Lower School - A curriculum for the twenty-first century.

Boys learn best by doing. The lower school is an engaging setting where students may be found raising trout for an environmental project, searching for examples of acute and obtuse angles to photograph, or experiencing life on a wagon train while studying the Oregon Trail. Our students are immersed in making real world connections.

The lower school curriculum is built upon a strong foundation of reading/language arts and  mathematics instruction. Reading specialists and a dedicated math teacher join forces with classroom teachers to create smaller groups for reading and math lessons, which focus on concept mastery. Our reading/language arts program is based on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, speaking and listening, and includes strong boy-friendly literature. Mathematics  instruction emphasizes number sense, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Science, social studies, and fine arts classes link to various aspects of the core curriculum. 

Our program includes foreign language instruction in grades pre-primary through five.  Conversational Spanish builds student confidence in learning a second language. Activities, games, and songs make learning Spanish fun.

Art, music, library, and physical education develop well-rounded young men. Our students learn the importance of color, texture, rhythm, and tonality while exploring different media and world cultures. The annual Art and Music Show highlights the students’ creativity and achievement with a gallery of their artwork, original compositions on the computer, and vocal and instrumental performances. The library program encourages a love of reading through classes, books that appeal to boys, and book clubs that meet regularly during lunch for third through fifth graders. Physical education classes meet daily in the lower school and focus on skill development and sportsmanship. Parents are invited to join their sons for Friday Dodgeball—a lower school tradition.

Information Technology
Technology plays an important role in lower school instruction. Classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and ceiling-mounted projectors so that techers may utilize current resources and interactive media in daily lessons. Teachers have tablet computers for both classroom and home use. Students have access to classroom computers, mobile laptop carts, and a fully-equipped technology lab for collaborative project-based learning. Additionally, students and teachers utilize a wide variety of subscription databases, including IXL Math, Read Naturally, Encyclopedia Britannica research suite, etc. A technology coordinator works closely with all teachers to incorporate technology-based projects throughout the curriculum.

Cura Personalis
Character education is interwoven throughout all aspects of our curriculum. The school counselor introduces the "Live Like a Laker" program in which the focus each month is on a particular value such as honesty, compassion, or self-discipline. In addition, the counselor holds bi-monthly social skills classes to discuss friendship, communication, conflict resolution, and anti-bullying techniques.  

Lower school students are encouraged to try new experiences and to challenge themselves. Our teachers provide a supportive environment in which students can explore and create. All students can achieve, and each is challenged to do his very best.



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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. 
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The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.  - Robert Maynard Hutchins

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