It's Academic Team

Video from  January 19th, 2013 competition; aired on WJZ13 CBS Baltimore on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  Well done by our sharp BL team!    

For the last several years, Boys’ Latin  has fielded a team of motivated and talented students for It’s Academic, a televised academic quiz competition for high school students. The show features three local high school teams of three players each. It’s Academic has been on the air since 1961, making it the longest continuously-running quiz show ever. The single elimination tournament features 81 schools in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, 81 schools in the Baltimore metropolitan region (including Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore), and 9 schools in the Central Virginia region. The winners in each region go on to battle each other in the Super Bowl. The record-high score of 935 is held by Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, achieved in 2000.

Boys’ Latin has been proud  to be a participant, and is always looking for energetic and knowledgeable students to try out for the team. While the team fielded for the show is usually made up of seniors who have participated in the club for several years, juniors and even sophomores have made the final cut. The team meets during the fall semester to prepare for the televised competition, and in the spring competes against other local schools.

Sample It’s Academic questions follow:

Question: In 1999, one Florida town produced a 3-ton, 827 square foot example of what pastry?
Answer: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. The town was Plant City, and their strawberry shortcake held, and perhaps still holds, the world's record. 

Question: By the time of the French Revolution, French chefs already knew 685 ways to prepare what?
Answer: EGGS 

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