Theater Arts - Senior Internship

Senior Internship Online Application
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Note:  Along with the essay, this application must be submitted online no later than March 22nd. Students who need help and whose last names begin with A to L, report to Mr. Mitchell. Students' whose last names begin with M to Z,  report to Mrs. Molling. For questions or concersn, please report to Mrs. Molling.


Senior Internship

The Senior Internship is an independent, off –campus internship designed for senior in good academic standing to challenge and to explore an area of interest beyond their routine scope of experience. Seniors will work a typical day on the job to observe the environment and the demands of that particular field. Seniors are expected to work and to learn from this experience.

The Senior Internship Lunch: Seniors along with their advisors gather in the Alumni House to discuss their goals and internship plans with Mrs. Molling, Mr. Gugerty and Mr. Kennedy. 

Senior Internship Award
The Senior Internship award acknowledges a senior at graduation who has performed an outstanding job in the following areas:

Selection: This senior searched and found an internship of the highest, professional quality in his chosen field. 
This senior gave attention to all the details by completely filling out his Senior Internship application, writing an excellent essay, and handing in all material on time.
Performance: This senior performed to the best of his ability on his internship by arriving on time, working hard and efficiently, illustrated drive and ambition.
Response: This senior’s work performance was well noted by his employer. The employer answered all questions in the most favorable light and would consider hiring this senior as an employee at his company. 




Senior Internship Award
2010 - Dru Keyser, Theatre Arts, Stephen Hall Theatre Towson University.
2011- Max White
2012 - Carson Gaines
2013 - RJ Kaminski
2014 - Justin Williams

2015 - Max Marshall

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Scott Dyer, co-valedictorian Class of 201o , discusses his Senior Internship experience.