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List of Volunteer Activities and Events  

Please complete this online Volunteer Form to let us know how you'd like to become involved.  A brief description of committees and activities follows. 


Parent Education - The Parent Education Committee plans and supports programs for parents to educate and support them concerning alcohol, drug use and abuse, and other issues that relate to the promotion of safe choices by their sons. Volunteers are welcome to provide logistical support for this committee. 

BL Fall Festival - Parents’ Association sponsored event scheduled in coordination with the Athletic Department to provide a day of carnival type games, music, refreshments, and upper school sporting events. 

Gently Used Clothing Sale - Provides an inexpensive way for parents to buy uniform items and a way to recoup some of the cost of outgrown clothes. 

Post Prom - Organizes alcohol and drug-free post-prom party for juniors and seniors.


Maroon and White Day - Organizes a refreshment/lunch area and lends support for the athletic events taking place as requested by the faculty organizers. 

Nominating - This is a Board-appointed committee who shall be responsible for selecting the officers’ nominations to be presented at the Spring General Meeting. 

Birthday/Celebration Books - The Association sponsors a book program for the lower, middle, and upper school libraries. 

Book Fair - In conjunction with the School’s librarians, runs an annual fall Lower/Middle School Book Fair. Help is needed to set up and check out merchandise. 

Parent’s Network of Baltimore - BL’s Parents’ Association participates in this larger consortium of private school Parents’ Associations to share resources and facilities and to provide programs and information beneficial to the welfare of Baltimore’s private school families. A link to The Parent’s Network of Baltimore can be found at BL’s website in the Parents’ Association link. 

Service Learning - Works with School to provide community service opportunities. 

Sunshine Committee - Provides coordination and communication with members of the School community who have celebrations or hardships in their lives.



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