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Being a Boys' Latin Parent

Congratulations! You’re a BL parent. This means you have already made the choice to say no to some other options, but what, exactly, are you saying yes to as a BL parent?

Being a BL parent means saying yes to our motto, Esse Quam Videri, “to be, rather than to seem.” You have said yes to living with integrity, to being who you are wherever you are, to standing up for what you believe in, and to standing against what you believe is wrong. You’ve said yes to modeling this behavior for your son, and teaching him how to live it himself.

Being a BL parent means saying yes to community, in its variety of forms. Whether it’s meeting other parents at the Parent Class Socials or braving the elements together on the bleachers at your sons’ games, whether it’s getting to know the ladies at the School Store, or simply being a thoughtful and careful driver in carpool line, you will have opportunities to interact with new people and share the best of yourself with them, just as your son will.
yes to community also means expanding your vision of community to include those less fortunate. It means encouraging your son to give of himself both in and outside of school, in ways that are uniquely suited to his interests and personality.

Being a BL parent means saying yes to involvement. You’ve already said no to the bus and yes to that morning and afternoon car ride together! For your family, involvement might also mean saying yes to the Father/Son book club, yes to chaperoning on field trips, yes to pitching in for a team dinner for the boys after the games. Or for you, involvement might mean something more regular such as serving on a Parent Association committee, or offering your business as place of internship for a graduating senior.
However you choose to define your role as a BL parent, you have said
yes to a partnership with the school in shepherding your son from boyhood to manhood. We think you’ve chosen wisely. Welcome to the Boys’ Latin Parents’ Association.


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