Fine and Performing Arts

Boys' Latin offers a full range of Fine and Performing Arts educational courses and extra curricular experiences at the lower, middle and upper school Levels to ensure our young men develop an appreciation for these art forms.

Lower School Music
The lower school curriculum reflects what is known through scientific research about the development of boys, and it meets state and national education standards. Our interactive program involves vocal and rhythm-based activities combined with movement. These activities incorporate both brain hemispheres and are designed to boost self-esteem and promote team building, while enabling students to develop listening and communication skills.
Classroom activities are frequently integrated with other core subject areas and focus on singing, performing on instruments (recorders, percussion, and barred instruments), reading, writing, and composing or improvising music, as well as exploring music of various styles and cultures. Students play a role in performance-based assessment, of which there are three components: self-assessment, team assessment, and individual assessment. Musical skills are showcased during school year.

Lower School Art
The students are engaged in the process of creating art in a structured environment that encourages hard work, the development of artistic skills, creative thinking and problem solving. The content of the program draws on emotional, environmental, and imaginative experiences, as well as coordinated activities with classroom teachers.  Students are exposed to painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramics, and other three dimensional activities.
All boys in the lower school exhibit work in an annual art show.

Middle School Music
The study of music in the Middle School stresses the interrelationship of the basic components of music: pitch, duration, timbre, form and style, with a very hands-on approach to learning. Sixth grade boys are required to sing as a chorus, as well as understand the ever changing male voice. Seventh graders learn to play guitar and piano from various genres including pop, rock and blues. Eighth graders earn to play the handchimes. All grades learn to read music and eventually write a 12-bar blues song as well as a song in ternary format, ABA. In addition to classroom experiences the Middle School has opportunities for singing in the Middle School Chorus, the BL STOMP band as well as grade level instrumental ensembles. There are many opportunities for performance throughout the life of the Boys’ Latin Middle School. 

Middle School Art
Sixth grade students study fine art as a means for intellectual stimulation, to practice hand-eye coordination, and to examine the basis for creativity. Projects include learning the elements of design and drawing intensive explorations of graphite, ink, charcoal and pastels.  Instruction is facilitative to allow students to be engaged and share ideas.

The seventh grade course continues with studies in design where the students learn the important skill of critique to understand how to discuss art intelligently.  Students continue to focus on the important skill of drawing using still-life arrangements master copies and a progressive shift toward drawing from observation. The design process also teaches students how to plan and execute work from the 2D to 3D phase where understanding the principals and elements of design are crucial. Instruction is facilitative to allow students to be engaged and share ideas.

The eighth grade students will prepare for the upper school studio setting by studying and working from observation.  They will begin to create art from life with a focus on self-portraiture, in addition to developing understanding of proportions, light, and color theory in painting and drawing.  Instruction is facilitative to allow students to be engaged and share ideas. 

All middle school students' art work will be displayed in the Smith Hall Gallery.

Instrumental Music
The Upper School offers a modern and diverse instrumental music program. The US Rock Ensembles and Jazz Band perform a range of pieces appropriate to the technical capabilities of the students, which exposes them to a variety of styles and challenges.  Students are taught basic scales, chord progressions, and music theory to advance their individual performance, technique, and improvisation.  All groups perform several concerts each year and have opportunities to tour, be recorded, and play at several school events.
Private instrumental lessons are offered on campus to those students interested in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Piano.  Boys' Latin brings in outside private teachers to supply lessons before, during, and after the school day.  Lessons run $25 per half hour.

Upper School Theater Arts
The Boys’ Latin Theater Art program provides students with a variety of exciting and engaging opportunities to become involved in and to learn Theater Arts. By staging two productions yearly each fall and spring, students explore their imaginations as playwrights, critics, audience members, directors, tech crews and actors. Our spring production exclusively allows for the student body to cast, direct and produce their very own play! In addition to the play production experiences, students produce monologue parades, scene showcases from our acting classes, and two Coffee Houses which promote artistic and creative abilities in the Theater Arts. Three times a year, Introduction to Acting students are exposed to our Regional Theater, Center Stage, where they embark on theater tours, watch performances, and listen to in-house guest speakers. In addition, a spring trip is taken each year to New York City to see a Broadway show.

Upper School Visual Arts
The Upper School visual art program at Boys' Latin School of Maryland stresses the importance of understanding the basic elements of art and principles of design. The program emphasizes basic drawing and visual perception while tapping into a variety of mediums including conte crayon, pastel, charcoal, pencil and ink, acrylics and oils. Each successive studio course introduces more complex techniques and a greater understanding of themselves through conceptual thinking and choice of subject matter. 

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Sample student projects follow:

Sequential Apple Portrait

Hand - Octopus Morph Sketch

Double Portrait

Profile View Portrait

Map  - Oil and Rope





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