Teacher & 12th Grade Dean Beau Dagenais.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug (with a BL community login).  To watch video of the "Deflate Gate" sketch, click the upper right image -- Note: the audio is low, so you may need to turn up your speaker volume.

Lower School Raises $$$ in Jump for Heart

Thanks to the overwhelming response to this year's Jump Rope for Heart program, the lower school raised in excess of $8,000 for The American Heart Association - that's $2,000 more than last year. During assembly on Tuesday, Mrs. Stephanie Radebaugh, parent coordinator, and Mr. Chris Post, Headmaster, accepted the check on behalf of The American Heart Association.  Eleven students raised over $200 and received a golden duck award.  The Warnack brothers were our top fund-raisers, and they were excited to honor a friend and family member.  Additional photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.  We want to give special thanks to Mrs. Radebaugh, to Mrs. Bruno for her help and for teaching us about the heart, and to Coach Rickels, Coach Haugh and Coach Nicholas for teaching us how to jump and for their help throughout the day.

Student Letter - Diversity Club Perspective

Dear Faculty,

I would like to personally thank you for your continued support of our Diversity Club activities. As a club, we thought you might like a report on our prior events and future ones as well. On February 13, BL held their annual coffee house. This time there was a theme of love and appreciation in reverence of Valentines Day. There were many great performances by both BL students and faculty, as well as Oldfield's students and faculty. All in all, the coffee house turned out to be a great success.

On February 20, McDonogh hosted a diversity conference at their school. Students B Bradsher, T-L Gaither, C Griffin, M Lunn-Singleton, M Luterman, F Nnanna and S Wilson as well as two faculty members Mrs. Howell and Mrs. McGeehan attended the full-day student-led conference. We had a great time discussing diversity around our schools and neighborhoods. In specific BL students learned about the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. We were able to give our thoughts about music videos giving off stereotypes about different cultures. Lastly, we were able to defy stereotypes and step in the shoes of the people who have to live through them. I found it very special to see a lot of intuitive and motivated young men and women of every race, coming out to support this matter.

n future news, Oldfield's School has invited BL students to their coffee house April 17. I think that we owe them our support because they always come, entertain and share fellowship with us.

Also, the BL Diversity Club will be doing freshmen break outs where students leaders will come and talk about a subject matter during advisory period. I hope that we can get a lot of support for this because diversity is a very important matter and the freshmen need to be exposed to the correct teachings so that they do not get wrong impressions or thoughts.

BL's Diversity Club has been bustling, continues to recruit more students and is vastly growing. This is a serious matter, and I am glad to say that BL has stepped up to the plate. -- Trey-Lonte' Gaither

Support for One Laker|One Love Continues ...

Boys' Latin's partnership with One Love Foundation continues.  We are excited about the upcoming One Laker|One Love Day on April 10th (click here more) and the One Love Club's recent release of their PSA (click here).  Now, we invite you to come out and support One Love and our Lakers on Saturday, March 21st as the varsity lacrosse team participates in the One Love Springfest Tournament.   The day is organized by Aloha Tournaments and will feature some of the nations top-ranked high school lacrosse teams.  BL is set to play our first game against Manhasset High School from Long Island, NY.  Coach Shriver said "We are thrilled, excited and honored to be included for a good cause. ... Manhasset is one of the storied programs in high school lacrosse history. Amongst its graduates is Jim Brown, a star lacrosse player at Syracuse University and one of the greatest players in NFL history."

One Love Springfest Tournament
March 21st at St. Paul's School
1pm BL vs. Manhasset

Winter Varisity Sports Awards 2014-15

Today in an upper school assembly Athletic Director Michael Thomas '87 and coaches recognized the following student athletes for outstanding performance in varsity winter sports:

Wrestling - Head Coach Drew Haugh '77
Captains:  Rocco Bruno, Anthony Wyler
Spirit Award:  Kahlan Lee-Lermer
Most Improved Award:  Joe Santangelo
George Dickey/Jarrett Dixon 2nd Effort Award:  Nate Malinowski
MVP:  Rocco Bruno
Gamper Award:  Jesse Carr
Featherstone Award:  Shane Marquess
Adam, M.D. Award:  Scott Wyler, Rock Bruno and Angie Bruno
Rookie of the Year:  Jamie Rice

Ice Hockey - Head Coach Chris Maisel '04
Captains:  Liam Madden, Colton Haugh, and Chris Walker
Defensive MVP:  Joey Celentano
Offensive MVP:  Chris Walker and Colton Haugh
Butch Maisel Award:  Liam Madden
Spirit Award:  Bo Harchick

Basketball - Head Coach Cliff Rees (presented by Assistant Coach Jimmy Morrissey)
Captains:  Patrick Spencer, Kodye Pugh
Most Improved:  Brandon Bradsher
MVPs:  Kodye Pugh and Patrick Spencer 
Rookie of the Year:  Jaylin Andrews
Come Back Player of the Year:  Blair Brooks
Spirit:  Jerel Archer

Squash - Head Coach Jim Magee
Captain:  Conner Ward
MVP:  Conner Ward
Spirit Award:  Austin Campodonico
Most Improved Player:  Bennett Gaines

Hampden-Sydney to Host Expert Panel on Boys and Men at BL

Under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Howard, president of Hampden-Sydney College, our own Headmaster Post was invited to write for the publication of What Works: Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men. His essay is included in this collection that features perspectives on the development of boys and men, from experts and thought leaders like Michael Thompson, Michael Kimmel and Joe Ehrmann, to name a few.

Boys' Latin is pleased to continue our work in this area, and we invite you to hear a panel discussion of What Works: A Discussion of Raising Boys, Engaging Guys and Educating Men hosted by Hampden-Sydney College at Boys’ Latin on Tuesday, March 31st in the Iglehart Center. The panel will feature:

- Abigail Norfleet James is an author and internationally recognized leader in gender-based education and learning, and she visited the lower school in November. She is the author of four books including Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel & Learn in School and her recent release The Parents’ Guide to Boys: Help Your Son Get the Most Out of School and Life.
- Rocco L. “Chip” Capraro is Dean of Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. He is the Founding Director of Men’s Lives, a series of four required workshops for Hobart students focusing on relationship violence, health and wellness, careers and diversity among men. The evening promises to provide an interesting and lively discussion, and I hope that you will join me.

The What Works collection will be available to all participants. If you would like to pick up a copy in advance, it will be available after spring break in our divisional offices. For those of you who are further away, you may order a free copy by clicking here.  The event is open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend.

Art & Writing -- Boys' Latin Collaborates with Middle Grades Partnership Students at City Springs

BL's middle school Art Club, led by Art Teacher Sarah Molling, has been working very hard for the past month on a collaborative project with Upper School English Teacher Marcia Flarerty and local students at City Springs School through Middle Grades Partnership (MGP). Our students wrote letters about themselves to the City Springs students, and the City Springs students wrote letters about themselves to our students.  The students exchanged letters then created a piece of artwork that they feel “captures” their pen pal. 

On Friday, March 4th, the boys enjoyed the opportunity to meet one another, talk about their work, eat pizza and display their artwork. The group opened their art exhibt in Smith Hall to family, friends and faculty, and the gallery was full of excited conversations and smiles. Refreshments were provided by BL's Cooking Club.

MGP supports partnerships between public and independent schools to provide comprehensive summer and learning opportunities for academically promising Baltimore City middle school students and project based learning for students from both independent and public schools. Boys’ Latin is in its tenth year as an active partner in the program, and we our entering our third year collaborating with City Springs.

Photos are available on SmugMug with a BL community login.

BL Annual Golf Outing

All are welcome to join us for BL's annual Golf Outing on Friday, April 24th at The Elkridge Club on North Charles Street. Tee time will be approximately between 8:30 – 9:00am depending on the morning conditions. The day will include golf, golf cart, lunch, and prizes. Cost per player will be same as last year - $160. If you can’t make the outing please consider sponsoring a hole for $175. All net proceeds of the event go to the Boys' Latin School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  Please contact Mac Kennedy '76, Director of Alumni Relations for tickets at 410-377-5192x1113 or  Hope you can join us.

Middle School Robotics Featured in The Baltimore Sun

BL and other schools were featured in The Baltimore Sun at the FIRST Lego League robotics state championship last weekend where 700 students competed.  The team placed 13th of 72 teams and scored well for robot design, core values and the overall project.  The dedicated team has been working since July.  Well done!

Click here to see the article.

Announcing This Year's Senior-Directed Production ...

Senior Night Live Variety Show
BL's version of "Saturday Night Live"
with Student Directors, Matt Attman & Julian Baker
Guest Appearances by Headmaster Post and Teachers Beau Dagenais & Matt LaFreniere

Opening Nights
Wednesday, March 11th & Thursday, March 12th
7pm Curtain

Senior Night
Tuesday, March 10th at 6pm (for seniors only)

All in The Sheridan Studio
Running time is one hour.
Tickets Go on Sale This Friday
$5 student/$7 adults
Seating & Tickets are First Come, First Serve

News from Athletics - MIAA Teams & National Prep Tournament

The MIAA released its All-Conference teams this weekend.  Congratulations to BL players on the teams:

Basketball - Pat Spencer  '15 and Kodye Pugh ' 16
Ice Hockey - Joey Celentano '15 and Chris Walker '15
Squash - Grant Adams '16 and Conner Ward '15

Five Boys' Latin wrestlers competed in the National Prep wrestling tournament at Lehigh University this past weekend. Jamie Rice '18 and Nick Malinowski '16, Kahlan Laee Lermer '16, Nate Malinowski '16 and Rocco Bruno '15 all wrestled well. Nick finished 2-2 for the day, while Nate went 1-2. Kahlan and Rocco advanced to the round of 12 and needed to win one more match Friday night to move into the medal round. Both came up short, but finished the tournament winning 3 matches and losing 2. It was a great season for these student-athletes, as well as the rest of the wrestling Lakers.

Boys' Latin Hosts the B.E.S.T.'s First Generation Affinity Group

Today, Boys' Latin welcomed to campus the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust's (B.E.S.T.) First Generation Affinity Group.  Founded in 2013, the FGA Group is made up of over 125 professionals who represent private schools, public schools, non-profits, colleges and universities in Maryland that support the "college-going" success of first-generation, college-bound students.

The group's quarterly meeting today was focussed on hearing the voices of first-generation students.  Five members of Boys' Latin's class of 2015 who are first-generation students comprised a panel and spoke about their experiences going through the college search process, fears, concerns and excitement about what lies ahead.  The panel took questions from members of the group who wanted to learn how to be better support first-generation students in their own communities.  Our young men were open and honest and made a huge impact on the FGA Group.  Many thanks to the BL panel of students who are exceptional young men and are helping to make a difference in Baltimore.

Students in One Love Club Create PSA

In a first step in our efforts to highlight the work our boys have done in the One Love Club and to prepare for our One Laker|One Love Day in April, upper school students gathered on Friday in an assembly where Andrew Robinson (faculty co-sponsor with Megan Kenney) and seven club members (Jack Pezzulla, David Modell, Brendan Mullally, Michael Shortt, Mitchell Casper, Luke Shilling and Ethan Franzen) spoke to the upper school student body about the One Love Foundation, the One Love Club, the connection to our core values and the club's mission in addition to a few other topics.  Afterward, all students were dismissed to their advisories where they viewed three Public Service Announcements (PSA) and engaged in a meaningful response session.

One Love club created one of the PSAs which they shared with peers (
​Prevention of violence is the hardest yet most impactful thing we can do. Through One Love club, BL has created a broad and deep initiative to get the message out.  This student-led initiative is impressive.  Please congratulate the students, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Kenney on their efforts to make a difference for our students, school and community.

Welcome to 2015-16 Newly Admitted Students!

This morning, Boys' Latin was excited to host our annual admissions Welcome Breakfast for newly accepted families.  The Smith Alumni House was filled as new students and parents were greeted by current students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni.  Frank F. Daily, III shared his perspective as a 1977 BL graduate and parent.  Headmaster Post gave brief comments that highlighted our commitment to excellence in education for boys, outstanding faculty, wide-ranging academics, vibrant co-curricular programs and purposeful character formation.  With an almost full-to-capacity crowd, it was a joy to meet our newest members of the BL family. 

In their acceptance notification, new students received a welcome video similar to the one below.  Click the image below to play video.



Five BL Wrestlers Advance to Nationals

Five of the twelve BL wrestlers, who competed this past weekend in the Maryland State Wrestling Tournament, will advance to next weekend's National Prep tournament at Lehigh University. Nick Malinowski ’16 secured an alternate spot by placing 7th in the 120 lbs. weight class. Securing automatic bids were the following Lakers: Jamie Rice ’18 finishing in 6th place at 113 lbs.; Kahlan Lee-Lermer ’16 finished 5th in the 126 lbs. class upsetting former BL wrestler Malik Woody, now of Mt. St. Joe. Nate Malinowski ’16 taking 6th place at 152 lbs.; and team captain Rocco Bruno’15 (pictured above on the left on the podium) who brought home a 3rd place plaque at the 182 lb. weight class.

Boys' Latin finished a very respectable 12th in the 32 team event.  In the group photo above are: (kneeling) Jamie Rice, (from left to right) Coach Jim Currie ’73, Walker Santos, Rocco Bruno, Coach Shane Marquess ’93, Kahlan Lee-Lermer, Nate Malinowski, Coach Drew Haugh ’77, Joey Shortt, Coach Henry Blue ’02, Coach Alex Barron and Coach John Sargeant.

Dick's Ads Feature BL Nationwide!

Did you see BL in Dick's Sporting Goods print ads?  The ad below is from the March edition of Baltimore Magazine. Our boys were invited to be part of a photo shoot on campus last summer.  You can see our players in Dick’s spring lacrosse catalog and on in-store posters throughout the country wearing new lacrosse equipment and apparel for the 2015 season. 

BL Announces One Laker|One Love Day

Dear Boys’ Latin Community,

We hope that this letter finds you well as we write to share exciting news.  As an all-boys, school, K-12, we are always looking for ways to better educate the young men with whom we work closely each day.  From the classroom, to the athletic field to the art studio, we strive to prepare each boy for all that they will encounter in their daily lives.  For the past 18 months, our students and faculty have been working on an important partnership that will support each of our core values:  courage, compassion and integrity.

As you may know, the One Love Foundation was founded in 2010 to honor Yeardley Reynolds Love who tragically lost her life to relationship violence.  The foundation is leading the charge in creating content and raising awareness through young adults about the warning signs of relationship violence.  In September, Boys’ Latin students in the upper school created a One Love club.  The student led group has a simple mission; to educate their peers about healthy relationships.  Through their work, and our responsibility as an institution for each and every one of our boys, we are proud to announce our first One Laker|One Love Day on April 10th.

One Laker|One Love Day will provide an opportunity for the entire BL community to engage in conversations that support the One Love mission, “to end relationship violence through education and technology.” We plan to extend this topic to an appropriate level for each of our boys as we work to “inspire others.”  In each division, we have formed a committee of administration and faculty members who are responsible for the creation of developmentally appropriate activities, lessons and speakers for their boys.  We will start our day as a community, and then our divisional work will have the following structure:
- Members of the lower school will focus on respect and the “Golden Rule.” 
- Our middle school plus the fifth grade will also focus on respect and peer relationships as well as build on what it means to be part of a team
- Our upper school plus the eighth grade will work directly with One Love and hear Sharon Love, mother of Yeardley, speak.  They will explore what healthy relationships are, what relationship violence can look like, and what they can do to “Be 1 for Change.”

Throughout the day, the boys’ work from the One Love club will be evident.  The club is currently working on their own public service announcement to share with their peers, designing t-shirts to be distributed to everyone involved, organizing an assembly leading up to April 10th, and having a dress down day to raise funds to support the One Love foundation.  Our day will extend into the afternoon as we host three varsity sporting events on campus, all of which will have a One Love presence.  We invite you to join us to cheer on our student athletes at the games.

We are thrilled to be organizing a day that we are proud of and that we know will have a positive impact on the boys.  We cannot thank you enough for your support through the Parents’ Association.  We are eager to make this day a reality, and we plan to communicate more divisional details as the date approaches.


Brian W. Mitchell
Upper School Co-Head

Charles M. Franklin
Upper School Co-Head

Brandon Mollett;
Middle School Head

Kathy Arnold
Lower School Head

Cheer for BL Wrestlers in State Tournament Today & Saturday

BL competes in the Maryland Independent State wrestling tournament as the culmination of the wrestling season this afternoon and Saturday at McDonogh School.  The tournament features 30 independent schools from throughout the state with the top six wrestlers in each weight class advancing to the National Prep Wrestling Championship next weekend at Lehigh University.  Wrestling begins at 3:30pm today and 9am on Saturday. The championship rounds are scheduled for noon on Saturday. More information can be found at and

Students Experience World Religions

In Eric Whitehair’s World Religion classes, juniors and seniors explore the worldview of the beliefs, history and practices of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Daoism.  As you can imagine, there are papers to write and issues to discuss and debate.  Students also enjoy hands-on experiences as the class engages faith traditions directly with guest speakers, visits to local places of worship and primary source documents.  The class is designed to study and understand various religions from the believer’s point of view.  This way each religion is experienced by those who draw meaning and benefit from it.  “This class opens yours eyes to religions that you didn’t understand or maybe even had negative assumptions about” said junior Mark Grey.

On February 6, the class traveled to Towson University to meet with the school’s Muslim Student Association.  “Hearing a live person tell stories from their religion really made this interesting” reflected Senior Justin Donawa. 

Mr. Whitehair’s class was hosted by Mahnoor Ahmed, Associate Director for Women’s Resources in TU’s Center for Student Diversity.  BL students observed a fairly typical Jummah, or Friday prayer service where Muslims gather in community and hear the prayer leader, called an Imam, speak on some matter of spiritual or moral concern.  During our visit, Dr. Kirmani, the Imam at the service, spoke about the incompatibility of violence with the true message of Islam.  “The prayer service was like nothing I’ve ever seen before” remarked BL senior Patrick Coffay.  

After the service Dr. Kirmani and the students of the Muslim Student Association answered questions generated by the Boys’ Latin students who were most interested in hearing personal reflections and experiences of the TU students.

During the units on Christianity and Judaism, students had similar experiences.  Earlier this year, the BL students observed a weekday Mass at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, interviewed Protestant faculty members and hosted educational administrators Rabbi Lawrence Ziffer and Neely Snyder.  Later this spring, trips are planned to the Baltimore Jewish Museum and the Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Center.

Many thanks to Mr. Whitehair for fascinating experiences and impactful learning opportunities

Success at Dodge for a Cure 2015

Boys’ Latin hosted the third annual Dodge for a Cure dodge ball event on Saturday, February 7th to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and CF research. Over 800 middle and upper school students from fourteen local school participated. The event generated over $9,000 for CF research.

The BL Upper School Great Strides club, led by juniors Brett Blum and Mitch Casper, were instrumental in supporting team registration, selling t-shirts and raffle tickets and officiating dodge ball matches. Senior Josh Smith once again provided his DJ skills for the event and kept bass line going. BL student and parent volunteers were out in force making sure the event went off without a hitch. Teams arrived in a variety of costumes, and the energy was fun and good-spirited.

The Great Strides club now shifts its attention to the next event, the Great Strides Walk. Save the date so you can join us Sunday, May 3rd at the Hunt Valley Town Center. Details will follow with registration information.

New Date for Blood