Pride and Tradition - Our History

Anyone familiar with Boys’ Latin School might say that the School has two histories: Pre-1960 and post -1960. Founded in 1844, Boys’ Latin School is the oldest, non-sectarian day school for boys in the Baltimore area.

In 1959, the city of Baltimore targeted the School’s downtown location on Brevard Street for urban renewal. The owners decided to cease operation rather than move to a new location. However, they underestimated the impact Boys’ Latin had made. Many alumni, parents, and friends of the School began an effort to preserve the name and traditions of the Brevard Street School in a new institution.

Without missing a semester, Boys’ Latin opened its doors on Lake Avenue in September of 1960. At that time, the entire school, with 122 students enrolled in K-12, was contained within Williams Hall. Assemblies were held in the hallway, there were no athletic fields, and space was at a premium. The students and faculty, however, knew they were a part of something bigger—a legacy had reinvented itself in the form of Boys’ Latin School, and these students, parents and teachers exemplified the tenacious spirit of a school vigorously committed to its mission.

The way in which Boys’ Latin has evolved from a one-building school to a 41-acre campus enriched with multiple modern facilities over 50+ years is nothing short of remarkable. Clearly, this growth would not have been possible without the caring support of loyal alumni, parents and friends of the school. As with many Laker traditions, the new merges with the old, retaining a strong link to the past as the School continues to move forward.People often comment about the atmosphere of mutual respect, genuine friendship, authenticity and support at BL. These are intangible qualities that have defined the School, its students and faculty for more than 170 years. We call it Laker Pride and Tradition.



We are still masters of our fate.  We are still captains of our souls.
Winston Churchill






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