Peer Education

For over fifteen years, the Peer Education program at Boys’ Latin has recruited and trained Upper School students to devise and deliver life-skills lessons to 7th grade students. Lessons include topics such as time management, tolerance, drug-awareness, conflict management, and others.

The Peer Ed program was created in 1994 in honor of a local teenager who was the victim of unhealthy decision making that led to his death. The young man’s parents, Tom and Pam O’Neil, partnered with Charles Deutsch from Harvard School of Public Health, created and launched a program that utilized the charisma, skill, and influence of older students to affect decision making in younger students.   Boys’ Latin, led by esteemed English instructor Ab Logan, was in on the ground-floor of the Peer Education programming as it was developed and implemented. Today the Christopher O’Neil Peer Education Program is in place in twelve of the Baltimore-area independent schools, and the platform has been generalized to serve other populations both within the United States and without, most recently, the model has been adapted to deliver healthy lifestyle lessons in the South African school system.

Please visit this link for more information about the Christopher O’Neil Peer Education Program.  School Counselors Shirelle Flowers ( and Megan Kenney ( are the points contact at BL regarding the Peer Ed program.


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