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We use to handle all the reporting and daily activity for the Laker Cafe. With a account, your son will not have to worry about having cash with him, and you can get a report about what he is eating.  You can fund your account directly through but there is a fee charged when using ACH.  However, to eliminate these fees, you can send a check payable to "Cristi Barry Cuisine" at the address below and there are no fees.

Please visit “” and sign up for an account for purchases in the Laker Café.  You will use your account to fund and track your son’s purchases.  Please set this account up as soon as possible.  If you require your Laker Cafe ID #, which you will need along with your son's birth date to set up your account, please contact me directly via email.

Parents can add funds to this account electronically from your checkings/savings account. As an alternative, to avoid fees, you can send a check payable to "Cristi Barry Cuisine" at the address below. Parents can be sure that money provided for food purchases is being used for its intended purpose as this account can only be used for purchases in the Laker Café. The student identification system used is a biometric (finger scanning) computer system to insure accuracy and speedy checkout.

We recommend that your son’s account be set up with an initial minimum balance of $100 and that you set the Balance Notification alerts at to $40 to ensure that your son’s account will always be available for food purchase. Replenishment amounts should be a minimum of $100 as well.

All deposits are due by September 1 to insure a smooth start to the school year.

While this is a voluntary program, we will accept cash for daily or occasional purchases from the MS and US.  LS students are strongly encouraged not to carry cash. If you have any questions about this program, please email the undersigned at  

Bon Appétit ! 

Cristi Barry


Cristi Barry Cuisine LLC c/o Boys’ Latin School, 822 W. Lake Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21210




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